Write a Get-well Message to a Child Suffering from Illness or Injury — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A get-well letter to a child should simply express your concern that the child is not feeling well. If appropriate, enclose something colorful and entertaining to help the child pass the time more quickly. You might also provide the child with a few questions to respond to if you think he or she will write back.


1. Express your concern.


  • We are so sorry that you are not feeling well, Eric.
  • All of the kids on the block sure miss you, Mary.
  • Although it's not fun to have to stay in bed, I bet those nurses are really spoiling you!
  • I was so sorry to hear from your mom about your bicycling accident.
  • We know you have only been in the hospital for a day, but Eric sure misses playing with you already.
  • Ice cream, movies, presents--and you thought you weren't going to have any fun this 4th of July!


  • all of the kids want you to know
  • although it's not very fun
  • are so sorry you
  • are all concerned about
  • bet those nurses are really spoiling you
  • everybody at school sends
  • heard your operation went well
  • heard that you are doing better
  • hope your operation went well
  • hope you are managing to have some fun
  • hospitals can be
  • is not very fun to
  • just heard about your accident
  • just lying around is no fun
  • look forward to seeing you back at
  • now you get to watch TV
  • sorry you are not feeling well
  • sorry to hear that you will
  • sorry you have to go through this
  • sure misses playing with you
  • to have to stay in bed

2. Reassure the child of your support with positive comments.


  • It's no fun staying in bed when all of your friends are playing outside, but just wait. In a few weeks you will be keeping up with the best of them.
  • They all chipped in to buy you this rubber stamp set. Perhaps you might like to make each a thank you card while you are recovering.
  • Your mom said you'd better not get too used to all the special treatment or you'll feel abandoned when you return home! So what's the best thing about being in the hospital?
  • Luckily you weren't injured too badly! I checked out a few of my favorite library books for you to read while you are toughing it out.
  • Just between the two of us, Eric would rather play with you than anyone else on the block. He says you are the most fun!
  • So, have you given any thought to what you are going to do first when you get well?
  • How are you enjoying all the video games? It must be fun to play as long as you like.


  • all look forward to
  • all chipped in to buy you
  • all the special treatments
  • am sending you
  • being in the hospital
  • better not get too used to
  • can't wait until you
  • everyone on the block sends
  • have you given any thought to
  • if it would be okay with your mother
  • keeping up with your schoolwork
  • luckily you weren't
  • not injured too badly
  • perhaps you might like to
  • sends her love
  • show me your stitches
  • that hospital food
  • to make the time pass quickly
  • when you can have visitors
  • when you return home
  • when you get well
  • while you are toughing it out
  • while you are recovering

3. Mention any accompanying gift and close with a positive comment.


  • Here are some baseball cards to add to your collection. Hope to see you up and about soon.
  • When you are feeling well enough to have visitors, give a yell and we will come over in full force!
  • Here are some new crayons for you to enjoy. Why don't you draw me a picture of your hospital room and your favorite doctor or nurse, and I'll put it on my refrigerator.
  • If there's anything else I can bring to make your stay more fun, don't hesitate to ask!
  • Eric is already planning a welcome home party for you, so get well soon!
  • I can't wait to see you! I hope we'll be playing baseball at the high school field again soon.


  • a welcome home party
  • allowed to have visitors
  • am sending you some
  • can't wait for you to
  • can't wait to see you
  • get well soon
  • give us a yell
  • hope you have a speedy recovery
  • hope to see you up and about soon
  • hope we'll soon be playing
  • hope you're feeling better
  • if there's anything else
  • is already planning
  • to add to your collection
  • what's your day like
  • what's the best thing
  • when you get well
  • when you are feeling well enough
  • will have you and your family over
  • will come read to you

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