Congratulate a Politician on an Election or on the Passage of Legislation | Letter-Writing Guide


These letters express congratulations on a victory, but they also serve as subtle reminders to politicians about the debt they owe to their constituencies.


1. Make a direct statement of congratulations that also identifies you (or your organization) and the celebrated event.

  • On behalf of Local #345, let me congratulate you on passing the Labor Relations bill. It was a hard fight, but we were behind you all the way. We will not forget you on Election Day.
  • Congratulations on your victory last Tuesday! The Kansas Pig Farmers Association worked hard to get you elected because of your concern for the pork industry. We know you will continue to work hard for Kansas agriculture and industry.
  • As a parent and a taxpayer, I was thrilled to learn of the passage of the so-called Kiddie Porn bill. Your support for the bill clearly demonstrated to me and many others that you believe in and support "family values."
  • Please accept our congratulations on your success in getting the Teen Pregnancy Act passed. This issue has greatly concerned the Council of Christian Churches (CCC) and, as you know, we have financed an extensive study of the problem. Please contact us if we can help.
  • Congratulations on your reelection to the City Council. We are pleased that you will continue to be a strong voice for our southern neighborhood's redevelopment.
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your victory speech at the Professional Realtor's Association luncheon yesterday. I was happy to see how much interest you had in the real estate industry. Your presentation went straight to the heart of what many of us have long felt.
  • a vitally important issue
  • accept our congratulations on
  • behind you all the way
  • capabilities and expertise
  • congratulations on your
  • continue to be a strong voice for
  • has greatly concerned
  • know you will continue to
  • know of our full support
  • let me congratulate you on
  • live up to our expectations
  • on your appointment as
  • on behalf of
  • pleased to hear of the passage of
  • speak for all
  • stick to your guns
  • the election results
  • want to let you know
  • will be of great value to
  • will not forget you on Election Day
  • worked hard on your campaign
  • your victory

2. Express your good wishes for the future.

  • We are glad to have you where you can do so much good. Thank you.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • We appreciate your work on our behalf.
  • We rely on your wisdom more than you can know. Thanks.
  • Your reelection has restored our trust in the electorate.
  • Thanks for having the courage to act according to your convictions.
  • We look forward to your representing us for the next four years.
  • appreciate all you do
  • assure you of our support
  • be a voice for
  • continue as you have begun
  • electorate has chosen well
  • for the next
  • glad to have you
  • happy to have
  • has won you a place in
  • having the courage of your convictions
  • if we can help at all
  • keep up the good work
  • look forward to
  • make our state a better
  • rely on you to
  • right behind you
  • right person for the job
  • such fair-minded representation
  • tackle the tough issues
  • urge you to continue
  • will continue to
  • your belief in and support for

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