Confirm the Receipt of a Package or Other Item(s) — Letter-Writing Tutorial


The main point of this letter is to close the communication circle, so the sender knows the package or item has arrived. The letter is generally very brief.


1. State specifically what was received and when. If necessary, refer to any previous contact with your reader.


  • Thank you! I just received your package today. It looks as if everything is here. I will get to work right away.
  • This letter is to confirm that I received the following items from your warehouse:<br /> - five golden rings<br /> - four calling birds<br /> - three French hens<br /> - two turtle doves<br /> - a partridge in a pear tree
  • As you requested on the phone, I am writing to confirm that I received your package on April 4. Its contents were complete and intact.
  • As you requested on the invoice, this letter is to confirm that the package you sent arrived at our office before 5:00 p.m. today, April 10.
  • Your package arrived early this morning by Doe Express.


  • arrived promptly
  • as you requested
  • contents were complete and intact
  • everything was intact
  • everything is here
  • glad it arrived before
  • has arrived at last
  • just to verify
  • just received your package
  • package finally arrived
  • received the following items
  • received your catalog
  • received the package on
  • thank you for the
  • that you sent last week
  • the package you sent
  • took delivery on
  • was pleased to receive
  • want you to know that
  • wish to confirm that

2. Mention or review any other details of the arrangement, as necessary.


  • As we discussed, I will take the samples with me on my tour and promote them in conjunction with my book.
  • John is going through the contents of the package right now and installing the handles so we can sell them next week.
  • I will let you know soon if all the items in the package are in working order.
  • Everything seems to be in order, except that you sent us two oversize handles, and we ordered only one. Did you send two on purpose, or should we send one back?
  • My check for $60.00 is enclosed.


  • all in good working order
  • am enclosing a check for
  • as we arranged
  • as we discussed
  • as your warranty states
  • everything seems to be intact
  • have already paid in full
  • if all the items are
  • looks as if everything is
  • note our billing address
  • on our usual terms
  • our financing arrangements
  • seems to be in order
  • send a separate bill to
  • still have to check the
  • the invoice you enclosed
  • will send back the
  • will not be necessary to
  • withheld payment until
  • will start marketing the

3. End with a positive expression.


  • I look forward to representing you.
  • Thanks again for the prompt delivery.
  • We look forward to our next shipment in April.
  • Now that we have all the materials we need, we can devote our full attention to this project.
  • As we agreed, your $50.00 check is enclosed.


  • appreciate your help with
  • appreciate the prompt delivery
  • are now in a position to
  • are relieved that
  • are most satisfied with
  • as we arranged
  • as we agreed
  • for sending us the
  • in accordance with our contract
  • look forward to
  • now that we have all the
  • thank you for
  • to doing business with you again
  • to working with you
  • will stick to the terms of

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