How to Write the Letter Extend Labor Day Greetings to Employees


The Labor Day letter is an opportunity to acknowledge an employee's value. This holiday is designed to honor working people, and it is an excellent time to foster goodwill. Do not place too much stress on the employee's subordinate position.


1. Acknowledge the occasion.


  • This Labor Day I want us to pause in our routine to pay tribute to our employees. Each of you plays an integral role in this company's success.
  • On Labor Day the worker is king. This is especially true here at Doe, where we are all workers.
  • The founders of Labor Day had really good timing. At the end of a long, busy summer we can all use a break. We have certainly earned it. I especially want to thank you, Jane, for the long hours you spent winding up the Doe contract.
  • This coming weekend is not just another long weekend. Labor Day honors the people who do the work.
  • I don't want to let Labor Day slip by without telling you how pleased I have been with your work here.
  • This weekend the whole country celebrates hard work. I want you to relax extra hard over Labor Day, John, as you exemplify what we want our employees to be.
  • As you are all enjoying the long Labor Day weekend, Jane and I will be reflecting on how Doe Construction would be nothing without our excellent crews. Your hard work and loyalty have established our good name.


  • a well-earned break from
  • a chance to reflect on
  • all your hard work
  • allows us all the opportunity to
  • as Labor Day approaches
  • deserve a vacation
  • for your dedication
  • gives the management a chance to
  • happy Labor Day to all of you
  • is a direct result of
  • is just around the corner
  • is totally dependant on the employees
  • just to let you know
  • rest from your labors
  • take this opportunity to thank you
  • take full advantage of this
  • this long weekend
  • this company's success is
  • this Labor Day weekend
  • to tell you how grateful I am
  • want to wish all our employees
  • your valiant efforts to
  • your loyal service to the company

2. Express thanks for the employee's hard work and loyalty. Mention specific accomplishments or areas of expertise.


  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for Doe. The way you handled the bottleneck in Sales last quarter was a model of professionalism. Thank you, and enjoy the holiday.
  • Speaking as your manager, but also on behalf of Mr. Doe, I want to commend you on your 16 great years with this company. I have observed that the newer employees follow your example and respond to your leadership. We appreciate your contributions to Doe Corporation.
  • When you took over as supervisor six years ago, you assured us that you would implement several streamlining measures. In those six years your crew's efficiency has jumped almost 80%, and the employee turnover rate has greatly decreased. This is the kind of record we like to see. We thank you for your years of hard work and hope you will enjoy your well-deserved Labor Day weekend.
  • All our employees are crucial to our success, and we want to wish you a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend.
  • Jane, I can always rely on loyal employees like you when unforeseen problems and set-backs arise in the office.
  • You have single-handedly changed the image of customer relations. We hear such good things about your work. You, as much as anyone, deserve this long weekend to relax. Thank you and enjoy!


  • all the hours you have put in
  • although you have been with us only a short while
  • appreciate all that you have done
  • are a valuable member of our
  • as I have reflected upon
  • ever since your arrival
  • for your great work
  • for your valuable contribution to
  • for your loyalty to
  • has not gone unnoticed
  • have worked unceasingly
  • have worked especially hard
  • have taken on this challenge
  • have always been a tower of strength to
  • have taken this job seriously
  • make the company what it is today
  • our efficient and effective staff members
  • set a standard of excellence
  • such dedicated employees
  • thank you for
  • through all these years
  • want to thank you for
  • want to commend you for
  • your enthusiasm has been an example to all of us
  • your devotion to excellence
  • your many years of service

3. End with a final word of good wishes for the holiday.


  • I wish I could give you a Labor Week holiday, because you certainly deserve it.
  • Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. You have earned it.
  • Enjoy the Labor Day holiday.
  • Have a great long weekend!


  • a wonderful, relaxing weekend
  • chance to catch up on
  • do something special
  • enjoy the long weekend
  • have a great Labor Day
  • have a safe weekend
  • Labor Day is the day to play
  • last chance to get out with
  • rejuvenate your spirits
  • relax and unwind this weekend
  • time to spend with your family
  • certainly deserve this break
  • take advantage of
  • take care of yourself
  • take this opportunity to
  • this is a chance to
  • to treat yourself to
  • wish you all the best

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