Endorse or Nominate a Candidate For an Award | Letter-Writing Guide


Organizations frequently give awards and recognitions on the basis of endorsement letters that provide specific details, cases, and examples of the candidate's accomplishments and qualifications.


1. Identify the person you are endorsing and the award for which he or she is a candidate.

  • I hereby endorse John Doe as a candidate for the Salesperson of the Year Award.
  • I wish to nominate my friend and colleague, Jane Doe, for the annual American Mechanical Engineer Award.
  • I would like to endorse Jane Doe for the Springfield Community Service Award.
  • Because of Jane Doe's long-term commitment to the viability of Springfield as a manufacturing, agricultural, and educational center, I want to nominate her for the annual Friend of Springfield Award.
  • Of all the candidates nominated for the annual award, none strikes me as more deserving and qualified than Jane Doe. I offer my endorsement of her and list some of the reasons why I think she should be recognized.
  • as a candidate for
  • award to be presented at
  • candidate's accomplishments and qualifications
  • friend and colleague
  • have no hesitation in recommending
  • hereby nominate
  • is our best choice for
  • is my nominee for
  • is my choice for
  • most deserving and qualified
  • my nomination of
  • my choice for
  • put forward the name of
  • seems best qualified to
  • should be considered as
  • sure you will agree
  • the obvious choice for
  • thoroughly deserves the
  • worthy of recognition
  • would like to endorse
  • would like to voice my
  • would be our first choice for
  • would like to nominate

2. State how long you have known the candidate and discuss the nature of your relationship.

  • I have known John Doe ever since he joined the company in 1975. I hired him because of his excellent record, and he worked as a highly competent and skilled member of my staff until his promotion to management last year.
  • I have known Jane Doe since I started regularly attending city council meetings in 1987.
  • I doubt whether Jane Doe even knows who I am, but I have often heard her speak with wisdom, persuasiveness, and dignity on important community issues.
  • Jane Doe has been one of my colleagues in the legal community since I started practice in 1980.
  • a personal friend as well as
  • are not personally acquainted, but
  • been one of my colleagues for
  • believe I speak for all her co-workers
  • both been active in
  • can certainly vouch for
  • developed a great respect for
  • ever since he started working for
  • familiar with work of
  • first met in
  • have come to admire
  • joined the company in
  • joined my staff in
  • know firsthand the accomplishments of
  • known her ever since
  • often heard him speak
  • seen her in action in
  • universally admired for
  • was first employed by
  • were both employed by
  • worked under his direction on
  • worked together on
  • worked with him on

3. Consider the kinds of personal qualities and skills for which the award is given and describe how the person you are endorsing possesses those qualities or abilities. List your nominee's achievements.

  • I understand the award is given to the person whose life best characterizes what we stand for as a company: honesty, integrity, and efficient performance. My friend excels in all of these areas.
  • I know Jane Doe to be a person of integrity and high moral standards.
  • John Doe produces excellent results and meets each completion date on time.
  • Jane Doe is well known for her loyalty, dedication, and hard work. She is a tireless promoter of our cause.
  • Jane Doe is always among the first to volunteer. She understands the goals and purposes of the organization better than most people.
  • Jane Doe was the chief organizer of the fund raiser, and through her untiring efforts, we far exceeded our funding goals.
  • a tireless promoter
  • although he shuns publicity
  • always among the first to
  • an exemplary character
  • as I understand the requirements
  • as all who know him will attest
  • excels in the areas of
  • has shown his commitment to
  • has shown both skill and dedication in
  • has been an able spokesperson for
  • have won her the respect of
  • her actions express more than words could
  • integrity is unquestioned
  • is well known for her
  • monumental contributions to
  • prefers to work behind the scenes
  • produces excellent results
  • shows the qualities of
  • to the best of my knowledge
  • untiring efforts on behalf of
  • whose life best characterizes

4. Reiterate your direct endorsement in the closure and offer to answer questions or give more information.

  • For all of these reasons and more I endorse John Doe, without reservation, for the 2019 Doe Associates Employee of the Year Award.
  • If I can answer any questions concerning John Doe, please let me know. In my opinion, there is no better qualified candidate in the company.
  • John Doe has my full confidence and endorsement for the annual award.
  • I know of no one who better exemplifies the personal and professional qualities that we honor through the award.
  • Without ignoring the fine qualities of all of the other candidates, I advocate Jane Doe because of her outstanding contribution. She has all of the qualities we honor in giving the award. No one can say that we have diminished our standards by honoring her.
  • a wonderful opportunity to
  • am proud to nominate
  • can feel honored to have candidates like
  • deserves this honor
  • feel sure you will agree that
  • for these reasons
  • has my full support
  • has all of the qualities
  • have complete confidence in
  • if I can answer any questions
  • if you need any further
  • in my opinion
  • is well qualified for this
  • know of no one who
  • many other reasons
  • please feel free to
  • the list is by no means exhaustive
  • who is best qualified for
  • who best exemplifies the
  • without reservation, I endorse

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