Confirm That You Have Given Authorization to Someone | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter provides your reader, or the person for whom you are writing, written confirmation that you have authorized him or her to perform some sort of task. Be brief and businesslike, but specifically state the details of any agreement into which you may have entered.


1. Refer to any previous contact with your reader and state clearly what you are authorizing.

  • This letter is to confirm that you have permission to remove the two leaking septic tanks behind our farm house on Rural Route 6.
  • As you requested in your letter, I am sending you written confirmation that I have authorized Doe Deck Masters to begin work on a deck for us using the specifications that we gave to Jane Doe.
  • I am sending you this letter to confirm the telephone agreement we made on July 24, when you agreed to serve as a private investigator for our firm.
  • As a follow-up to our July 24 phone conversation, we are pleased to extend to you official authorization to represent us during our negotiations with Springfield Power & Water.
  • This letter is to confirm the authorization we gave you over the phone on Wednesday to send your efficiency analysis team to our Springfield plant on July 24, 2019.
  • am pleased to
  • am sending you
  • are authorized to
  • as a follow-up to our conversation on
  • as you requested
  • constitutes authorization to
  • for agreeing to
  • give you full authority to
  • has my permission to
  • have permission to
  • in accordance with my instructions
  • thank you for
  • that I have authorized
  • this letter serves as official
  • to authorize you to
  • to confirm our telephone agreement
  • to extend official authorization
  • want you to
  • wish to confirm that
  • written confirmation of

2. Review the terms of agreement and give any other appropriate instructions or information.

  • As we agreed on the phone, you will bill us your customary rate of $150 an hour. Please send the bill to Jane Doe in our accounts department.
  • With each monthly bill, please enclose a short letter describing the status of the project.
  • Our address is 1800 Main Street, and not 1600 Main Street as you mentioned in your letter requesting confirmation from us.
  • Please meet us at the Springfield warehouse at 6:30 p.m., as we agreed. If the guards in the security booth behind the warehouse stop you, present this letter to them. If this does not suffice, have them call me, regardless of the time.
  • We have decided on the color. We want the creamy pink.
  • We still haven't decided on the paint color, but we will give you our decision before Monday.
  • We understand that you will be sending four team members to Springfield for a three-week period. We also understand that due to inflation and the unusual distance your team will have to travel, your fee will be 13% higher than your similar analysis of our Centerville plant last year.
  • as soon as possible
  • as you mentioned
  • as we agreed
  • at your customary rate of
  • enclosed is a breakdown of
  • enclosed are all pertinent documents
  • exactly as specified
  • expect to receive interim reports
  • for our records
  • for the duration of the
  • if this does not suffice
  • meet with us on
  • present this letter to
  • report to me on
  • require an itemized statement
  • return a signed copy of this
  • send the bill to
  • sign on the line provided
  • the discount we discussed
  • the enclosed contract
  • the confirmation you requested
  • total price will come to
  • trust that this will
  • understand that you will
  • will pay the amount in full
  • will let you know before

3. End with an expression of confidence or anticipation.

  • If this letter is an accurate representation of your understanding of our agreement, please sign on the line provided below and send us a photocopy for our files.
  • We are looking forward to doing business with you and are excited about our new deck.
  • Your company comes highly recommended. We look forward to quality work at a reasonable price.
  • Let me reiterate the absolute confidentiality with which we expect this assignment to be carried out. Any hint of a breach of this confidentiality will result in the immediate termination of your contract.
  • The suggestions your efficiency team made last year have already begun to save us money. We look forward to a repeat performance.
  • am sure that you will
  • are looking forward to
  • are confident that
  • are eager to
  • are confident of your ability to
  • as soon as possible
  • as soon as your schedule permits
  • eagerly await the finished project
  • eagerly await the completion of
  • have full confidence in
  • have a fine reputation for
  • know the project is in good hands
  • look forward to
  • to proceed with our plans
  • to doing business with you
  • to a mutually profitable relationship
  • to another successful project
  • to working with you
  • will do an excellent job

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