Endorse a Political Candidate | Letter-Writing Guide


Endorsements are a powerful device for swaying public opinion. Most people distrust politicians, but when a highly respected person endorses an office-seeker, he lends his own integrity to the candidate.


1. Identify the person you are endorsing and the office that he or she is seeking.

  • John Doe, a native of Springfield and a partner with the law firm of Doe and Johnson, is an excellent candidate for the Springfield Public Library Board of Trustees.
  • John Doe, a longtime resident of this city, is the most qualified candidate for County Commissioner.
  • Because of the rapid growth we are experiencing in this community, decisions being made now will affect us for many years. John Doe, an experienced public servant, has the wisdom and insight to make the right decisions as County Commissioner.
  • The school board is a place where amateurs frequently try their hand at playing politics and attempt to impose their own agendas and questionable biases on the educational system. In contrast, John Doe's political record is well known and on the table.
  • For the last six years, Jane Doe has supported fiscal responsibility, solid basic education programs, and strong discipline in the schools. We need her voice.
  • a long-time resident of
  • achievements are solid evidence of
  • am pleased to endorse
  • am confident that
  • believe she is well qualified to
  • confidently recommend
  • for your consideration
  • has been a strong proponent of
  • has the wisdom and insight to
  • has done an excellent job as
  • has my endorsement
  • has years of experience as a
  • have all been able to see him in action as
  • is the most qualified candidate for
  • is an excellent candidate for
  • urge your favorable consideration of
  • well known record
  • who is a native of
  • will bring with her an understanding of
  • would make a very fine

2. Itemize achievements, accomplishments, or abilities that qualify the candidate for office.

  • John is well known for his volunteer service in the community.
  • John is also on the Board of Directors of the Arts Council of Greater Springfield.
  • Jane Doe understands the problems of education because she taught in the public school system for five years; however, she also has an outsider's perspective because she left teaching to start her own successful business.
  • Jane Doe has been a prominent voice in community affairs and volunteer programs since coming to the Springfield area in 1975.
  • The community often hears her voice in city council meetings, political debates, and in letters to the editor.
  • Jane is a trained accountant.
  • Jane is an experienced public servant with a clear vision of where she wants Springfield to go in the next decade. Many residents share her vision because it focuses on keeping our city a beautiful, clean, and enjoyable place to live.
  • also serves on the
  • are solid evidence of
  • excels in the areas of
  • gained respect of
  • goals and priorities
  • has been successful in
  • has experience in public service
  • has provided the expertise needed for
  • has volunteered her time as a
  • has been an able spokesperson for
  • has been prominent in
  • has a clear vision of
  • has shown both skill and dedication in
  • has served on the committees
  • have won her the respect of
  • her ability to
  • her record shows that
  • his ongoing commitment to
  • is committed to preserving
  • is well known for
  • long-term interests
  • tirelessly promotes
  • understands the problems of
  • untiring efforts on behalf of
  • volunteer service in the community
  • will bring a new perspective to

3. Provide details of the candidate's platform or vision.

  • Jane is concerned with strengthening library services to young people, shut-ins, the disabled, minorities, and rural users.
  • John would like to see the library end its wasteful competition with local video and book stores, and use its resources to improve its reference and nonfiction sections and the collection of classic and hard-to-find films.
  • The purpose of the library board, in John's view, is not to micromanage the daily operations of the library, but rather to hold the library accountable to the community.
  • John sees the library as a cultural center for the area.
  • He advocates continued development of the library's excellent local history and genealogical resources.
  • John feels that the board should also provide dynamic vision and leadership.
  • advocates continued development
  • all our children have
  • constituents' concerns
  • continued expansion
  • has expressed his commitment to
  • have the opportunity to
  • in the best long-term interests of
  • is concerned about
  • is committed to
  • making sure that
  • preserving the unique character of
  • retaining the residential nature of
  • should be accountable to
  • should approach with great caution
  • the long-term effects
  • the need for changes in
  • the dangers of unplanned development
  • understands constituent's concerns
  • use our resources to improve
  • wants to increase public participation in
  • well-known commitment to
  • will work to include
  • willing to take the lead in
  • would like to see

4. Close with a final appeal that names the candidate and reiterates his or her main qualifications.

  • John Doe is intelligent, articulate, outspoken, and dedicated. Add his voice to the Library Board of Trustees on June 10.
  • Jane Doe is the one candidate who has the experience and skill to make positive changes. Return her to office on Tuesday.
  • If you believe in what Jane Doe stands for, give her your vote on Tuesday.
  • If you want four more years of the uninspired and uninspiring leadership we have had on the city council for the last five years, Jane Doe is probably not your candidate. But if you are ready for a dramatic change in the way this city does business, vote for the one person who can make things happen: Jane Doe on November third!
  • Jane Doe brings a sensitive, articulate, and intelligent voice to city government and she has the strength to stand up to the special interests that have had a stranglehold on the community for the past decade. On Tuesday vote Doe!
  • a dramatic improvement
  • a change in the way this
  • a move in the right direction
  • are tired of uninspired leadership
  • both courage and compassion
  • can make things happen
  • community is ready for a change
  • examine his record for yourself
  • has the strength to
  • has the experience to
  • if you believe in
  • if you agree that
  • if you are ready for
  • if you want to see
  • is both intelligent and
  • knows how to work within a budget
  • return her to office on
  • stand up to special interests
  • take the first step by
  • use your vote to
  • vote for honor and integrity
  • will lead
  • will represent her constituents

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