Confirm a Directive or Decision | Letter-Writing Guide


Send this letter if a directive or decision requires confirmation to eliminate any possibility of ambiguity. It should be a clear statement.


1. Refer to the issue in question.

  • Since some confusion may still exist regarding the likelihood of our pursuing a joint venture with Doe Corporation, let me reiterate my position to you just as I have to them in a letter this morning:
  • This memo is your official copy of the new smoking policy. Please read it carefully, because it will be strictly enforced. At the same time we are working to accommodate the needs of our employees who wish to smoke.
  • This letter is to confirm our phone conversation of March 1, about the numerous faulty switches in last month's shipment.
  • As we discussed on the phone, I have confirmed that we will proceed with your plan to consolidate sales districts seven and eight as part of the 2019 Doe downsizing effort. Here is the plan:
  • As confirmation of the agreements made in our Friday meeting, I am enclosing a list of participants and their assignments.
  • agreed to the following
  • allow me to reiterate
  • are working to accommodate the needs of
  • as my directive stated
  • as confirmation of
  • as we agreed
  • at our recent meeting with
  • attached is the
  • decision was as follows
  • in our discussion
  • is your official copy of
  • let me restate my
  • may have been some confusion
  • my position on this matter has not changed
  • please read it carefully
  • the sole exception is
  • there are no exceptions to
  • to dispel any possible misunderstanding
  • will strictly enforce
  • will proceed with
  • wish to confirm that

2. Clearly state the nature of the decision(s) made and/or the directive(s) issued.

  • We will not accept the offer as it was outlined in the meeting, nor do we intend to pursue further cooperation with Doe Corporation on this issue. We are not opposed to joint ventures in principle. If Doe Corporation makes another proposal, we will consider it carefully.
  • Doe Incorporated will cooperate with all State and Federal smoking regulations. Our office will be smoke free at all times.
  • We will no longer permit smoking on the Main Street sidewalk in front of the complex. First-time violators of the smoking policy will be given a warning. Second-time violators will receive a written reprimand. Third-time violators will be terminated.
  • A section of the company park behind Building Q has been set aside as a "refuge" for those who wish to smoke during breaks.
    New benches will be provided and will be in place by Monday.
  • Three full-time sales representatives will cover the new district. Since Eric Doe has resigned, that leaves us with one necessary layoff, the last person hired.
  • The pay raises due to the remaining sales representatives will be postponed indefinitely.
  • Jane: meet daily with Robert on the job site to confirm team decisions.
  • John: produce a detailed cost estimate for the project to show to the board members.
  • all employees will
  • any violators will
  • are prepared to absorb
  • as we have discussed on several occasions
  • can no longer absorb
  • in compliance with
  • in order to achieve
  • is no reason to
  • is necessary to
  • let me remind you that
  • must be reported to
  • nor do we intend to
  • please proceed with
  • will no longer be required to
  • will consider the proposal carefully
  • will not accept
  • will supervise the
  • will proceed with
  • will receive a
  • will cooperate with
  • will be subject to
  • wish to confirm that

3. Close with an expression of confidence or anticipation. Add any final instructions.

  • We are proud of the work the negotiation team has done.
  • We appreciate the good work that you do.
  • We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation with this new policy. We would also like to thank the members of the smoking policy committee and all those who provided suggestions.
  • We have had a friendly relationship with Doe Corporation for many years, and they have an excellent record of timely delivery of quality products. I trust that the problem we are experiencing now is an aberration that will be corrected soon.
  • John has given us permission to go ahead with this plan. Let me remind you that all points of this plan are to be kept strictly confidential until after the formal announcement on Friday. Please call me before Thursday if you need to suggest any modifications to the plan.
  • This project is really coming together. Thanks for all your help and your team spirit.
  • all those who
  • any suggestions or modifications
  • appreciate your team spirit
  • appreciate your contributions to
  • as soon as you have the
  • for all your help
  • for your cooperation
  • for your help
  • further details of the
  • have given permission to
  • if you need to
  • keep up the good work
  • our friendly relationship with
  • please call me
  • proud of the way you have
  • thank you in advance for
  • thank you for
  • trust that the
  • will be corrected soon
  • will coordinate the
  • will go ahead with
  • would also like to thank

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