Delegate a Special Project — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be specific so that the reader knows what to do, when to do it, and what means to use.


1. Delegate the task directly.


  • Would you please make arrangements for the visitors' tour of the plant next week?
  • You have been assigned to direct the department's preparation for accreditation next June.
  • I would like you to do a special project in order to improve our food service. As you know, there have been many complaints about the menu choices in the cafeteria.
  • We have decided to bid on the Springfield Middle School construction project, and we need you to devote all of your time to preparing a bid for submission on April 30.
  • Your work on the Doe account was so successful that we want you to head this year's advertising project.
  • We have selected you to follow up on the Doe contract.


  • a special project
  • am turning over to you
  • are confident that you
  • because of your
  • handle the arrangements for
  • have decided to
  • have been assigned
  • have recommended you for
  • have selected you to
  • have chosen you to
  • make arrangements for
  • need you to
  • the outstanding job you did on
  • to assume responsibility for
  • to make sure that
  • want you to
  • were the obvious choice for
  • would like to have you
  • would you please
  • your previous experience with

2. Specifically state how you expect the reader to proceed.


  • This task will include the following steps:<br /> 1. Confirm times with each department and make sure the assigned guides understand what to do.<br /> 2. Be sure that there are refreshments available for each group.
  • You may wish to greet the guests yourself, but that can be delegated, if you are too busy.
  • You worked with John on a similar project two years ago, so you are familiar with the process.
  • Please come to a meeting in my office at 11 a.m. on Wednesday to discuss what needs to be done.
  • Please collect the proposed menus for next month from the cafeteria manager, prepare a survey listing the choices, along with check-off options, and distribute the survey to all employees. Your biggest challenge will be getting the completed surveys back!
  • You are aware of what needs to be done, so I won't attempt to micromanage this, but I would appreciate weekly reports on your progress.
  • John Doe will provide technical support.


  • are familiar with
  • are already aware of
  • confirm the final details
  • discuss what needs to be done
  • expect weekly reports
  • get underway by
  • have done this before
  • have scheduled a meeting for
  • in order to help
  • information is available from
  • involves the following steps
  • keep me up-to-date on your progress
  • know what is expected
  • may wish to
  • need this project to
  • please note the time constraints
  • report directly to
  • the attached file
  • to be completed by
  • will include the following
  • will have considerable freedom

3. Offer your assistance.


  • I think you will find this task both interesting and enjoyable. If you need any help or further information, please call me.
  • This is an enormous task, and all members of the department need to be involved. Your responsibility is, of course, to coordinate efforts, not to do all the work yourself.
  • Kindly give this project top priority for the next few days. Jane will help with your normal duties.
  • If you have any other tasks underway that cannot be shelved temporarily, please discuss them with John. We want you to be free to work on the bid.
  • Let me know what assistance you will need, and I will do whatever I can to get it for you.
  • Let me know when you have completed the job. If you need any help from my office, please call.


  • are confident that you can
  • can adjust your other duties
  • feel free to call
  • for further information
  • happy to help you
  • if you have any questions
  • if you need any help
  • let me know
  • please discuss with me
  • rely on you to
  • see what can be arranged
  • set up a meeting to
  • use the resources of
  • what assistance you will need
  • what kind of help you will need
  • when the job is complete
  • will take over your
  • will provide technical support
  • will be available to
  • will help you with

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