Express Regret on the Defeat of Legislation or the Loss of an Election — Letter-Writing Tutorial


These letters offer support and encouragement during moments of discouragement. They may also look forward to future possibilities. Use an upbeat tone, with no belated recriminations or laying of blame.


1. Make a direct statement of regret and condolences. As appropriate, identify yourself or the organization you represent.


  • I was disappointed to learn that the anti-pornography bill you sponsored to stop proliferation of filth on the Internet was defeated.
  • May I express my disappointment in the tally of yesterday's election?
  • The Westside Neighborhood Association was saddened to learn of your defeat yesterday. As you well know, we actively campaigned for you because of your long-term support for inner-city revitalization.
  • Watching the election returns on Tuesday night was more than I could bear. It seems that the new generation of voters has no respect for traditional values. Your voice has long represented our values and interests in Congress, and I am concerned about the future.
  • I was very disappointed when I heard the results of the County Commissioner's race yesterday. Those of us in the suburbs were counting on having your strong voice as a check on the downtown interests.


  • actively campaigned for you
  • am so sorry that
  • of great concern
  • concerned about the future
  • hoped to have your strong voice
  • heard the results
  • hope you will continue to
  • may I express my regret
  • my personal regret
  • outcome of the polling
  • speak for all of the
  • the election results
  • voice has long represented
  • want you to know that
  • was disappointed to learn
  • were saddened to learn
  • were counting on
  • will continue to be
  • worked hard on your campaign

2. Express support and look forward to future successes.


  • I hope, however, that this temporary setback did not discourage you and that you will continue to fight for the rights of children.
  • We could dwell at length on the opposition's tactics and media manipulation, but I hope you will pursue the next opportunity for public service. Elected or not, you give a reasoned voice to what I and many others feel are the main issues of our time.
  • However, this is not a time for looking back, and this is hardly the end. We look forward to your strong influence in community affairs for a long time to come.
  • I am not ready to throw away my Doe for President button.
  • I fully expect to see you actively involved in public affairs, if not in public office, doing what you do best: exposing bogus programs and defending the rights of the underdog!
  • We genuinely hope you will run in the next election. We need you.


  • applaud your determination to
  • build further support in the
  • confident that you will soon
  • excellent qualifications
  • fully expect to
  • have a strong influence on
  • hold to your own convictions
  • hope you will not be too discouraged
  • hope you will run again
  • just the beginning of
  • look forward to working
  • main issues of our time
  • press forward to
  • service to our community
  • stick to your guns
  • success next time around
  • successful election next term
  • the next opportunity to
  • view this as a temporary setback
  • will continue to fight for

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