Oppose Legislation | Letter-Writing Guide


Constituent letters that oppose specific legislation can be a powerful means of persuading politicians not to vote for it. The letters should be direct, clear, and concise.


1. Indicate whether you are writing as an individual or for your organization. Identify the bill you are discussing by its official name and number or by its popular name if it has one. Clearly indicate from the beginning where you stand on the issue.

  • I voted for you in the last election because I believed that you best represented the views of a farming community. A piece of legislation is currently before congress that will have long-lasting and detrimental effects on our state. I am speaking, of course, about the Doe Farm Bill.
  • I hope you have the wisdom and insight to recognize the Doe Farm Bill for the boondoggle that it is.
  • Please count the 3,440 voices of the Kansas Pig Farmers Association as solidly against the Doe Farm Bill.
  • As a taxpayer of this county, I would like to voice my concerns about the Doe Bill.
  • As a neighborhood representative I want to express opposition to the building of a light rail system through our community.
  • On behalf of the 300 members of our local rifle club I want to express our clear opposition to the current legislation on gun control.
  • am vehemently opposed to
  • am deeply concerned about the implications of
  • are solidly against
  • believe that you have the wisdom and insight to
  • believe you are considering
  • believed that you
  • best represent the
  • feel threatened by the proposed
  • give serious consideration to
  • have long been one of your
  • most vocal supporters
  • move forward in the struggle to
  • need your help in order to
  • news reports indicate
  • register my strong disapproval
  • strongly urge you to
  • understand that the bill
  • urge you to take action
  • voted for you in the last
  • want to express my opposition to
  • would like to voice our opposition to
  • would like to call your attention to
  • would be a step backward

2. Itemize the reasons why you believe the legislation should not be passed.

  • The people of this state should not surrender to the threats of the small group of eco-extremists that is demanding passage of the Doe Bill.
  • This bill will not accomplish anything. If it passes it will cost millions of dollars to administer before we can get rid of the problem.
  • The loss of human life at this corner is tragic. The accident investigations show, however, that in nearly every case there were other factors involved that the presence of a light would not have changed.
  • Some people argue that our city should make provisions for people of all income levels, but that idea is absurd. Why should we legislate or require that our city have a slum section of low-income housing?
  • Several straw polls clearly show that the majority of the residents are opposed to the idea of a light rail system. They say they would not use it and it would be an eyesore in our small community.
  • If the legislation were to pass as written, the only citizens who could use our rifle range would be police officers.
  • a burden for everyone who
  • clearly not in the best interest of
  • costs would have to be passed on to the
  • emotional rhetoric which obscures the facts
  • greatly increased costs
  • has been shown over and over again
  • hope you will consider
  • increased red tape
  • independent studies show that
  • is a short-sighted attempt to
  • not in the best interest of our state
  • push us right out of business
  • raising this tax will hurt the
  • the impact this would have
  • the damage such a move would cause
  • will raise costs dramatically
  • will only make things worse
  • will cripple an entire industry
  • would see a substantial reduction in
  • would be a crippling blow to
  • would involve enormous expense
  • would result in further restrictions
  • would upset the balance between
  • would be competing for already limited
  • would in no way compensate for

3. Express appreciation for the legislator's service, and make a final heightened appeal for rejection of the bill.

  • We voted for you because you are an intelligent and wise public official. Please don't disappoint us by voting for this bill which runs counter to everything you claim to stand for.
  • I appreciate your hard work in congress, and I know you will do the right thing by listening to your heart and your constituency concerning this bill.
  • While legislation like the Doe Bill is popular with a certain segment of society, it is against those principles of self-reliance you frequently discussed in your campaign.
  • Thank you for your leadership. We trust you will help defeat this wasteful proposal.
  • We appreciate your standing up for our right to bear arms responsibly. Please see that this right is preserved.
  • a voice of reason
  • am sure you will agree
  • applaud your courage in
  • appreciate your efforts
  • appreciate your attention to
  • appreciate all you do
  • assure you of our support
  • can count on our continuing support
  • hope we can count on your support
  • hope that you will sharply question
  • hope you will help to defeat this
  • how we can help
  • if we can assist you
  • matter has a direct bearing on
  • please don't disappoint us
  • please let me know
  • share your position on
  • thank you for
  • this issue merits your
  • trust that you will refrain from
  • urge you once again to
  • will be happy to
  • will support you in
  • would like to hear from you
  • your time and attention
  • your vote is important to us

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