Write a Farewell Letter to a Person Who Is Retiring | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter may address an associate, manager or client who is retiring. Maintain a tone that reflects your relationship with the reader. Though retirement is usually an occasion for congratulations and honor, use caution when the reader is leaving under adverse conditions.


1. Open with mention of the reader's retirement. Offer congratulations if appropriate.

  • This is a sad day. Your retirement marks the end of an era here at Doe. At the same time, though, we all envy your new life of leisure. Congratulations! May yours be a long and happy retirement!
  • Your retirement is something we all know you have been looking forward to, but we will miss you very much. So, we are offering you congratulations on your retirement on one condition: you must show us photographs of your new grandchild after she arrives.
  • As much as we hate to see you go, we can't help but share in your joy on the occasion of your retirement. Please accept this office's heartiest congratulations and best wishes for your new life!
  • If I know you, this retirement will only be a momentary slowdown, and you will be hard at work again in no time flat. I wish you the very best in whatever you choose to do.
  • Congratulations on the happy day of your retirement! This is the time when your hard work and dedication deserve a standing ovation. I know you will make the very best of your new freedom. Somehow I expect it will have a great deal to do with fly fishing, you lucky dog!
  • It's more than just your hard work we will miss. For 41 years you have brought a caring, positive attitude to this office and we will all miss your influence. Please accept our best wishes and congratulations!
  • Retirement isn't so bad, they say. It's just like having a job, only you don't have to leave the house or do any work if you don't want to. Oh, and you don't have to attend any meetings or do any lunches. Somehow I think you will survive. Congratulations!
  • accept our heartiest congratulations
  • after all these years
  • am sure you will be busier than ever
  • are much too young to retire
  • as much as we hate to see you go
  • congratulations and best wishes
  • congratulations on your retirement
  • do all those things you've been dreaming of
  • have certainly earned your retirement
  • have mixed feelings about
  • have certainly earned this
  • is really just an excuse to
  • it's more than just your excellent work we will miss
  • know you have been looking forward to
  • not looking forward to getting along without you
  • spend more time with your
  • well-deserved retirement
  • wife is probably happier than you are
  • will be sorely missed
  • wish you the very best
  • wish you a long and happy retirement
  • won't be the same without you

2. Recall some highlights from your reader's career.

  • I can't help but think of that frenzied week last year when the Doe order was due. I so much admired your ability to orchestrate all of that work. Your workers look up to you, and everyone is sorry to see you go.
  • Jane, there is no getting around the fact that we will miss you here. Your combination of your skill and congeniality is something we won't be able to replace. What stands out most, though, is your exemplary record of accuracy. Your mind is as sharp as the pencil you wield.
  • Aside from your delightful personality, what we will miss most is your clear judgment in financial matters. Nobody has ever had reason to regret your decisions on the Corporation's investment portfolio. Your travels abroad have never once failed to register positive marks on the ledgers. You have always represented the firm with honor and dignity. For all of this we thank you.
  • Jane, it will be very difficult to find somebody to carry on the work you have done around here. You have been consistent, reliable, and impeccably honest throughout your tenure. I only hope we can find someone with half as much to offer.
  • John, your inspirational teaching methods helped to put this school on the map. I am thinking specifically of the student-teacher program you initiated. We will miss your kind of vision and innovation.
  • What can we say? You have driven a truck for 44 years without a single accident or speeding ticket, and you have a better on-time record than anyone else in the company. You have worn your Doe Trucking cap and jacket proudly, and brought us a lot of business. There should be more like you in this world.
  • The pride you have taken in your work is absolutely justified. You have inspired many of the younger builders and have been an example to the foremen along the way. Now it is time to rest those weary bones. You have earned it.
  • admire your ability to
  • all appreciate the way you
  • all look up to you
  • always willing to pitch in
  • always knew how to
  • are sad to see you go
  • can't help but think of
  • could always turn to you for
  • could always count on you to
  • envy your talent for
  • have always brightened up the whole
  • one of the best in your field
  • remember the time when
  • represented the firm so well
  • shoes will be difficult to fill
  • want to thank you for all the times you
  • was no coincidence that you
  • what stands out most in my memory is
  • will be so hard to replace
  • will miss you sorely
  • will be hard pressed to
  • your exemplary performance during the
  • your eye for detail

3. Reiterate good wishes and close.

  • Again, please accept our best wishes for your retirement.
  • Jane and I want to thank you again for your years here. We hope you will accept this gift as a token of our appreciation. Congratulations and Happy Retirement!
  • I know you will make the very best of your new-found surplus of leisure time. I wish I could be fishing on those trout streams right along side you. Good luck with the trout and with your retirement!
  • John, I feel certain you will make the best of this retirement. I hope that it won't be inappropriate for me to call you for consultation on difficult matters. Best Wishes!
  • I don't know whether we are more jealous of your retirement or sad about losing you. I do know that we are unanimous on one point: we all wish you the very best in your new home and new life in Kansas.
  • Congratulations on a wonderful career and best wishes for your retirement.
  • We hope this gold watch will remind you of your many great years with Doe International. Thank you and Congratulations!
  • a part of us goes with you
  • accept this small gift
  • already feels as if a part of us missing
  • as a token of our appreciation
  • best wishes for your retirement
  • congratulations on an outstanding career
  • don't hesitate to drop in
  • don't be a stranger
  • for your many contributions to
  • for your long years of loyalty
  • for all you have done for
  • have left us a legacy of
  • hope you will enjoy
  • make the most of
  • please accept our best wishes for your retirement
  • want to thank you for
  • will always be welcome here
  • will miss your smiling face
  • will always remember
  • wish you the very best

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