Note the Anniversary of an Employee's Service | Letter-Writing Guide


A letter on the anniversary of an employee's service offers you an occasion to thank the employee for his or her service to your company. It should mention any gift or party you are planning. The letter is usually informal, often uses the personal letter form, and generally has a warmer complimentary closing.


1. Offer your employee congratulations on the anniversary of his or her employment.

  • On the completion of your 20th year as a Doe employee, I want to commend you for your excellent record.
  • We want to thank you for your ten years of service to Doe's and hope you and Eric will join us Friday, August 25 at noon for a luncheon in your honor at Steven's Restaurant.
  • Jane, how can we thank our most dependable service representative for 25 years of work? You and John are invited to attend our Awards Night next month to receive your service plaque.
  • You have been with Doe's for five years now, Robert, and you should be proud of your fine record.
  • On the occasion of your 25th year as a Doe employee, I want to commend you for your excellent record.
  • I can't believe how time flies! You have been with us 30 years.
  • accept our heartfelt thanks for
  • am joining in the chorus of good wishes
  • are glad to be associated with
  • are pleased to commemorate your
  • ask you to be our guest of honor at
  • can be proud of your
  • certainly deserve recognition for
  • congratulations on your anniversary
  • for 15 years you have
  • have been with us for
  • have been a major contributor to
  • have enjoyed working with you for
  • how time flies
  • on the occasion of
  • privilege of working with you
  • success of the company depends on
  • such a dedicated, talented employee
  • thank you for your
  • want to commend you for
  • will receive your service pin at
  • wish to extend our sincerest congratulations on
  • years of service to the firm
  • your 20 years with the company

2. Describe specifically some of the employee's outstanding work. A general commendation is not effective.

  • I still remember when you first began working in the mail room at Doe's. You quickly became our most valued mail room employee. When you became supervisor, I recall how smoothly our mail service operated. Since then, you have gently but firmly led us into the computer age with training on e-mail that has saved both time and money.
  • Your skills as office manager means that we have a department that runs like clockwork. I never have to worry about the workload in the word processing center, completing rush projects on time, or hiring temporary workers.
  • When new customers request you as their service representative, it's clear your reputation extends far beyond our four walls! Your willingness to be available to your customers whenever they need you makes you our most sought-after representative. If I were a customer, I would ask for you, too!
  • I don't know of anyone else with a perfect attendance record--including me! You set a fine example for your entire staff.
  • During those years you have changed our modest documentation division into a ten-person department, staffed by trained technical writers. As many of the trade journals have noted, one of the strengths of our software is the simple, clear documentation that leads users through each of our software applications.
  • achievement that stands out the most is
  • appreciate your thoughtfulness, especially when
  • continues to be one of your greatest strengths
  • from the time you first joined the company
  • go the extra mile
  • have meant a great deal to the
  • have all grown to appreciate your
  • have adapted to many changes over the years
  • have been a major contributor to
  • have consistently been
  • never have to concern myself with
  • quickly became a
  • set a fine example for
  • specifically, I recall the time when
  • still remember when
  • you have a wonderful reputation for
  • your careful attention to
  • your exemplary work in
  • your skills and expertise in
  • your willingness to

3. Close with a positive statement about the future.

  • Such a record of achievement is an inspiration to all of us at Doe's as you pass this milestone. I look forward to many more years of your valued service.
  • I couldn't manage without you, Jeanne. I look forward to your being on my team for many more years.
  • Congratulations, Bob, on your impressive 25-year record. Let's go for 25 more!
  • We value the contribution you make at Doe's, and I am confident you will give us many more years of your reliable efficiency.
  • I know that with you heading up the department, we will continue to be a leader in the field.
  • Such a record of achievement is an inspiration to all of us at Doe's and a pleasure to recall as you pass this milestone. I look forward to many more years of your valued service.
  • a wonderful future
  • am confident that you will continue to
  • an inspiration to all of us
  • as you pass this milestone
  • best wishes for
  • continue to be such a good influence on
  • continued good health and happiness
  • don't know what we would do
  • hope you will continue to
  • let's go for 20 more years
  • look forward to many more
  • many more profitable, enjoyable years
  • many more rewarding years
  • move into the next decade together
  • please keep that same congenial spirit
  • value your contributions to
  • will continue to be a great asset to
  • will lead your department to
  • your talents will never go out of style
  • your record of achievement will

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