Introduce a Friend, an Acquaintance, a Relative, or Yourself to Someone In Anticipation of a Future Meeting — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be direct and brief, particularly if you do not know the reader personally. If you know the reader, be as warm and informal as you care to be.


1. Introduce the person by name.


  • A close friend of mine, John Doe, and his family will be traveling in Kansas this summer and Springfield is one of the cities they plan to visit.
  • I am writing to introduce my sister, Jane Doe. She will be moving to Springfield later this month.
  • Last time we talked you complained about your softball team's lack of a good shortstop. Good winds are blowing your way! A friend of mine, John Doe, is moving to Springfield next month, and let me tell you, that man can play ball!
  • Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Jane Doe, a twenty-two-year-old senior at Springfield University. After several years of research, I have discovered that you are my biological mother.
  • I am pleased to introduce myself. I am Jane Doe, your son's third-grade teacher.
  • You remember crazy ol' Uncle John and Aunt Jane? Well, we ran into their son, Eric, the other day. He told us he is moving to Springfield either to find a job or to attend Kansas State for an advanced degree.
  • I am John Doe, a graduate student in special education at Kansas University.


  • allow me to introduce
  • am pleased to introduce
  • am sure you would like to meet
  • are delightful people
  • has long admired your
  • have been longing to introduce
  • immediately thought of
  • is a friend of mine, who
  • is a business acquaintance of mine, who
  • is moving into your neighborhood
  • my name is
  • requested an introduction to
  • shares your interest in
  • want to introduce
  • will be traveling in
  • will be working with
  • will be in the area
  • will be relocating to
  • would very much like to meet
  • would like to meet
  • would like to introduce

2. Tell the reader why you are writing the letter, but do not put him or her under any obligation.


  • I read your recent article with great interest and would like to discuss some of your ideas with you when I am in Springfield next month.
  • I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know about myself. I earned my degree and certificate from Doe University and have been teaching for about six years. I encourage my students to do a lot of reading and writing, probably more than most other teachers require. I am eager to hear from my students' parents, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions or comments.
  • I have given Jack your phone number and told him to call you. I told him I didn't know what your team was like this year, but if you need a good glove and a strong arm on the field, you might want to pick him up. He can hold his own at the plate, and I haven't seen many guys who can outplay him in the field!
  • I realize that having your biological father show up all of a sudden might be a shock. I don't want to "move in on your life" or interfere with your relationship with your adoptive parents, but if you wouldn't mind, I would like to meet you. Your mother and I were very young when you were born. We accepted the advice that you be given up for adoption.
  • I was just wondering whether you might be available to show Springfield to John and his family. I haven't mentioned you to John yet; I thought I should check with you before volunteering your services. They will be in the area at the end of July. If you would be able to show them around, or if you could recommend some places for them to see, please call me and I will pass the information on to them. Please don't feel any obligation.
  • Jane runs the show and has final say on awarding contracts, so we hope to show her the full range of our capabilities.
  • Relocating can be difficult, so she could benefit from someone like you with a positive attitude to show her the area.


  • arrange a meeting
  • don't want you to miss the opportunity to
  • has exceptional ability in
  • have not discussed this with
  • have always wanted to
  • have given your number to
  • hope you will be pleased to
  • hope you'll enjoy
  • if you are in a position to
  • just what you're looking for
  • may wish to
  • may be a valuable contact
  • might like to meet
  • might be able to
  • not asking for special treatment
  • please feel free to
  • told him to give you a call
  • under no obligation
  • want you to know that
  • want to check with you first
  • wonder if you would be able to
  • would like to meet with
  • would really appreciate your

3. End on a positive note.


  • Hope you enjoy meeting our nephew.
  • I hope to hear from you soon.
  • If you can get John to play for you, you will have a great ballplayer. Keep in touch.
  • I am really looking forward to working with your child this year. Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call.
  • I hope you can provide her with the information she needs.
  • I will call you next week to discuss this further.


  • am looking forward to
  • assure you that
  • await your reply
  • don't hesitate to contact me if
  • don't wish to impose
  • drop me a line
  • give me a call
  • have always wanted to
  • hope you enjoy
  • hope to hear from you
  • hope you can
  • if I can help
  • if you have any questions
  • just want you to know that
  • keep in touch
  • not asking you to
  • please feel free to
  • remember us when
  • think you'll enjoy
  • to return the favor
  • would be happy to
  • would appreciate any help you can

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