Praise Government Officials or Employees | Letter-Writing Guide


Letters of commendation are always appreciated because they typically end up in personnel files and play a part in promotion reviews.


1. Identify the individual you are praising by name and department, if possible, and briefly narrate the incident which merits praise.

  • I would like you to know about the outstanding service I consistently receive from the clerks at the Motor Vehicle Department.
  • Would you pass along a thank you to the city employee who helped me yesterday (December 22). My car skidded on a patch of ice several miles from town on State Road 22, and I was stuck in a ditch for over two hours before your employee (John Doe, I think) stopped to help me.
  • I want to let you know how much we appreciate the fine service of our new waste disposal worker. From my home office window I have watched many disposal truck drivers maneuver down our street with varying degrees of success. This worker, however, is able to negotiate every corner with ease, and seems to know his business thoroughly.
  • I really enjoyed watching you in the city council meeting yesterday as you so effectively confronted and dealt with that noisy special interest group.
  • I wish to thank Officer Doe for his expert service on the night of July 23, 2018. My wife was seriously injured in an accident at the Springfield freeway exit. Officer Doe gave her life-saving attention until the paramedics arrived. In his report, he accurately related the complex sequence of events that led to the accident, and he gave me a ride home.
  • I don't know when I have been treated with more consideration and respect by a public official than I was by your secretary when I challenged my property tax assessment.
  • admire your perseverance and dedication
  • can always count on
  • commitment to serving
  • competent and energetic
  • consideration and respect
  • gone beyond the normal call of duty
  • handled a difficult situation
  • her unfailing patience
  • how much we appreciate
  • is a pleasure to let you know
  • knew just what to do
  • must applaud his actions
  • needs more people like
  • outstanding service she provided
  • pass along my thanks to
  • professional approach to
  • was deeply impressed by
  • well planned and executed
  • willingness to help
  • wish to thank
  • with goodwill and kindness
  • would like to draw your attention to
  • would like you to know

2. Close with a final expression of appreciation.

  • Competent and energetic workers like John really make a difference. Please pass along my thanks.
  • When I receive the kind of fast, professional, and friendly service that I have described, it takes some of the "sting" out of paying taxes!
  • Please let this man know how much I appreciated his good work.
  • You will certainly keep getting my vote and financial support.
  • I am glad he was there.
  • She was a wonderful example of a public servant.
  • a wonderful example of
  • almost a pleasure to pay taxes
  • always so cheerful and upbeat
  • appreciate his attitude
  • appreciate the good work
  • are so very grateful
  • how much we appreciate
  • let him know how much we
  • look forward to
  • needs more dedicated workers like
  • pass along my thanks
  • really makes a difference
  • seeing her in the future
  • sets a good example for us all
  • takes the sting out of paying taxes
  • thank you and congratulations
  • thank you very much
  • want her to know
  • was there when we really needed help
  • working with him in the future

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