Note the Anniversary of a Customer's Company | Letter-Writing Guide


The letter should focus on the customer's company or on the good relationship between your companies. It should not focus on your company. Such letters are generally informal, use the personal letter form, and end with a warm complimentary closing.


1. Congratulate the recipient on his or her company's anniversary.

  • I was pleased to read in the Springfield Star that you will be celebrating your tenth anniversary next week. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on 50 years of business!
  • What a pleasure it is to note your first anniversary in business!
  • I received the announcement of your fifth anniversary this morning. Has it really been five years?
  • I see you have passed another milestone--25 years of business!
  • are obviously doing it right
  • celebrating an important birthday
  • celebrating your tenth anniversary
  • congratulations on your anniversary
  • congratulations on 50 years of business
  • dedicated and talented group
  • extend our sincerest congratulations
  • founder would be very proud
  • have passed another milestone
  • have grown side-by-side with
  • have reached a significant milestone
  • is a long time to maintain such an excellent
  • is a pleasure to note
  • many years of working together
  • must be proud to see
  • offer our warm wishes
  • our mutually beneficial association
  • pleased to note your accomplishment
  • received the announcement of
  • was founded ten years ago this month
  • was pleased to hear
  • wish to convey our congratulations
  • your steady growth through the years

2. Describe a specific achievement of the company or customer or offer a specific compliment.

  • In those ten years, I have been impressed with how smoothly you have handled your phenomenal growth.
  • We have greatly appreciated being your suppliers for 25 of those years. Your prompt payments and error-free orders have made working with you a pleasure.
  • You and Ruth have certainly been committed to your work--and it shows. We have been pleased to serve you during your first year.
  • I clearly remember setting up your new account with us. I have enjoyed our association over the years. Your success and growing reputation are a tribute to your vision and hard work.
  • All of our customer service representatives comment on the relaxed and warm atmosphere at your offices, yet your employees are amazingly efficient. This has made doing business with you a real pleasure.
  • accomplished more in this time than
  • always done in an efficient and timely manner
  • am proud to be associated with
  • are a tribute to your vision and hard work
  • dedicated to the needs of your customers
  • doing business with you has been a pleasure
  • employees always project a
  • exhibit such great creativity in
  • few businesses can boast of
  • friendly atmosphere at your offices
  • has set new records in
  • have appreciated your excellent
  • have certainly been committed to
  • have made working with you a pleasure
  • have every reason to be proud of
  • have experienced phenomenal growth
  • have particularly appreciated your
  • have enjoyed our association over the years
  • impressed with how smoothly you
  • much pleasure working with you for the past
  • name has become a household word
  • such a fine organization
  • understand the long hours and commitment that
  • your many accomplishments
  • your growing reputation for

3. Close with best wishes for the future.

  • I am confident your next ten years will see continued growth and continued high quality in your products and service.
  • I look forward to many more years of mutually rewarding
    business with your firm.
  • Best wishes on many more years of success from all of us at Doe's.
  • I am sure you will continue to grow and prosper in the coming years.
  • May your future years be equally successful!
  • am confident that
  • are sure you will see continued growth
  • as you expand your services
  • as you continue to grow
  • best wishes for the future
  • continue to grow and prosper
  • during the coming years
  • hope we can celebrate many more such
  • if the past is any indication of the future
  • keep up the good work
  • lead the way to more success
  • look forward to continued
  • look forward to many more years of
  • may the next 25 years be equally prosperous
  • may your future be even more
  • mutually beneficial relationship
  • offer our best wishes for
  • richly deserve continued success
  • trust that your next ten years will be
  • wish you continued success
  • wish you every success
  • will be long and richly rewarded

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