Write to Former Stockholders or Investors | Letter-Writing Guide


When a shareholder or investor sells his or her investment, it is wise to write a cordial letter expressing goodwill and inviting the recipient to inform you of any problems or concerns he or she may have regarding your company.


1. Express regret that the recipient has severed the relationship.

  • I was sorry to note that you are no longer a Doe's shareholder.
  • You have been a long-time shareholder of Doe's stock, so I was disappointed to see that your name no longer appears on our list of shareholders.
  • You recently divested yourself of the investment portfolio that we have been managing for you. I am concerned that this may prevent you from reaching your long-term goals.
  • I was notified recently that you have sold your stock in Doe's. We are sorry you have chosen to leave us.
  • I am sorry you have sold your Doe's stock. I consider Doe's stocks to be one of the safest and most reliable investments available today.
  • I see that you are no longer using the Doe Corporation to manage your investments. I am distressed to lose you as a client.
  • am disappointed to see
  • are sorry you have chosen to
  • have just learned of your
  • have valued your participation in our
  • have sold your Doe stock
  • have divested yourself of
  • have chosen to leave us
  • have sold your shares in
  • have chosen to sell your
  • have appreciated your past investment in
  • have noticed that
  • have not heard from you
  • mutually beneficial relationship
  • name has been removed from
  • name no longer appears on
  • no longer a share-holder in
  • regret to note that
  • safe and reliable investment
  • see that you no longer hold
  • to manage your investments
  • value you as a client
  • was sorry to note
  • was notified recently that
  • were happy to manage your account
  • will miss working with you

2. Invite the reader to inform you of any complaints or concerns about the company that may have prompted the sale of the stock.

  • If your decision to sell your Doe's stock was related in any way to problems or complaints you have with the company, I hope you will let me know so that I can correct them.
  • Although I understand that the decision to sell your stock may be prompted by any number of reasons, if you were unhappy with any aspect of our performance, I would welcome a chance to discuss it with you.
  • If you feel that we have mismanaged your accounts in any way, we would appreciate your contacting us.
  • Would you let me know if you sold your stock because you were displeased with Doe's or with any of our employees? I would appreciate hearing from you regarding any company problems you may have encountered.
  • We are proud of the standards we set and are concerned that you may be dissatisfied in some way with our service. If you have experienced any problems, please call me.
  • If a concern about Doe's was a factor in your decision, I would welcome your input.
  • any problems with our service
  • any number of reasons for
  • any problems or complaints you may have
  • appreciate your candid comments
  • by any aspect of our
  • if we have inadvertently
  • if you were dissatisfied by
  • if you have had any difficulty with
  • if you have encountered any
  • if your decision to sell was
  • is there any specific reason why
  • is there a particular reason why
  • like to discuss your concerns
  • making such a decision
  • may have been prompted by
  • please let me know if
  • to discuss this with you
  • unhappy with any aspect of
  • want you to be satisfied
  • was related in any way to
  • was a factor in your decision
  • were given any poor advice
  • would welcome a chance to
  • would appreciate knowing about any

3. Close on a positive note. You may wish to suggest that the reader continue to receive company mailings or that he or she will one day reinvest in your stock.

  • It would be a pleasure to welcome you back as a Doe's shareholder in the future.
  • In the meantime, we would like to continue to inform you about Doe's by keeping you on our mailing list. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.
  • We will be delighted if you decide once again to invest with us.
    I have certainly enjoyed our past association and I hope your future will be a bright and happy one.
  • I have enjoyed our association in the past and look forward to assisting you again in the future.
  • Because of your years with Doe's, I am sure you will continue to enjoy receiving our annual reports. All the best to you from Doe's.
  • am sure you will enjoy receiving
  • anxiously await your reply
  • at any time in the future
  • best wishes for the future
  • bright, happy future
  • have enjoyed our past association
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • if you ever decide to
  • invite you to respond
  • keep you on our mailing list
  • like to keep you informed
  • look forward to
  • receive our annual reports
  • to working with you again
  • to assisting you again
  • to invest with us again
  • to welcome you back
  • wish you all the best
  • would be pleased if
  • would be a pleasure to

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