Notify a Debtor of a Returned Check | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter's purpose is to notify a debtor that the bank returned a check due to insufficient funds. Since you still must recover the funds the debtor owes you, you should use a firm but courteous tone.


1. Notify your customer that the check he or she used for payment has been returned. Specifically mention the check number and amount.

  • Your check #928 for $575.00, which you mailed to us for last month's rent, has been returned marked "insufficient funds."
  • Your check #213 for $75.00 was returned to my office marked "Account closed."
  • The check you gave our cashier in the amount of $212.67 was returned to us due to insufficient funds in your bank account.
  • We received your check (#715) for $25.00; however, the bank has returned that check marked "insufficient funds."
  • The check #2101 you sent us on May 5 in the amount of $53.69 has been returned from the bank stamped "insufficient funds."
  • Enclosed is check #107 for $799.00. The bank returned it to us with an explanation that your account was overdrawn.
  • enclosed is check #
  • has been returned to us
  • has again been returned to us
  • have not heard from you since
  • in the amount of
  • insufficient funds in
  • marked "insufficient fund."
  • marked "Account close."
  • redeposited your check
  • returned to my office
  • the bank has returned your check #
  • the check you gave our cashier
  • the check you sent us on
  • was returned unpaid
  • was returned by your bank
  • which we deposited on
  • which we received on
  • which you mailed to us
  • with an explanation that

2. Request immediate payment. Be specific about the type of payment you now require, such as a cashier's check or a money order. Specify the amount of any penalty to be added.

  • To avoid a penalty, please pay the full amount due immediately with a cashier's check or money order. Payments not made by the end of this month are automatically registered with a collection agency.
  • Please call us immediately to clear up this problem.
  • I now must ask you to resubmit payment in the form of a money order or cashier's check.
  • Please send us a new check for the full amount of your bill plus the $15.00 penalty before June 15.
  • Please remedy this situation by sending us a money order for $49.99 ($29.99 for the outstanding bill plus $20.00 for the returned check fee).
  • Please send us your payment within the week. If we receive your check before January 10, this overdraft will not adversely affect your credit line with us.
  • We would appreciate a replacement payment by December 10.
  • Because your bank account lacked sufficient reserves to cover your last check, we ask that you now send a money order or cashier's check for the full amount.
  • a collection agency
  • as well as the returned check charge of
  • as a replacement
  • ask that you now send
  • avoid accruing additional interest
  • avoid turning this over to
  • avoid further problems
  • balance is due immediately
  • by return mail
  • call us right away
  • cashier's check or money order
  • clear up this problem
  • could negatively affect your
  • in addition to the bank charge of
  • keep your account current
  • must receive payment by
  • need to receive payment by
  • pay by certified check
  • pay your bill by
  • please pay the full amount
  • potential damage to your credit rating
  • receive your payment within
  • remedy this situation by
  • resubmit payment in the form of
  • send payment in the form of
  • unless we receive payment by

3. Thank the customer for his or her cooperation in correcting the situation.

  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • We would appreciate your immediate and full cooperation.
  • Thank you in advance for your prompt response. If I may assist you with this matter, call my office at 555-5555.
  • It is extremely important that you act immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • as soon as possible
  • assist you with this matter
  • call my office at
  • correcting this situation
  • for your cooperation in this matter
  • for your cooperation
  • immediate and full cooperation
  • in resolving this problem
  • is extremely important that
  • look forward to
  • need not be reflected on your credit record
  • resolve this situation
  • resolve the matter immediately
  • thank you for
  • trust that you will
  • understand our position
  • will appreciate your
  • will be happy to
  • your prompt response

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