Relieve Someone from Delegated Responsibilities Because Someone Else Will Assume Them | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter could come as a blow to the recipient if he or she has viewed the delegated responsibilities as a permanent assignment or as a promotion. It is important to show appreciation for what the employee has done and at the same time point out the excellent qualifications of the person who will take over the responsibilities.


1. Express appreciation to the employee. State clearly that you always understood his or her help to be temporary.

  • We very much appreciate your hard work as acting manager, which has helped us through a difficult period.
  • You have done an outstanding job of holding the section together these past few weeks until a permanent supervisor could be found.
  • You have done very well as temporary shift supervisor.
  • Thank you for the dedication you have shown the past two months in running the media center, in addition to your regular duties.
  • You have done an admirable job as acting director of Nursing Services this past month.
  • a difficult time
  • accept my sincere appreciation
  • accept our thanks for
  • as a temporary
  • as our acting
  • for the dedication you have shown
  • for all your hard work
  • for a job well done
  • for your hard work over the last
  • have helped us through
  • have done very well
  • have done an admirable job
  • have done an outstanding job
  • holding things together
  • thank you for
  • these past few
  • until we could find a permanent
  • very much appreciate
  • want to commend you for
  • your efforts have

2. If you have hired a replacement to fill the position, tell the employee about the person and specifically mention his or her qualifications.

  • After a number of interviews with the many qualified applicants, we have chosen Jane Doe to run the media center. She received her Master's degree from Doe State and has had five years of library, archival, and multimedia experience.
  • I understand that John Doe, who has been with the company for nine years, has been invited to fill the position.
  • Jane Doe will start work on June 1. She has had five years of supervisory experience and will be an asset to the company.
  • Jane Doe will take over as shift supervisor on Monday. I believe you are already acquainted with her. She mentioned that she helped train you when you first joined the company, and she looks forward to working with you again.
  • Our new director of Nursing Services, Jane Doe, will start work on July 1. At that time you will be able to return to your duties as assistant director of Nursing Services. Ms. Doe has impeccable credentials and has had extensive experience in geriatric care.
  • after extensive interviews
  • appointment is effective beginning
  • can then return to
  • has had fifteen years of experience in
  • have invited her to
  • has had extensive experience in
  • many qualified applicants
  • received her degree from
  • this highly qualified person
  • to your normal duties as
  • to fill the position
  • will take on the job
  • will take control of
  • will help with
  • will report to
  • will join us on
  • will start work on
  • will be an asset to
  • will take over as
  • will assume responsibility for

3. Express confidence in the employee's cooperation and future success.

  • I have worked with John before and know you will enjoy working with him. He will certainly have a very capable assistant!
  • Thanks again for your help. I believe you have an excellent future with the company.
  • We would appreciate your assistance in showing Ms. Doe the ropes. Thanks once more for your hard work and dependability.
  • I know you will help make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • She will certainly have a very fine assistant. We are confident that you will enjoy working with her.
  • a very congenial
  • am sure you will be pleased to
  • an excellent future with
  • are confident that you
  • are sure that you
  • as smoothly as possible
  • for a transitional period of
  • leads us to expect
  • look forward to your development in
  • please be prepared to
  • please prepare some training notes for
  • should now focus your attention on
  • show him the ropes
  • trust that you will
  • want you to take on the task of
  • will return to your position as
  • will enjoy working with
  • will have a very fine assistant
  • will still need to take care of
  • will help to make this transition
  • would appreciate your further assistance in
  • your own successful performance

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