Use Networking In a Job Search — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Networking is a strategy by which you develop many friendships and associations that may be useful when you or they search for a job or other opportunities. In order for it to work for you, you need to provide the people in your network with sufficient information for them to know whether a particular opportunity meets your needs and desires. This letter should accomplish at least that much.


1. Recall your association with the person you are addressing.


  • It was good to see you yesterday at the club lunch.
  • It has been quite some time since I last saw you, and I hope this letter finds you and your family well and prosperous.
  • I am glad that the job lead I gave you last year turned out well. And now I find myself turning to you for similar support. I enjoyed your Christmas letter very much. You seem to be doing well.
  • My name is Tom Smith. We met last fall at the professional conference in Las Vegas and were seated next to each other at the banquet. I enjoyed discussing the keynote speaker's ideas with you.


  • are members of the same
  • enjoyed conversing with
  • enjoyed your letter
  • enjoyed your presentation at
  • has been quite some time
  • haven't talked in a while
  • hope this finds you and your family well
  • may recall our conversation at
  • met you last fall at
  • met briefly at
  • met a couple of months ago
  • remind you of our meeting with
  • sat next to you at the
  • served together on
  • since I saw you last
  • thank you for sending me the
  • thoroughly enjoyed our discussion on
  • was good to see you at
  • were introduced by
  • were seated next to each other at

2. State that you are in the job market and identify by industry and position title the kind of job you hope to find.


  • I appreciate your kind offer to keep an eye out for job openings in heavy construction equipment sales and service.
  • As you well know, I have loved working at Doe Manufacturing. But shortly after our boss died last month, his family suddenly announced that they were shutting down the business and selling out. So now I'm searching for a new position as a Plant Engineer.
  • I will complete my formal schooling in May and hope to find a position in public relations with one of the local law enforcement agencies.
  • As I told you at Christmas, my current position is temporary, and I am getting my job search underway early.
  • I am in the process of making a career change, and would like to enlist your help in watching for promising leads. I am looking for a position as a systems analyst.
  • Because of the recent downsizing of the industry, I am now in the job market. My area of specialization is chemical engineering, with an emphasis in composites.


  • am watching for promising leads
  • am looking for a position in
  • am planning to
  • am seriously considering
  • appreciate your kind offer to
  • area of specialization is
  • because of recent down-sizing
  • beginning to put some "feelers" out
  • current position is
  • getting my job search underway
  • have decided a career change is due
  • hope to find
  • if you would keep an eye out
  • if you would keep your ear to the ground
  • in transition
  • in the process of
  • in the job market
  • in my area of
  • keep me in mind
  • looking for job openings in
  • making a career change
  • position is temporary
  • recently reentered the job market
  • would like to be closely involved in
  • would like to enlist your help in
  • would like to find a position in

3. If you do not have an established relationship, skip steps 1 and 2. Summarize briefly your major qualifications or areas of expertise by describing your education and/or experience.


  • Accounting<br />In a few weeks I will complete my degree in accounting at Doe State University. In addition to the standard accounting courses, I have a minor in Spanish. I am fluent in the language and prepared to work with Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Administrative/Office Support<br />I am a recent graduate of the Secretarial Science program at Springfield Community College where I took courses in typing, dictation, office machines, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, technical writing, and office management.
  • I am currently working as a secretary/receptionist in a busy medical office, but am eager to find opportunities for advancement not available to me in this position.
  • Computer<br />I am currently finishing my program in Computer Science at Doe State University, where I program in C programming language and use the UNIX operating system. Projects I have written using C include a 32-bit operating system, data base, data management system, and many other programs. Most of these projects were written for the UNIX operating system. I have also taught myself how to program in the Windows operating system.
  • Construction Management<br />I received a Construction Management degree from Doe State University five years ago.
  • Engineering<br />I received my degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Doe State University. I took several courses in communication systems and participated in the design of a new system during my internship with NASA.
  • I obtained my degree in Engineering from Doe State University, and have 15 years of experience in highway engineering.
  • Hotel/Restaurant Management<br />I obtained my degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from Doe State University in 2004.
  • Legal<br />I received my law degree from Doe State University, graduating in the top 25 percent of my class. My area of expertise, by training and experience, is in riparian rights.
  • Operations Management<br />My Doe State University BSME and MBA degrees qualify me for a variety of operations management positions.
  • I will complete my MBA at Doe State University in a few weeks and will be looking for a position in operations management.
  • Research Science<br />I am currently a laboratory technician at Doe State University. Much of my experience with genetic research comes from working with DNA cloning and DNA restriction digest cutting and analysis. I feel I have become an excellent research scientist during the last five years.
  • Operations Management<br />My MBA is in Management Information Systems, and I have administrative experience in computer systems management.
  • Since earning a Harvard MBA, I have advanced rapidly through a succession of financial positions, including controller, regional controller, and Vice President of Finance and Administration. I can provide documentation that demonstrates how my leadership and management skills have measurably contributed to the growth and credibility of the companies I have served.
  • Sales<br />I have been involved in construction equipment sales now for 15 years, and enjoy the work very much. I have good contacts among local contractors, and have frequently been voted Top Salesperson of the Year.
  • I prepared myself for a position in medical equipment sales by completing an undergraduate degree in biology at Springfield State College with a minor in Communications. I have advanced steadily in responsibilities and promotions while working in my present position.


  • am fluent in
  • am currently working as a
  • am finishing up my program in
  • am fully prepared to
  • am seeking a position in
  • area of expertise is
  • carrying a minor in
  • during an internship with
  • education has provided me with
  • has prepared me for
  • have a broad background in
  • have become proficient at
  • have designed and built
  • have continually pressed for
  • have three years of experience in
  • have frequently been
  • have been involved in
  • have prepared further by
  • have experience in
  • have advanced steadily in
  • have had considerable experience with
  • in my present position
  • introduced improved methods of
  • leadership and management skills
  • my degree is in
  • one of the finest programs in the country
  • participated in the
  • received high quality training in
  • received a thorough grounding in
  • received my degree from
  • recently graduated from
  • responsibilities have included
  • since completing my degree
  • spent five years working as a
  • taught myself how to
  • took courses in

4. Make reference to your attached or enclosed resume as a source of additional information (Do not attach a resume unless you have an established relationship with the reader or have been requested to send one).


  • The attached resume provides comprehensive coverage of my educational background and work experience.
  • I've enclosed a copy of my resume to provide you with details of my experience and expertise in case you learn of a suitable position.
  • My current resume is attached and, as you can see, my skills are not limited to just one business area.
  • Will you please take a few minutes to read through my resume? I trust your judgment in these matters, and if you have any suggestions about how I can improve it, I will be pleased to listen.


  • a strong background in
  • am interested in a position in
  • are detailed in my resume
  • attached resume provides
  • copy of my resume
  • credentials are summarized in
  • describing my skills and accomplishments
  • educational background
  • enclosed a copy of my resume
  • extensive experience in
  • have the details of my experience
  • highlight some of my achievements
  • if you have any suggestions
  • in the attached resume
  • list of credentials
  • please take a few minutes to read
  • plus extensive experience in
  • provides details of my experience
  • references are readily available
  • resume is attached
  • the enclosed copy of my resume
  • the attached copy of my resume
  • would appreciate your comments

5. Identify any specific job parameters or requirements you have, such as salary, location, industry type, and health benefits.


  • I am not yet to the panic stage of "go anywhere/do anything." I have come to enjoy the West, and I would like to stay in the intermountain region. I am also interested in staying very close to my 90-100K annual salary.
  • I would like to stay in the oil business, but can also be happy working in hazardous waste disposal. I trained in that area, and my first job provided a great deal of experience.
  • My target position is an upper management job in operations or the financial area of a young, growing company.
  • Since receiving an attractive severance package from the Doe Corporation, I am interested in the possibility of stock options, but that is not an absolute requirement.
  • As I am not married, enjoy traveling, and don't have any geographic preference, I am willing to be posted to any area.
  • My only condition is provision for spousal employment, either with the firm or another organization, at her current salary and level of responsibility.


  • am interested in
  • close to my current salary
  • enjoy the West
  • enjoy traveling
  • have no geographic preference
  • in this specific area
  • in a young, growing company
  • initially trained in that area
  • not an absolute requirement
  • only condition is
  • prefer the Northeast
  • similar level of responsibility
  • spouse's employment
  • target position is
  • very versatile in
  • would like to stay in
  • would like to stay within
  • wouldn't say "no" to
  • certainly would not refuse a position in

6. Solicit help in watching for job situations and express appreciation.


  • I would like to send you a copy of my resume, if you have no objections.
  • Of course, I would sincerely appreciate your keeping "an ear to the ground" for job leads.
  • Would you mind if I send you a copy of my resume?
  • I would appreciate it very much if you could make me aware of any situations that come to your attention.
  • Any leads would be of great assistance to me.
  • Any assistance or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you could watch for positions in my area of expertise, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • If you happen to see any interesting leads, I would appreciate it if you would pass them along


  • any help you can give me
  • appreciate any advice or assistance
  • could let me know
  • could use your help
  • for your assistance
  • for job leads
  • if you know of a position
  • if you hear of anything in my area
  • if you are able to
  • if you happen to see
  • if you are aware of any
  • if any situations come to mind
  • keep "an ear to the groun."
  • keep me in mind
  • keep an eye out
  • passing them along to me
  • seems to be in my area of expertise
  • that come to your attention
  • watch out for
  • would be of great assistance
  • would appreciate referrals
  • would be grateful for
  • would appreciate your

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