Accept an Invitation to Join an Organization — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Since the reader has complimented you by asking you to join an organization, your letter should be equally complimentary. Keep the tone positive. Make your acceptance wholehearted.


1. Express your gratitude for the invitation and your desire to join.


  • It is with gratitude that I accept your kind invitation to join the Doe Fraternity.
  • I am delighted to accept your invitation to join the Doe Association.
  • I am pleased to accept your invitation to join Doe Associates.
  • I am happy to accept your invitation to join the Doe Singing Troupe.
  • I am pleased and honored to be invited to join the International Brotherhood of Doe.
  • I am flattered that you have asked me to join the Doe Group and accept the honor.
  • I am honored to accept your invitation to join the Doe Sorority.
  • I appreciate your letter of November 15, inviting me to join the Doe Honor Society.
  • I was pleased to receive your letter inviting me to join the Doe Orchestra and wholeheartedly accept.
  • Thank you for inviting me to join the Doe Stock Buyers Group.
  • I consider it an honor to be invited to join the Doe Honor fraternity.


  • accept with gratitude
  • am delighted to accept
  • am happy to accept
  • am flattered that you
  • am pleased and honored
  • am honored to accept
  • are pleased to accept
  • consider it an honor to
  • express my appreciation of
  • inviting me to join
  • thank you for
  • to join the
  • have invited me to
  • want you to know that
  • was pleased to receive
  • you have asked me to
  • your flattering letter of
  • your kind invitation
  • your invitation to

2. Express your high regard for the organization.


  • I have always admired the aims and ideals of your organization
  • I have heard much about the good you accomplish.
  • It will be an honor to be associated with the members.
  • I have long hoped to one day be a member of the honor society.
  • Everyone is aware of the great contributions that your group has made to the community.
  • I have heard nothing but praise about the mutual support and fellowship that exists in the fraternity.


  • difference you have made
  • effect on the community
  • feel honored to become a part of
  • feel a great deal of respect for
  • good you accomplish
  • have long admired
  • have always admired
  • have heard much about
  • have considerable regard for
  • have aspired to
  • have nothing but admiration for
  • heard nothing but praise for
  • ideals of
  • is held in very high esteem
  • laudable goals of
  • positive contributions to
  • the aims of
  • to be a member of
  • to be associated with
  • valuable contributions to
  • well-known contributions
  • will be an honor to

3. Express willingness to be an exemplary member.


  • I am willing to commit myself to the goals of the club.
  • I will strive to merit the confidence that you are placing in me.
  • I look forward to working closely with the other members.
  • I will be happy to carry my share of the responsibilities.
  • I am eager to get involved in the cultural activities.
  • I feel I can make a good contribution in the service projects.
  • I welcome the opportunity to serve in any capacity.


  • am more than willing to
  • am looking forward to
  • am eager to get involved
  • commit myself to
  • make a contribution to
  • merit the confidence of
  • of the other members
  • of the nominating committee
  • that you have placed in me
  • to pull my weight
  • to do my best to
  • to be affiliated with
  • to associate myself with
  • to carry my share of
  • welcome the opportunity to
  • will strive to
  • will endeavor to
  • will make a point of
  • work toward the goals of
  • working closely with

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