Request Confirmation of an Authorization to Take Action | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter is usually a follow-up on a conversation in which you were given authority to do something, but you lack written proof of that authority. The person who gave you authority clearly has confidence in you, so your task is either to 1) request written confirmation or 2) inform the reader that your letter serves as confirmation. Use Option 1 if you need to show the authorization to a third party.


1. State clearly the nature of the authorization that you understand you have received.

  • Please confirm that we have your permission to remove the two leaking septic tanks from behind your farm house on Rural Route 6.
  • On Friday, Jane took notes on the specifications of the deck you would like us to build, and I understand that I have authorization to buy materials on your account.
  • Please confirm the authorization you gave us over the phone on Wednesday to send our efficiency analysis team to your Springfield plant.
  • We would like to begin work on the Springfield Power & Water case as soon as possible; however, it is our policy not to begin a case without written confirmation of authorization and a signed fee and payment schedule agreement. Below are the terms of our agreement as we understand them from our phone conversation:
  • On July 24, 2018, I spoke with you on the phone about providing surveillance services for your firm. It was my understanding that I had been authorized to begin work immediately. Could you please send me written confirmation of the project's details and my authorization to undertake it.
  • am authorized to
  • am waiting for written confirmation
  • as we discussed
  • as soon as possible
  • during our telephone conversation
  • eager to get going on
  • gave us over the phone on
  • have received permission to
  • need your written authorization to
  • need authorization to undertake
  • need written permission
  • please send me
  • request confirmation that
  • spoke with you about
  • the terms of our agreement
  • to follow up on our conversation
  • understand from our phone conversation that
  • understand that I have been authorized to
  • wish to confirm that
  • without written confirmation
  • would like to start work on
  • written confirmation of

2. Ask for any clarification you may need and mention any details that were not adequately discussed in your previous contact with your reader.

  • As Jane indicated, your deck will cost $166 per square foot with the options you specified. The total price will be $4,787.92.
  • When we talked earlier, you had not decided between the "creamy chartreuse" and the "misty mahogany" paint color for your deck. We will not begin painting for a few days, but please let us know what color you finally choose before June 12.
  • Enclosed is an item by item breakdown of the total cost of your deck.
  • We accept the following compensation terms:
    - hourly fee: $150 per hour
    - payment schedule: will send an itemized monthly bill (due on the 7th of each month) for the duration of the project
    - a 20% per day late fee on unpaid bills
  • We will send four team members to Springfield for a three-week period. We remind you that due to inflation and the unusual distance our team will have to travel, the fee will be 13% higher than our similar analysis for your Centerville plant last year.
  • according to your instructions
  • a possible approach may be
  • as soon as possible
  • enclosed is a breakdown of
  • for the duration of the
  • have you considered
  • let me know what
  • need to clarify
  • need to be sure that
  • need written specifications
  • need to decide before
  • our billing procedure
  • please confirm that
  • please clarify whether
  • total price will come to
  • when we talked earlier
  • will affect the costs
  • will be happy to
  • with the options you specified
  • working on your
  • working on the same wavelength
  • would like to start work

3. End with a positive expression about the arrangement, if appropriate.

  • We are pleased with the terms of this arrangement and are looking forward to working on the project.
  • I trust you will be pleased with the service we provide. Please call 555-5555, if you have any questions.
  • Please call Jane if you have any questions about your new deck. She will be our agent for the duration of the construction and will gladly assist you.
  • We look forward to another successful project.
  • We are pleased that you were satisfied with our previous work.
  • Many of our new customers tell us that we were recommended by friends. This pleases us greatly, and we consider it our duty to live up to this trust.
  • Please don't hesitate to call if we need to clear up any misunderstanding.
  • am looking forward to
  • am sure that
  • am confident that
  • am delighted to
  • are very pleased to
  • consider it a pleasure to
  • do not hesitate to
  • glad to be of service
  • if you have any questions
  • if we need to talk again
  • look forward to
  • please call me
  • pleases us greatly
  • results will be more than satisfactory
  • the terms of this arrangement
  • to another successful
  • to working on this
  • to seeing the results of
  • trust you will be
  • will enjoy doing this

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