Respond to a Complaint and Treat It As Valuable Feedback | Letter-Writing Guide


This is a good public relations letter. It lets the customer feel appreciated and it gives you an opportunity to explain what you are doing to make things better.


1. Thank the customer for the feedback or simply apologize. Do not refer to the customer's concern as a complaint.

  • Thank you for letting me know about the problems you have been having with our sales representative, John Doe.
  • I am sorry you received poor service in our shoe department last Tuesday but am glad you felt free to call me about the situation.
  • Thank you for giving us your opinion of our new "Super Creamy" ice cream.
  • I appreciate your letting me know about the problems you are experiencing with the noise upstairs.
  • Your dissatisfaction with your room last Thursday caused us some alarm. Please accept our apologies.
  • Thank you for filling in the questionnaire during your visit to Doe's restaurant this week.
  • We are sorry you did not find our seminar as helpful as you had hoped, but we appreciate your comments very much.
  • I apologize for the letter that our billing office mistakenly sent you.
  • We must agree with you--we too are unhappy about our recent price increase.
  • after our conversation the other day
  • apologize for the letter that our billing office mistakenly
  • appreciate input from our customers
  • appreciate hearing from customers
  • appreciated your comment that
  • are absolutely right
  • both positive and negative feedback is necessary if
  • cannot afford to
  • caused us concern
  • comments are vital in order for us to
  • customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business
  • glad you felt free to let me know what happened
  • have noted your difficulties
  • please accept our apologies
  • so glad you felt comfortable writing me about
  • sorry you received poor service from
  • strive to bring the best of
  • thank you for expressing your concerns about
  • thank you for giving us your opinion of our new
  • thank you for taking the time to fill out our
  • thank you for providing your opinion about
  • thanks for sharing your comments about
  • truly sorry you have had problems with
  • your dissatisfaction with

2. Explain the reason for the situation or what steps you are taking to correct it.

  • John is extremely knowledgeable in the field of automation, and has been instrumental in saving many of our clients a great deal of money, but it is true that he does not always listen as carefully as he should. Thanks, in part, to feedback such as yours, he has arranged to attend a course in improving communication skills.
  • Unfortunately, two of our regular staff members missed work
    last week. The temporary helper clearly misunderstood the scope of her duties. She was replaced on Wednesday. We are grateful for the feedback we receive from customers like you. It helps us serve you better.
  • We always appreciate customer comments and consider these carefully as we adjust product formulations. I must agree that our "Super Kreemy" line may be a little too smooth. I suggest that you try our "Special Recipe" ice cream. It is my personal favorite. I am enclosing a coupon for a free quart. I hope you like it.
  • I have spoken to the tenant, Mrs. Doe, and she has agreed to have her teenagers use headphones when playing music in the evening. She was not aware that they were creating a disturbance and suggests that you speak to her if you have any more problems with noise. Her number is 555-5555. Call me again if the problem persists.
  • I passed on your comments to the housekeeper, who informs me that a new employee prepared the room. Clearly more training or a change in staff is needed here. We are also tightening up our inspection system. Thank you so much for pointing out this problem, so we could correct it quickly.
  • We especially appreciated your comments and suggestions about refilling empty serving dishes at the buffet. You are right that customers who arrive later in the evening deserve the same variety as those who dine earlier. We have discussed your remarks at our weekly staff meeting and are implementing some pleasant changes.
  • Your letter has been forwarded to the supervisor of employee training. He will use your suggestions in planning future seminars.
  • If we want to retain our reliable staff, we must pay competitive salaries. This fact, together with a 30% increase in the price of materials, has kept our operating costs climbing steadily over the past three years. Still, we held off on this price increase as long as we could. This is our first increase in nearly four years. We hope to hold off just as long before making another one.
  • another idea is
  • apologize for the inconvenience this incident caused
  • as a result of our investigation
  • contacted our chefs regarding your comment that
  • discovered she just did not understand that
  • expect her to develop a better feeling for
  • feel personally responsible for the incident
  • have made the following changes
  • have developed a plan that I think will work
  • if you have any other ideas
  • implemented a policy to
  • no excuse for a lackadaisical attitude
  • not the standard for our
  • recently changed our
  • reintroduced our former policy to
  • suggest ways we can help
  • suggestions for improvement have been forwarded to
  • the way I want the business conducted
  • while the lack of service you experienced is unusual
  • will register your complaint at our next company meeting
  • will take them into consideration when

3. Close with a positive statement.

  • We are sure you will be very happy with your next call from him.
  • We look forward to your next visit and are confident that you will receive the excellent service you have come to expect from Doe's.
  • We appreciate your taking the time to write to us.
  • I trust these corrective measures will resolve the problem to your satisfaction.
  • Satisfied, regular customers are the backbone of our business. I am confident that your next visit with us will be the delightful experience that you have every right to expect.
  • We look forward to seeing you again.
  • Your taking the trouble to make suggestions helps us significantly, as we strive to improve. Thank you once again.
  • Thank you for your business.
  • We appreciate your concern.
  • We hope you will accept our commitment to quality, and continue to enjoy our superior service.
  • appreciate your taking the time to write us
  • appreciate your concern
  • appreciate your comment and take it seriously
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • are confident that you will receive
  • cannot promise immediate changes but
  • continue to enjoy our superior service
  • have enclosed a copy of our catalogue, which includes
  • helps us significantly as we strive to improve
  • hope you will accept our commitment to quality
  • hope you will try our rental service again
  • hope that you will give us another chance to serve you
  • look forward to seeing you again
  • look forward to your next visit
  • same excellent service you have come to expect from
  • satisfied customers are the backbone of our business
  • sure you will be pleased with your next call from
  • thank you for your business
  • thank you again for your comments
  • trust this will resolve the problem
  • when you next come to town
  • your suggestions will help make this a better

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