Respond to a Job Advertisement and Request an Interview — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Pay particular attention to information requested in the advertisement. Be sure to provide it in detail, drawing attention to your strengths.


1. Identify the newspaper, magazine, person, or other source from which you learned about the position. Specify what job you seek and briefly describe your major qualifications for the position.


  • I saw your classified advertisement in the Doe News regarding a position as a lab technician. I am confident that I have the qualities and skills you specified.
  • Mr. Johnson, a business associate, told me about an opening in your company for a construction estimator. I believe I have the education and work experience you are looking for.
  • A professor in the Communications Department at Doe State University told me that you are looking for a Public Relations Director and suggested that I send you my resume.
  • I read your ad in the Springfield County Journal requesting "a self-motivated programmer in C, UNIX, and Windows."
  • I am submitting my resume in response to your recent advertisement in the Daily News for a civil engineer. ? I was pleased to see your recent ad in the Doe Street Journal for an account executive because your specifications appear to perfectly match my qualifications and experience.
  • I am applying for the Research Technician position that you recently advertised in the Doe Post. I am certain that I have the training and experience you are looking for.


  • perfectly match my qualifications
  • according to the advertisement
  • am submitting my resume
  • am applying for
  • am confident that
  • am certain that
  • an ideal candidate for the position of
  • are compatible with
  • as described in
  • as indicated in your job description
  • as advertised in
  • believe I have the training
  • believe that my qualifications
  • caught my attention
  • have the personal qualities and skills
  • hope you will consider
  • in response to your advertisement
  • in answer to your advertisement
  • is the position for which I have been trained
  • looking for an opportunity to
  • position sounds interesting and challenging
  • position interests me because
  • read your ad in
  • regarding the position of
  • the job I have been looking for
  • the notice in last week's edition of
  • the qualifications you are looking for
  • that you advertised in
  • your specifications appear to be

2. Expand on your most important work experience by providing specific details, cases, and examples. If you are qualified for the position only by your education and have no real job experience, you may want to omit this section.


  • Administrative/Office Support<br />Because of my broad secretarial background in various settings, I feel I would be an asset to your company. I spent five years working in several different departments at First National Bank of Doe. Skills I developed there enabled me to progress from bookkeeper to Trust Operations Secretary for the Executive Vice President of the bank.
  • I have been Dr. John Doe's executive medical secretary for the past two years. My responsibilities include transcribing medical records, billing insurance, making appointments, greeting patients, scheduling hospital tests, and handling correspondence.
  • During the past three years I have served as legal secretary for a large San Francisco law firm. I am fluent in Spanish and am certified by the state as an interpreter.
  • Accounting/Financial<br />My energy, experience and skill are focused in one direction: maintaining my company's financial records in impeccable condition and above reproach.
  • I was instrumental in introducing computerized methods into the accounting process at Doe Corporation at a time when computers were still innovative and regarded with much skepticism. Since then, I have continually worked to keep the equipment here up to date and operated by competent people.
  • As proven through several IRS audits, the result of this strict attention to detail and efficient use of technology has been an accounting system above reproach.
  • I have experience in several areas of international banking.
  • Computer<br />I have worked as a database programmer and a network supervisor in multi-user environments for the past two years. I have written a wide variety of database programs dealing with problems such as accounting, order entry, inventory tracking, marketing analysis and labeling. I am fluent in C, C++, Pascal, Magic PC, and have experience in the Windows environment. I have also been responsible for maintenance and repair of all of the company's computers.
  • Engineering<br />You requested more information about my experience in California. I was on-site engineer on six highway bridges while working for the Doe Company, and supervised the seismic retrofitting project on the San Francisco Bay Bridge following the 1989 earthquake. All of this work required adherence to state specifications and close cooperation with state engineers and inspectors.
  • Hotel/Restaurant Management<br />I have managed large catering operations for the last 15 years, providing food service for different groups and tastes, including construction crews, movie extras, weddings and corporate groups. I have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to provide high quality service on time and within budget.
  • Manufacturing Operations Management<br />During the 15 years I worked for Doe Corporation, I was instrumental in doubling the size of the company and radically increasing its market share.
  • Research Science<br />I am well qualified for a position as a research technician because of my experience working with various research projects. While pursuing my degree at Doe University, I performed many tasks dealing with plant breeding and genetics. I have experience in generating and maintaining tissue cultures, collecting data, maintaining experimental viability, and observing and evaluating results.
  • I am familiar with the general techniques required for molecular biological experimentation through my research experience as a lab technician. In this setting I performed many general molecular manipulation procedures required in genetic research. I am proficient in DNA extraction, gene cloning, RAPD amplification, and restriction digest cutting and analysis.
  • Operations Management<br />During the 15 years I worked for Doe Corporation, I was instrumental in doubling the size of the company and radically increasing its market share.
  • Public Relations/Advertising<br />I have worked as a Public Relations Representative with several industries that have had public image problems, including nuclear power and industrial waste disposal. My public relations campaigns have demonstrably changed public opinion and perception.
  • Technical<br />I qualified as an aircraft maintenance technician through on-the-job training during my six years in the military as an avionics equipment repairman.


  • a wide variety of
  • ability to perform at
  • am expert in
  • am fluent in
  • am qualified as a
  • am responsible for
  • am currently supervising the work of
  • among other things, this work involved
  • as a result of my experience in
  • because of my broad background in
  • certified by the state as
  • enabled me to progress from
  • energy, experience, and skills are focused on
  • extensive experience in
  • for the last three years
  • have confidence in my ability to
  • have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to
  • have had considerable experience with
  • have been working in the office of
  • have continually pressed for
  • have developed skills in
  • have a broad background in
  • in several different areas
  • introduced improved methods of
  • provided high quality service
  • responsibilities have included
  • skills I have developed there include
  • spent five years working as a
  • that enable me to
  • this position involved
  • was instrumental in
  • work experience includes
  • worked in several different departments at
  • worked in close cooperation with
  • would like to be closely involved in
  • would be an asset to

3. Explain how your education has prepared you for the position by discussing such things as significant courses, seminars, professors, presentations, projects, etc.


  • Accounting<br />In a few more weeks, I will complete my accounting degree at Springfield State University. In addition to the standard accounting courses, I have minored in Spanish. I am fluent in the language and fully prepared to work with your Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Administrative Support<br />I am a recent graduate of the Secretarial Science program at Springfield Community College where I took courses in Typing, Dictation, Office Machines, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Technical Writing, and Office Management.
  • I recently completed an Administrative Assistant certification program at Springfield Community College, which included proficiency training and testing in WordPerfect and other word processing programs.
  • Advertising<br />I have prepared myself for a career in advertising by attending Springfield State, where I received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business.
  • Computer<br />I plan to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in December of this year. I have programming experience in UNIX, Windows, Pascal, C, and C++ programming.
  • I am currently studying Computer Science at Doe where I have become proficient in the C programming language and use of the UNIX operating system. Projects I have written include a 32-bit operating system, data base, graphics system, data management system and many other programs. Most of these projects were written under the UNIX operating system. I have also taught myself how to program in the Windows operating system.
  • Construction Management<br />I took a degree in Construction Management from Springfield State University five years ago, and am still happy with the high quality of training I received there. I know many people like to emphasize experience and poke fun at "theory," but I have frequently found myself ahead of my peers who did not seek degrees, especially when it comes to understanding and using the new technology that seems to be flooding the industry.
  • Engineering<br />My degree in Mechanical Engineering from Springfield University has prepared me for the kind of communications work you described in your advertisement. I took several courses in communication systems and participated in the design of a new system during my internship with NASA.
  • My expected degree from Springfield State University is designed to provide a cutting-edge background in Engineering. I have taken courses in instrumentation and have studied systems for reducing noise and vibration of components. I have designed and built both high and low pass filters, and have hands-on experience with accelerometers.
  • I just received my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Springfield State University, and my education has provided me with the knowledge necessary to deal with all levels of complexity associated with polymers.
  • I am a recent graduate of Springfield State University, and during my two years there as an Electrical Engineering student, I was frequently on the Dean's List for academic achievement.
  • Hotel/Restaurant Management<br />I received my degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management at Doe University in 1988.
  • Legal<br />I completed my law degree at the University of Springfield, graduating in the top 25 percent of my class. My area of expertise, by training and experience, is in riparian rights.
  • Operations Management<br />My Doe University BSME and MBA degrees make me a strong candidate for consideration in a variety of operations management positions.
  • I will complete my MBA at Springfield State University in a few more weeks, and am eager to apply the skills I have acquired from one of the finest programs in the country.
  • Research Science<br />I am currently a senior at Doe, where I maintain a 3.7 GPA. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and a minor in Microbiology in April. Much of my experience with genetic research comes from working with DNA cloning and DNA restriction digest cutting and analysis. I intend to become a research scientist.
  • The microbiology program at Springfield State University has taught me valuable skills such as research and investigative methods, lab skills, data processing, verification techniques, instrumentation, and graphing and reporting results.
  • While earning my degrees from Doe University in Human Biology and Molecular Biology, I have learned the essential components and techniques of research. I have also gained laboratory experience in chemistry and molecular biology. I am confident that I am now on the path that will allow me to realize my career goals.
  • Sales<br />I have prepared myself for a position in medical sales by completing an undergraduate degree in biology at Springfield State College with a minor in Communications.


  • a bachelor's degree in
  • am fully prepared to work with
  • am a recent graduate of
  • am fluent in
  • carried a minor in
  • currently a senior at
  • currently studying at
  • deal with all levels of
  • eager to apply the skills I have acquired
  • education has provided me with
  • expect to receive my degree within
  • for a position in
  • fully prepared to work with
  • has prepared me to
  • has taught me valuable skills
  • have the ability to
  • have designed and built
  • have learned the essential techniques of
  • have had experience in
  • have hands-on experience with
  • have prepared myself for a career in
  • have become proficient at
  • have received training in
  • have worked with
  • in the top 10 percent of my class
  • maintained a GPA of
  • obtained a thorough grounding in
  • one of the finest programs in the country
  • papers I have written include
  • participated in the
  • plan to graduate with
  • projects I have designed include
  • received a degree in
  • received a thorough grounding in
  • taught myself how to
  • took part in the
  • completed a degree in
  • took courses in
  • understand the use of
  • will complete my degree in

4. Discuss other qualifications relevant to the position.


  • I also meet your specifications for a "computer literate person." This ability has been acquired through certification programs and on-the-job experience.
  • I am a hard worker, a quick learner, and an enthusiastic problem solver with experience in translating requests into working programs.
  • I speak, read, and write Japanese fluently. Additionally, I am familiar with the culture because I lived in Japan for two years.
  • Along with my experience in the field, I am also active in the community. I feel that people involved in real estate should be informed about local issues and be sensitive to community feeling.
  • I will provide references if our discussions develop further.
  • I am willing to both relocate and travel, according to the company's needs.
  • Much of my employment has been overseas.
  • I will be happy to provide references at your request.
  • I am interested in a position that offers long-term stability in one area.


  • a great supporter of
  • able to speak, read, and write in
  • active in the community
  • along with my experience in
  • always been a quick learner
  • am willing to relocate
  • am familiar with your company's
  • am interested in a position that offers
  • an enthusiastic problem-solver
  • enjoy participating in
  • familiar with the culture of
  • familiar with your company's procedures
  • former intern with
  • have worked as a volunteer for
  • have an abiding interest in
  • have learned to
  • have followed the growth of your company
  • interested in a position that offers
  • is a longtime hobby of mine
  • meet your specifications for
  • on-the-job experience in
  • received an award for
  • social and business contacts offer
  • that offers long-term stability
  • wide experience in the field of
  • will provide references
  • will travel as necessary
  • willing to relocate
  • with experience in
  • with volunteer experience at

5. Refer to your enclosed or attached resume and the kind of information that can be found there.


  • My attached resume provides details of my experience.
  • I have attached a copy of my resume describing my skills and accomplishments.
  • My credentials are summarized in the enclosed resume. I will be happy to provide additional information and references as necessary.
  • I will provide references.
  • I will be happy to provide references.
  • My qualifications for this position are detailed in my enclosed resume.
  • Please refer to my enclosed resume for further details.


  • a strong background in
  • am interested in a position in
  • are detailed in my resume
  • as they relate to your requirements
  • at your request
  • credentials are summarized in
  • describing my skills and accomplishments
  • highlights some of my achievements
  • in the attached resume
  • list of credentials
  • plus extensive experience in
  • provides details of my experience
  • qualifications for this position
  • my resume is enclosed
  • the enclosed copy of my resume
  • the attached copy of my resume
  • will provide additional information
  • will provide additional references

6. Solicit an interview and provide information about how and when you can be contacted.


  • If you are interested in what I have to offer your company, please give me a call at 555-5555, and I'll be happy to meet with you.
  • I look forward to having a personal meeting with you after you have had time to consider my resume.
  • I am eager to discuss my qualifications with you in relation to the needs of Doe Corporation. I will call your office in a few days to follow up.
  • I am interested in filling the Laboratory Technician position you advertised and feel I can be an asset to your organization. I will call you next week to answer any questions you may have and arrange a time for a meeting.
  • I believe I can make a valuable contribution to your company and would like to set up a meeting to discuss the position in more detail.
  • I look forward to speaking with you in person.


  • a personal meeting with you
  • after you have had time to
  • after reading my resume
  • am interested in filling the
  • am eager to discuss
  • am available to meet at
  • at your convenience
  • can make a valuable contribution
  • can be an asset to
  • can reach me at
  • discuss in more detail
  • discuss my skills and your needs
  • discuss my qualifications with
  • education and experience can meet your needs
  • for the position of
  • look forward to
  • meet your company's needs
  • schedule an interview with
  • set up a meeting
  • speak with you directly
  • to arrange an interview with
  • to meeting with you
  • to offer your company
  • will be happy to meet with you
  • would be happy to meet with you

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