Correct Your Own Error In a Transaction — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter expresses regret for an error and tells the customer what you are doing both to correct the situation and to prevent its happening again. The purpose of this brief and sincere letter is to retain the customer's goodwill.


1. Explain how you have corrected the error.


  • Your linens in the sizes and colors you originally ordered, were shipped this morning.
  • You will shortly receive a refund for $125.
  • You are absolutely correct. We missed giving you your 25% trade discount on your December order. Please deduct the 25% from the amount due before you pay us. That would mean you owe us $3,333 instead of $4,444.
  • Enclosed is a corrected invoice for your shipment of sanding machines. The price shown as $93.40 on the original has been corrected to $39.40.
  • Thank you for alerting us to the error in your bill. Enclosed is your refund of $29.30.
  • We have corrected the billing error. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  • Invoice #34567 for $4,990, dated January 7, has just been billed to your account, nearly three months late.


  • are pleased to enclose a refund of
  • are sending them today under separate cover
  • are entitled to a refund of
  • are absolutely correct
  • deleted the late charge
  • disregard the billing you received dated
  • enclosed is a corrected statement
  • enclosed is an itemized statement of
  • enclosed is a coupon for
  • enclosed is your refund for the
  • enclosed is your copy of
  • for alerting us to
  • for bringing this to our attention
  • have enclosed a corrected bill
  • have now billed you for the correct amount
  • have corrected the error
  • have already corrected our
  • have made the appropriate adjustments
  • have redeposited the
  • kindly disregard the
  • mailed it myself first thing this morning
  • missed giving you your trade discount
  • neglected to deduct the
  • net amount due is
  • please deduct this from your payment
  • reflects your correct account balance
  • reflects your correct account number (99-99999-9)
  • shipped them yesterday afternoon
  • should have them by now
  • should receive them within
  • should receive your refund no later than
  • thank you for
  • the questions you raised
  • to the error in your bill
  • will be happy to send you a check for
  • will credit your account with
  • will shortly receive a refund of
  • will receive a refund
  • will shortly receive a refund of

2. Explain how the error occurred and apologize, but don't overdo it.


  • Your order was perfectly clear and correct, and I cannot imagine why the wrong goods were sent. I can only apologize for the inconvenience we caused.
  • You were accidentally overcharged for the tapestry sets you ordered in February. We apologize for the error.
  • The error was the result of a computer glitch which has now been sorted out. We are sorry for the inaccuracy, but very much appreciate your notifying us so promptly. This enabled us to catch the error sooner than we would have otherwise.
  • Please accept my sincere apology for the letter that we sent to you. This was, of course, an error. You have a first-class payment record and a letter of congratulations would have been more appropriate.
  • This was a simple clerical error, with the numbers being transposed, but by the time the price had been multiplied by 144, the mistake really added up! I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.
  • The special promotional discount was only entered into the computer a few hours into the sale. I am afraid we processed your invoice before this had been done. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused you.
  • Sorry for the false alarm. Your account has a zero balance.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but hope that the money has been earning interest for you in the meantime.<br />The order was incorrectly billed to another customer.


  • a simple clerical error
  • accidentally billed you for
  • an unfortunate oversight
  • apologize for the error
  • are sorry that we overlooked
  • are sorry for the inconvenience
  • can only apologize for
  • can't imagine why
  • despite our precautions
  • do our utmost to avoid errors
  • do our best to eliminate errors
  • enabled us to catch the error
  • has now been corrected on
  • my sincere apologies for the
  • neglected to deduct the
  • numbers were transposed
  • order was incorrectly billed
  • owe you an explanation and an apology
  • payment was erroneously credited to
  • processed your invoice before
  • regret inconveniencing you
  • sales representative was unaware of
  • sorry for the false alarm
  • sorry for the mix-up
  • sorry for the trouble this has caused you
  • the error was made when
  • very much appreciate your
  • was the result of a
  • was a glitch in the system
  • were accidentally overcharged for
  • your order was perfectly clear and correct
  • your notifying us so promptly
  • your patience and understanding

3. Mention any special effort you may have made to make amends, or anything the customer needs to do.


  • We would appreciate your shipping the incorrect order back to us via UPS, using the enclosed shipping label.
  • We will take care that this does not happen again.
  • Such mistakes are rare, but we have asked our staff to double-check their figures in the future.
  • Enclosed is a coupon for 30% off any of the accessories for your new mixer.
  • I am enclosing a copy of the invoice and the delivery document for your review. Your statement will arrive, as usual, around the 20th of the month.


  • after we check with our supplier
  • am enclosing a copy of
  • are pleased to enclose a coupon for
  • are sending you a small token of our
  • are pleased to enclose a refund of
  • billing department has been asked to
  • bring future discrepancies to our attention
  • disregard the additional billing
  • eager to improve our service
  • employees have been trained to deal with
  • enclosed a corrected statement
  • enclosed is a coupon for
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • has been adjusted to accommodate
  • have deleted the service charge on
  • have alerted our staff members to this
  • have asked our representatives to double-check
  • have asked our staff to
  • have informed our retail stores of
  • have reviewed the questions you raised about
  • have entered the missing data
  • have updated your credit file
  • made the appropriate adjustments
  • make sure that our distributors are aware
  • new rates have now been published
  • please accept with our apologies
  • please send it back to us via
  • please return the signed agreement
  • such mistakes are rare
  • tighten up our communications
  • trust that this will resolve
  • use the enclosed shipping label to
  • want to assure you that
  • will take care that this does not recur
  • will double-check all figures
  • will make sure this does not happen again
  • will ship the correct order by
  • would appreciate your
  • your statement will arrive within

4. Close positively, with an expression of appreciation.


  • You will find a set of our new line of bed sheets with your order. This is not an error, but a gift. Thank you for your business.
  • We value your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future.
  • Thanks for your business, and best regards.
  • We hope we will have the opportunity to serve you again.
  • We look forward to serving you again.
  • Please call if you have any questions or concerns about this correction.


  • am deeply embarrassed by this
  • are grateful to you for
  • are welcome to contact us
  • are eager to improve our service
  • ensure that this does not happen again
  • for permitting us to provide your
  • for your patience and understanding
  • for pointing this out to us
  • have been a great help to us
  • hope we will have the opportunity to
  • hope everything turns out well
  • hope this will be satisfactory
  • hope you enjoy the
  • if you have any questions about
  • look forward to
  • offer you my personal assurance of
  • one of our most valued customers
  • please let us know
  • please accept our apologies
  • please call if you have further questions
  • please call again if you have other suggestions
  • should receive your refund by
  • thank you for
  • this is not an error, but a gift
  • to serving you again
  • to hearing from you
  • to the best of our ability
  • to serving you in the future
  • value your account
  • value your patronage
  • very much appreciate your interest in
  • want you to know
  • will find a small gift
  • will avoid such errors in the future
  • will be restored to the original limit of
  • will do our best to
  • will take every precaution to

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