Write a Letter to Accompany a Contribution to a Good Cause — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A letter accompanying a donation to a good cause expresses pleasure in giving the donation and describes any details regarding use of the donation. It may also comment on the person in whose name the donation is given. If you expect to receive any consideration in return, such as a public acknowledgment of your gift, mention that briefly.


1. State the amount you are sending. Tell the reader if you are giving the gift in someone's honor or if there are any restrictions or stipulations on its use.


  • On behalf of my late parents, Joseph and June Doe, I am pleased to make this donation of $100,000 to the Springfield Community College for the children of Doe employees.
  • Enclosed is a contribution of $100 for the new children's wing of the Springfield Public Library.
  • On behalf of Doe's employees, I am enclosing a check for $500 to be used for the Kansas flood relief project.
  • Thank you for your letter of July 31. I had not realized how much the demands on our local shelter had grown. In response, I am enclosing a donation of $50.
  • As an alumnus of Doe State University, I am pleased to donate $1,000 to my Alma Mater's excellent athletics program.


  • am enclosing a check for
  • am enclosing a donation of
  • am happy to be able to
  • am pleased to make this donation
  • are happy to contribute
  • enclosed is a contribution of
  • enclosed is our donation of
  • his will stipulated that
  • in memory of
  • in honor of
  • in response to your appeal
  • on the occasion of
  • on the anniversary of
  • on behalf of
  • place no restrictions on
  • thank you for the opportunity to
  • to help your cause
  • to be used for
  • to assist in the
  • would like to present
  • would like you to use the money for

2. If appropriate, explain briefly what prompted your decision to make the contribution, or describe the person in whose name the donation is being made. If you expect any recognition for the donation, note that briefly.


  • As I am sure you recall, John and Jane were committed to education, to their employees, and to Doe Community College. Doe's legal department has assured me that all the paperwork has been received by your office. We look forward to offering the John and Jane Doe's Scholarship beginning this fall.
  • I still remember the day my mother helped me sign up for my first library card. Ever since then all of our children have benefited greatly from the excellent reading programs you have offered. John and I look forward to seeing our names on the "Donor Wall."
  • Since the news reports of the flooding last month, employees have made donation cans and have distributed them to local businesses. The employees themselves have donated over half the amount collected.
  • I have also posted your letter in the employee lounge, where I believe your request for fresh produce is being enthusiastically received.
  • I understand that my donation will entitle me to two free tickets to the Coach's Banquet in September.


  • a small way of saying thank you for
  • all the good that you do
  • am solidly behind your efforts to
  • appreciate your efforts
  • are happy to give a little back to
  • are happy to contribute to
  • can think of no better way to
  • feel that we have greatly benefited from
  • have seen a few of the results of
  • if there is any more that we can do
  • is a pleasure to be involved in a small way
  • know that she would have appreciated
  • look forward to seeing our names
  • on the list of contributors
  • our hearts go out to
  • since we received the news reports of
  • such an excellent cause
  • understand that our donation will entitle us to
  • would be pleased if our name were included
  • would prefer that you not publish our

3. Close on a positive note.


  • Thank you for your assistance in setting up this scholarship fund.
  • I am sure our grandchildren will spend many happy hours in the library's new children's wing.
  • We hope this money will help a few more families get back on their feet. Best wishes to you in your vital work.
  • Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the community!
  • I look forward to seeing you at the banquet and enjoying another fine season with our teams.


  • am happy to support this effort
  • appreciate all you do for
  • best wishes to you in
  • certainly appreciate your efforts
  • get back on their feet
  • good luck with your efforts
  • in this important work
  • make a difference in the lives of
  • opening up opportunities to
  • public-spirited people like you
  • thank you for your hard work
  • thank you for getting this set up
  • thank you for the opportunity to
  • this opportunity to
  • to make a real difference to
  • to help your cause
  • will help a few needy
  • will be a blessing to the community
  • your tireless efforts

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