Express Appreciation to Long-term Customers and Those Who Pay Their Bills Promptly — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter can take the form of a general thank you for long-term patronage or of an expression of appreciation for prompt payment. These letters sometimes contain a customer incentive such as a higher credit limit. Such letters are usually brief and may be somewhat informal.


1. Express appreciation to the customer for his or her patronage or prompt payment.


  • I just want to let you know how much we have appreciated your business over the years.
  • Do you know how much we value your prompt payments on your account every month?
  • Your support of Doe's Orthopedic Shoes is greatly appreciated! You are an important part of our business.
  • This is just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your prompt payments.
  • I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you over the years.


  • always a pleasure to serve you
  • appreciate your prompt payments
  • been designated a preferred customer
  • business depends on customers like you
  • enjoy working with you
  • enjoyed seeing you again at
  • express our appreciation for
  • giving us the opportunity to serve you
  • happy to inform you that
  • has been greatly appreciated
  • have been a loyal customer
  • how much we value your
  • how much we have appreciated your
  • making our business what it is today
  • thank you for your patronage
  • thanks to customers like you
  • want to let you know
  • was good to see you at
  • your business over the years
  • your prompt payment of

2. Specifically state what you appreciate and why. If you are offering a customer incentive, mention it briefly.


  • Your willingness to try us out when we were the "new kid on the block" and your steady orders helped us develop into a competitor in the field of floral wholesaling. We couldn't have done it without you!
  • It is wonderful to have a customer we know we can rely on. As a token of our appreciation, we are raising your credit limit to $1500. We are sure you will find many great buys at our September lumber sale.
  • We invite you, our preferred customer, to attend our annual Step into Comfort private sale on Thursday, February 12, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at our Main Street store. Since this is a private sale, you will need this letter to gain admission.
  • I'm sure you, as a fellow business owner, know what a difference it makes to a company to receive prompt payment on bills.
  • As your business has grown, you have continued to show your confidence in our ability to accommodate your expanding needs.


  • always appreciate your feedback
  • as a token of our appreciation
  • attend our private sale on
  • come in and pick up your
  • couldn't have done it without you
  • enduring and pleasant association
  • grand opening of our new
  • have helped us to
  • hope you will accept this small gift
  • keeping us in the black
  • know that we can rely on you to
  • let us know how you like the
  • make all the difference to
  • raising your credit limit to
  • show our appreciation
  • steady patronage over the years
  • the confidence you have shown in
  • this special coupon for
  • would like to offer you
  • your willingness to

3. Close with a positive statement about your continuing relationship.


  • I look forward to many more years of a mutually profitable relationship. Thanks again!
  • We have enjoyed your support in the past, and I am sure we will continue to do business together for many years to come.
  • I hope to see you there and to continue serving you.
  • Thank you once more for being such a great customer. It's a pleasure to do business with you!
  • It's customers like you who make my job so enjoyable! I am sure we will have many more years of happy and productive association.


  • always pleased to serve you
  • continual striving for excellence
  • continue to serve you
  • continue to grow together
  • dedicated to helping you
  • for many years to come
  • give you the best service possible
  • happy and productive association
  • have enjoyed your support
  • hope to continue to
  • improving our service further
  • long and satisfying relationship
  • look forward to
  • mutually beneficial association
  • respond to your requests and needs
  • serving you is always a pleasure
  • to suit your needs
  • very important to us
  • wish you all the best
  • your satisfaction will continue to be

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