Delegate Follow-up on a Complaint from a Customer | Letter-Writing Guide


Write this letter as soon as a complaint has been received. It should contain sufficient detail to enable the reader to look into the matter and take appropriate action.


1. Describe the complaint, including when it was received and from whom.

  • John Doe of Doe Corporation called me this morning to inquire about their shipment of compressors. They were promised for June 18 but have not yet arrived.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doe were rather upset to return to their room (#234) after lunch today to discover that the beds were still unmade and the room had not been cleaned.
  • A Mrs. Jane Doe called my office this morning to complain that the consignment of compressors that Doe International ordered two months ago has not arrived.
  • Mr. John Doe called me this morning, threatening to sue the city. Apparently he had booked the large pavilion at the Springfield city park for a family reunion last Saturday afternoon and evening. When they arrived, another group was in possession of the pavilion, claiming that they too had booked it.
  • Attached is a complaint we received yesterday from Ms. Jane Doe of Doe Corporation. It appears we made some errors in her order.
  • Mrs. Doe is upset that her son, Eric, was not chosen for a part in the school play in spite of his two years of private speech and drama lessons.
  • Mr. John Doe of Doe Corporation called me this morning. He was incensed at the rude treatment he apparently received from one of our operators.
  • I just received a note from Jane Doe of Doe Corporation. She claims we overcharged her by $100 on her last order.
  • appears to have been a misunderstanding
  • called me earlier today
  • claims that we
  • has not yet arrived
  • have not yet received their
  • is very disappointed in
  • is annoyed about
  • made an error in
  • received a note from
  • spoke to me about
  • the attached complaint
  • their last order was
  • to enquire about
  • was treated rudely
  • was most incensed
  • was very angry
  • were promised for
  • were rather upset
  • were overcharged
  • when they learned that

2. Instruct the employee to follow up. You may wish to suggest specific action.

  • Please find out what has caused the delay and let him know. Be sure to apologize.
  • Would you please investigate the situation and let Mrs. Doe know when she can expect the shipment to arrive?
  • Please resolve this. I suggest you find a copy of her original order and take it from there. I am sure you will handle this mix-up with your usual tact.
  • I would appreciate your researching this and finding out what actually occurred. I have already apologized verbally. I suggest you follow up with a letter.
  • Would you please check this out and take the appropriate action?
  • a difficult situation
  • a written apology
  • am sure that you can
  • as a gesture of goodwill
  • check out the facts of the matter
  • check this out
  • even if it was not our error
  • follow up in writing
  • handling this problem
  • have already apologized
  • is a valued customer
  • let him know
  • on the basis that "the customer is always right."
  • please find out
  • please resolve this
  • researching the situation
  • suggest that you
  • take appropriate action
  • would you please investigate
  • would be appropriate to
  • would appreciate your
  • would seem to be in order

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