Correct an Error In a Payment Made or Received — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter is brief and to the point, giving sufficient detail to support one's contention that an error has been made, and explaining how it should or will be corrected.


1. Describe the error.


  • I should have received a tax refund of $853.25, but instead received $1,853,25.
  • I was told that I would receive a salary increase six months from my starting date, but there was no change in this month's check.
  • You were underpaid by $69.78 on May 16, when your eight hours of overtime were misread as three hours.
  • We inadvertently undercharged you $23 on your car insurance.
  • Thank you for your prompt payment of invoice #555, but there appears to have been an error. The amount due was $146.23. You paid $164.23.


  • a change in our policy
  • accidentally overcharged you
  • accidentally overpaid you
  • after our current auditing
  • an error was made on your paycheck
  • apologize for the error
  • appears to have been an error
  • assumed my pay raise would come through by
  • check was for $100.00 more than
  • correct amount due was
  • correct base pay is
  • did not pick up all your overtime hours
  • different from what we agreed on
  • ended up overpaying us by
  • error occurred in transferring funds between
  • expected to receive a refund of
  • found an error in my
  • has been more than six months
  • has my salary just been cut
  • misread 5.0 hours as 3.0 hours
  • neglected to enter the change into our computer
  • note, however, an overpayment of
  • on the conversion of your stocks
  • premiums have been consistently low
  • raise is a month late
  • received a check for
  • resulted in an underpayment of
  • seems to be a mistake in
  • should have received a
  • should have paid
  • transposed the numbers while
  • underpaid us in
  • understood that my contract permitted me to
  • was supposed to receive
  • was supposed to receive a refund check for
  • was under the impression that
  • were inadvertently undercharged

2. Explain what you intend to do or what you want the reader to do to correct the error.


  • I have enclosed a check for $1000, the overpaid amount.
  • I spoke to payroll, but they have received no instructions about my raise. Would you please rectify this?
  • We will add the difference to your May 31 paycheck. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
  • You have been such good customers that our inclination would be to say "forget it," but insurance companies are governed by strict rules. We may not favor one customer above another. I am enclosing an invoice for the additional premium amount.
  • We have enclosed an $18.00 refund check for the difference.


  • am pleased to enclose a check for
  • am enclosing an invoice for
  • apologize for any inconveniences
  • are governed by strict rules
  • can appreciate my predicament
  • contact your bank and resolve the issue
  • contact your insurance agent
  • contact our billing department at
  • correct and acknowledge the error
  • enter the missing data
  • fill in the marked items
  • have credited your account with
  • have enclosed our check for
  • have enclosed a check for the difference
  • have corrected your savings account balance
  • have enclosed a check for
  • have dropped the late charge
  • is time to resolve this
  • made out a check for the
  • matter warrants immediate attention
  • may not favor one customer above another
  • must ask you to return
  • need a copy of your
  • no interest accrued during this time
  • please fill out the enclosed form
  • review the statement and send me a check for
  • send me a corrected copy of
  • send us a detailed description of
  • send copies of all pertinent records
  • send me a check for the additional
  • send me a check for
  • should not take this long to
  • spoke to the payroll department
  • the additional premium amount
  • the balance due to you is enclosed
  • will be deducted from your next paycheck
  • will investigate the matter
  • will include the difference in your next paycheck
  • will add the amount to your next billing statement
  • will add the difference to
  • will reimburse you for

3. Close with a positive expression.


  • I trust this will be satisfactory.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Please call if you have any questions.
  • Thank you for your understanding.
  • Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving you again in the future.


  • accommodate your future needs
  • always happy to serve you
  • apologize for the confusion
  • apologize for any inconveniences
  • appreciate your patience and understanding
  • appreciate your choosing Doe Corporation
  • appreciate customers like you
  • appreciate your doing business with us
  • appreciate the opportunity to
  • call if there are further problems
  • do our utmost to avoid such errors
  • ensure that no other errors have crept in
  • for your understanding
  • for your business
  • for your patronage
  • for your patience
  • for allowing us to handle your
  • for your help
  • have exemplary patience
  • hope this will be satisfactory
  • hope it did not cause you too much inconvenience
  • if you have further questions
  • if you would prefer us to
  • if I can be of further service
  • if this is not satisfactory
  • it is said that patience is a virtue
  • look forward to
  • please accept our sincere apologies
  • review our corrections
  • take this very seriously
  • thank you for
  • to hearing from you
  • trust that this will close the matter
  • trust that this will be satisfactory
  • will appreciate your prompt attention to
  • your patience is commendable

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