Introduce Gifts to Customers and Prospective Customers — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Although this letter serves primarily to thank a customer for his or her business, it may also initiate a business relationship with a new customer or promote a new product. The letter should be brief and friendly. If you mention a product or sale, do so briefly.


1. Thank the customer for past business or offer a compliment or welcome to a prospective customer as applicable. Briefly describe the gift and the reason for sending it.


  • At this holiday season, we want to thank you for being a faithful customer over the years. As a token of our appreciation, we are enclosing one of our exclusive Doe's snowflake ornaments.
  • Welcome to Springfield! We are delighted you have chosen to join our community! The enclosed gift, a vinyl cover for your new telephone directory, provides you with the telephone numbers of the police station, the hospital, medical doctors, dentists, and other service-oriented groups in the Springfield community.
  • I am so proud of our new Doe's line of fragrances that I am enclosing a sample of our newest fragrance for you to enjoy. I am sure you will agree that this kind of boldness could take a woman around the globe!
  • We certainly appreciate customers like you. To let you know how grateful we are, we are sending you this glow-in-the-dark key chain. We hope when you use it, you will think of us at Doe's.
  • Did you know Doe's makes the best pizza in town? We will even deliver one free! Simply call our order line at 555-5555 anytime Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and ask for your free mini-sample. We will bring it to your Springfield address within 30 minutes.


  • a little gift for the holidays
  • a sample of our new
  • am so proud of our new line of
  • appreciate customers like you
  • are delighted that you
  • are enclosing one of our
  • are delighted to send you
  • as our gift to you
  • as a token of our appreciation
  • at this holiday season
  • for being such a loyal customer
  • for being such a faithful customer
  • for your enjoyment
  • giving you the opportunity to
  • hope you will enjoy this
  • hope you will accept this
  • to thank you for your business
  • want to thank you for
  • are so excited about our

2. Mention briefly any product or sale, if applicable. Close with a repeated thank you or another positive statement.


  • Thank you again for your patronage and happy holidays!
  • I hope you will drop by Doe's to see our fine store and become personally acquainted.
  • We will offer our new line at an introductory sale price through the month of November.
  • Best wishes in the coming year.
  • Once you have sampled our pizza, we are sure you will agree--Doe's is the best it can be. Call soon!


  • always a pleasure to serve you
  • appreciate your business
  • are forwarding a little gift to you
  • are part of our family of customers
  • are sure that you will enjoy
  • best wishes for the coming
  • have also enclosed our current catalog
  • hope you'll drop by soon
  • hope you'll find it exceeds your expectations
  • hope you enjoyed the products you ordered
  • just to say thank you for
  • just a small way of saying thank you for
  • small expression of our appreciation
  • small token of our appreciation
  • thank you for your interest in
  • thank you for your confidence in us
  • thank you once more for your patronage
  • thank you for your recent orders
  • thank you for your business
  • will be going on sale from

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