Issue Directives to Establish, Change, or Reaffirm Procedures | Letter-Writing Guide


Procedures are established to make the organization as effective and efficient as possible. As circumstances change, these procedures may also change. To avoid misunderstanding, the directive should be clear and precise.


1. If appropriate, identify the problem which has made the directive necessary.

  • There seems to be some confusion over the proper procedure for obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses beyond the standard allowance.
  • Some of our associates, when dealing with dissatisfied customers, have been focusing more on proving that we are right than on satisfying the customer.
  • Given the doubling in the cost of paper in the last six months, I am concerned about the amount of paper we have been using and the way we dispose of our waste.
  • Although express delivery is a convenient way to move packages, it is also very expensive.
  • There seems to be some confusion over the proper procedure to follow in case of accidents and injuries.
  • a recent study of
  • a misunderstanding about
  • am concerned about
  • are concerned about
  • are encountering a problem with
  • because of the
  • due to the increase in
  • duplication of effort
  • has become necessary to
  • has come to my notice
  • has come to our attention
  • have expressed concern about
  • have discovered that
  • have a new procedure
  • seems to be some difficulty
  • seems to be some confusion
  • some of our associates
  • spending too much time on
  • the practice of
  • the proper procedure for
  • time to review our
  • want to let you know that
  • wish to remind you

2. State or explain the existing or new procedure.

  • The proper procedure for obtaining reimbursement is to submit your travel log as well as receipts to the disbursement office. We cannot honor claims beyond the standard allowance without documentation.
  • It is imperative that we focus on customer satisfaction rather than issues of right or wrong. As soon as you realize that a customer is not happy with our service or your explanation of a problem, summon a manager. She will work with the customer to resolve the issue.
  • Kindly conserve paper by avoiding overruns and unnecessary copying. Use the least expensive paper for the job, and save colored paper or card stock for when you truly need it.
  • Please conserve resources by putting office paper waste into the proper container.
  • Please use the company courier system for all deliveries within the city, and use normal surface mail wherever possible for out-of-town deliveries. Reserve express mail for those times when speed is essential.
  • Report all accidents and injuries, no matter how small, to the floor supervisor immediately. Certified medical personnel will determine whether an injury can be treated in the company infirmary. Should the injured person need to be transported to the hospital, the floor supervisor will make appropriate arrangements.
  • as of this month
  • conserve resources by
  • do the following
  • eliminate these overlaps
  • from now on
  • implementation date will be
  • in the future
  • is imperative that we
  • is outlined in
  • keep a record of
  • make appropriate arrangements
  • must be signed by
  • must be approved by
  • must be arranged through
  • must be reported to
  • must be accompanied by
  • need to obtain a
  • pay careful attention to
  • please remember to
  • proper procedure for
  • resolve the issue
  • the following procedure
  • to streamline our
  • will require all
  • will participate in

3. Close by expressing appreciation and reiterating the importance of the information you have conveyed. Offer to respond to questions and problems.

  • Please document your extra costs carefully. Not only will this information facilitate your reimbursement, but it will also help us as we review and adjust the travel allowance.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in this regard. Remember, to the customer you are the company.
  • This is a relatively painless way to keep costs down, and we appreciate your help.
  • Following this procedure will help us reduce costs while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency.
  • Following this procedure is in the best interests of both the injured party and the plant. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • a safer workplace
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • do our part to
  • for further information
  • for your protection and safety
  • for your cooperation in this regard
  • for your help in this matter
  • if you need any
  • if you have any questions about
  • if you have any problems with
  • please see to it that
  • please let me know
  • thank you for
  • will save time and money
  • will be more efficient
  • will be subject to
  • will greatly reduce
  • will be happy to
  • with your cooperation

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