Issue Directives to Adjust Territories or Structures — Letter-Writing Tutorial


These changes may be threatening to some of the people involved, so explain the rationale behind them with as much sensitivity as possible.


1. Identify the problem which has made the directive necessary.


  • Because of several changes in personnel during the last few weeks, we must reorganize the area you supervise.
  • Recent downsizing in the company has necessitated some reshuffling of territories. We appreciate your recent suggestions and recommendations, and after careful thought have arrived at the following decisions:
  • I appreciate your recent report on problems in your area, and agree that opening an office in Springfield would be a good move.
  • You are no doubt aware that our recent merger with Doe Corporation has resulted in a number of changes to our organization. The most painful of these, the layoffs, are now complete. For the next few weeks we will be restructuring the affected departments.
  • Our most recent studies suggest that there is strong market potential in the western states, just beyond the region that you now serve. To exploit this potential, we are restructuring sales territories.
  • You have done a wonderful job with your territory, but we now have so many customers that it is no longer possible for you to keep in touch with all of them.


  • after discussions with
  • after our discussion
  • appreciate your suggestions
  • are no doubt already aware
  • as you are aware
  • because of several changes
  • for optimal use of
  • have made this change necessary
  • in order to
  • must agree that
  • need to reorganize
  • no longer possible to
  • our recent merger with
  • recent downsizing
  • recently completed a
  • restructuring our territories
  • serve our customers more effectively
  • strong market potential
  • studies suggest
  • the recent changes in
  • to make better use of
  • to improve efficiency
  • use of our resources
  • will surely agree that
  • your report on

2. Specify what will change.


  • Jane Doe will replace Robert Johnson as your assistant and Robert will receive a transfer to the Chicago office, as he requested.
  • It is necessary for us to close the Springfield office. Please put this into motion, transferring active accounts to our Centerville branch. Make every effort to reassign those employees who are willing to relocate.
  • Go ahead with establishing a branch office in Springfield. Please advertise the new office positions to current personnel first.
  • Please reorganize your staff to fill vacancies created by the layoffs. Any serious gaps need to be filled from within the organization. If you can't find qualified people in your current labor pool, submit a request to the central personnel office to see who is available.
  • Your territory will now include Utah and Nevada to the west, while we will reassign your two Midwestern states, Indiana and Ohio, to John Doe. You will keep your current sales force, except those in the "lost" states. Those people will now work for John. You may reassign existing personnel and hire new people as necessary to get the new area going.
  • I realize it is hard to lose territory, but we would like you to focus your energies on your northern customers. John Doe will take over everything south of Springfield. With this route division you will keep 70% of your established customers with less than half of the travel.


  • adjust your staff assignments to
  • changes are necessary if we are to
  • close down the
  • establish a hiring freeze
  • go ahead with
  • hire new people to
  • if you are unable to
  • in the future please
  • increase our overall efficiency
  • is necessary for us to
  • make every effort to
  • need to focus our efforts on
  • need to reassign
  • new responsibilities will include
  • reassign existing personnel
  • will increase our effectiveness
  • will no longer be
  • will replace
  • will transfer to
  • will now include
  • will take over from

3. Close by expressing confidence in the reader and offer to answer any questions.


  • Thanks for all of your good work. You are welcome to have people call me if they have questions or problems with their new assignments.
  • Again, we appreciate your work in this area. If you have questions or problems, please contact me immediately.
  • I am confident that you will make a success of this. If you have questions, please fax them to me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Now that the disruptions are over, we need to build morale and boost productivity. I am confident that you are the right person for the job. Contact me if you have questions.
  • Good luck with the new territory. Please call me if you have any questions or problems with this assignment.
  • I trust this will be a lucrative change for you, as you will be spending more of your time selling.


  • although change is always difficult
  • am confident that
  • appreciate the fine job you do
  • are welcome to
  • best wishes for
  • call me if
  • can't think of a better person to
  • feel free to
  • good luck with
  • have confidence in
  • if you have any questions
  • in the long run
  • iron out any problems
  • is important that we
  • please contact me
  • right person for the job
  • thank you for
  • trust that you
  • want you to know that
  • will make a great success of
  • will all benefit from

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