Send a Gift With a Sympathy Letter | Letter-Writing Guide


A sympathy letter accompanying a gift allows you to personalize your expression of sympathy. Such a letter is appropriate whenever you need to express sympathy for a death, an illness, an operation, or other hospital stay. These letters are usually brief and informal.


1. Express your sympathy and mention the gift.

  • I was sorry to hear about your son's accident. I thought he might enjoy reading this novel that I enjoyed at his age.
  • When I heard you would be in traction for at least a week, I knew just what to get you--a book of brain teasers.
  • Jane and I were saddened to hear of your loss. Everyone in town knew and loved your mother. Please accept these flowers as our parting gift to a dear friend.
  • I am sorry to hear you are down in bed. This potted plant comes with our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Since you will be in the hospital for a week, we thought you could do with a change from those breezy hospital gowns, so we all chipped in on this nightgown.
  • a parting gift for a dear friend
  • all chipped in towards
  • am sorry to hear that
  • as soon as I saw it I thought
  • comes with our best wishes for
  • had mentioned how much you like
  • hope it will brighten up your day
  • hope you will gain some comfort from
  • hope you will have a speedy recovery
  • hope that this will help to pass the time
  • know that you enjoy
  • knowing your great love of
  • please accept these
  • please accept our sincerest sympathy
  • thought you might like
  • thought he might enjoy this
  • to help alleviate the boredom
  • was sorry to hear about
  • were saddened to hear of
  • were so sorry to learn of
  • will be sorely missed
  • wish you an uneventful recovery
  • wondered if you might enjoy

2. Express your condolences or best wishes.

  • I hope John's recovery will be rapid. I will be in touch.
  • I hope it will make the time pass more quickly!
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your bereavement.
  • I hope you will be back on your feet soon.
  • The whole department misses you, Sue. We look forward to your being back with us very soon.
  • an energetic person like you
  • anything at all we can do to help
  • are all missing you very much
  • are only a phone call away
  • be sure to follow the doctor's prescribed routine
  • be up and around soon
  • be careful not to overdo it
  • best wishes for a speedy recovery
  • best wishes during this difficult time
  • here for anything you may need
  • hope you'll bounce back fast
  • hope his recovery will be rapid
  • hope you will be feeling better soon
  • just a small token of our esteem for
  • know how hard it must be
  • like to help if I can
  • look forward to seeing you back at
  • make the time pass more quickly
  • miss having you around
  • need to spend some time
  • please let me know when we may visit
  • thoughts and prayers are with you
  • would like to visit as soon as

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