Confirm an Oral Agreement — Letter-Writing Tutorial


It is wise to confirm an oral agreement in writing to ensure that all parties share the same understanding and that you have a written record for future reference. A confirmation letter accomplishes this end, as it reviews the details of the agreement.


1. Refer to your last contact with your reader and review what you discussed or agreed upon.


  • Thank you for speaking with me yesterday morning. I want to confirm the agreement we made during that phone conversation.
  • I need to confirm that we have received permission to remove the two leaking septic tanks behind your farm house at 1004 Rural Route 6.
  • I am writing to thank you for your kind call on Wednesday and to confirm my desire to polish the brass ornaments in your church.
  • As we discussed yesterday at lunch, I would be happy to resume shipments on the terms you outlined. The letter will confirm the specifics of that agreement.
  • This note is to confirm our agreement yesterday that we will receive a reduced price for bulk delivery.
  • This letter is to confirm our oral agreement from last week that I will represent you in negotiations with Doe Incorporated in July.


  • according to the terms we discussed on
  • agreed to the following
  • any misunderstanding or problem
  • as I understand it
  • as a follow-up to
  • as we discussed
  • confirm the arrangement which
  • correct me if I am wrong
  • during negotiations with
  • during our phone conversation on
  • gave me permission to
  • if I have misunderstood any of the
  • if there are any discrepancies
  • in our phone conversation
  • is acceptable to us
  • is my understanding that
  • make sure we cover all the points
  • might have left some confusion
  • mutually agreed to
  • our conversation of
  • our verbal agreement to
  • our agreement pertaining to
  • our recent conversation on
  • pleased to confirm our
  • thanks for agreeing to
  • to dispel any possible confusion
  • to confirm my agreement to have
  • trust we are still in agreement on
  • want to thank you for
  • wish to clarify our
  • wish to confirm that

2. Review any pertinent details of the agreement.


  • Let me reiterate the specifics of the agreement so we avoid any misunderstanding. We agreed that orders of more than ten items per week will be discounted 10%, more than twenty at 12%, and more than thirty at 15%. We also agreed to review this agreement in October to see whether it is still working for both of us.
  • Let me review the terms of the arrangement as I understand them. We will resume shipments of two 46-gallon barrels of grease per month to your plant at 1600 Main Street. As before, we will have Jane Doe sign for the shipment. Once every month we will send a bill for $1,300 to John in the receiving office at your plant. Please phone me immediately if your understanding is different from mine.
  • Our standard fee is $400 per hour. I will send a weekly bill to your secretary, as you requested.
  • John will arrive Monday at 8:00 a.m. with equipment to remove the tanks. Before he can get started, you will need to sign some forms, so please be ready to meet him at that time. Once the forms are signed you won't need to stay unless you choose to.
  • I suggest that we set a time to meet and discuss options and strategies. I will contact you soon.
  • If I remember correctly, we agreed on a sum of $4,500 for the entire job. The breakdown for the payment schedule is as follows: $1,500 to be paid up front for supplies to get us started, another $1,000 once we have reached the half way point, and $2,000 upon completion. We will start on Monday if that is convenient for you.
  • We would like to work every day, but will respect your wish that we not work on Sunday. Please let me know how we can gain access to the building.


  • agreed on a sum of
  • also agreed to
  • as you requested
  • as soon as possible
  • I understand that
  • if your understanding is different
  • if there are any discrepancies
  • if that is convenient for you
  • if I remember correctly
  • let me review the terms
  • once the forms are signed
  • our standard fee is
  • please let me know
  • please be ready to
  • the payment schedule is
  • this is subject to
  • to be paid up front
  • to get us started
  • upon completion of the job
  • was as follows
  • will be responsible for
  • will cover the up-front costs
  • will review this agreement after
  • will sign for
  • will receive a discount of
  • will continue shipments of
  • will ship the products by

3. Express satisfaction with the relationship or agreement. If you want this correspondence to be binding, request the reader to sign it and return it.


  • If you agree with what I have outlined here in this letter, please sign below, return the original, and we will get to work on this project immediately.
  • Enclosed is a copy of my business card and a catalog for our line of products. I look forward to working with you in our new business relationship.
  • I look forward to working with you during these negotiations. I am confident that we can build a convincing case to retain control of the marketing division.
  • Please phone me immediately if there are any discrepancies between what I have written here and what you understand to be our agreement.
  • I am very pleased that we were able to come to this agreement. I have heard good reports about Doe Associates and am looking forward to working with such a highly recommended company.
  • If you agree with what I have outlined here, please sign this letter in the space provided below and return it to me for my files. Please feel free to make a photocopy for your own records.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
  • Please let me know if this arrangement will be satisfactory.
  • If there are some issues we still need to iron out, I am sure we can find a satisfactory solution that serves both of our interests.
  • I look forward to working with you.
  • Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume you agree with the agreement outlined above.
  • Do you agree? Please let me know as soon as possible.


  • a satisfactory solution to
  • am eager to
  • as soon as possible
  • don't hesitate to
  • during these negotiations
  • for your records
  • have been highly recommended
  • hope this arrangement will be satisfactory
  • if you have any questions
  • if you accept these terms
  • if you agree with
  • in the space provided below
  • in our new business relationship
  • look forward to
  • mutually beneficial arrangement
  • please sign below
  • please let me know
  • return one copy to
  • serves both of our interests
  • the agreement outlined above
  • to have it in our hands by
  • unless I hear otherwise
  • very pleased with the outcome
  • what I have outlined here is a
  • will follow our plan to
  • will start work on

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