Extend an Invitation to Speak or Perform — Letter-Writing Tutorial


You are extending both a compliment and an invitation or request, so the tone of the letter should be hopeful and complimentary. Be direct. Avoid excessive flattery.


1. Extend the invitation, naming the event and including the date, time, and place. Also, explain the purpose of the event and mention other persons who will be speaking or performing.


  • In connection with our annual symposium in which students present their own papers, we invite an expert in the field to address us. Since our emphasis this year is on dialects, we would be honored if you could speak to us on your recent field work. The event will take place on our campus on May 22, and your presentation will be from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Professor Doe, from Springfield College, will also be on the program.
  • We hope your schedule will allow you to meet with us on July 3, during our Freedom Festival. We would like you to speak that evening at the unveiling of a new statue to commemorate our independence. Unless you would prefer another topic, we would like you to discuss the current controversial legislation. Both state and federal legislators will be present, although they will not be speaking.
  • Each September we celebrate "Swiss Days" with a parade and numerous events that involve most of the community. One of the highlights is the Saturday night music festival in which we always have a featured speaker distinguished in Swiss cultural arts. We would be honored to host you as our speaker on September 15, if your busy schedule will allow it. Our group would like to hear of your work with Swiss folk music.
  • We congratulate your dance group on their recent success in national competition, and extend an invitation to you to perform at half-time at the Doe University Homecoming Game. Kickoff time is 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 15.


  • a topic of your choice
  • will also be on the program
  • at the unveiling of
  • at the dedication of
  • at our meeting on
  • be our keynote speaker
  • be honored if you would
  • be our featured speaker
  • congratulate you on your
  • have also invited
  • have long admired your
  • hope your busy schedule will allow
  • hope your schedule will permit you
  • in the field of
  • in connection with
  • invite you to
  • on the subject of
  • perform for us
  • will be present
  • will take place on
  • would enjoy learning more about
  • would like you to speak
  • would like you to discuss
  • would like to hear of
  • would like to invite you to
  • your recent work on
  • your outstanding talent
  • your expertise in
  • your well-known work

2. Explain what the program will consist of, including other speakers or performers, topics to be covered, background and interests of the audience, possible interaction with the audience, and time constraints. Mention what you can offer in terms of physical facilities, equipment, and materials.


  • The symposium will last two days and will cover a wide range of language topics. We will have a question and answer period after each main speaker.
  • All of the participants will have taken an introductory course, and many will be enrolled for advanced studies.
  • Please let us know if we can help you with any special equipment or materials.
  • We expect to have approximately 75 members in attendance.
  • We will be happy to handle the details regarding equipment, materials, or the arrangement of the room.
  • The rest of the program would consist of several musical numbers preceding your part.
  • The field could be made available for you to practice any evening of the week before or on the morning of the game. Our sound crew will be available to help with any technical needs.


  • all of the participants
  • anticipated attendance is
  • cover a wide range of
  • from several points of view
  • further details will be forthcoming
  • have an interest in
  • heighten awareness of
  • immediately following the
  • inform the public of
  • other speakers will be
  • program will include
  • question and answer period
  • share the latest developments in
  • special equipment or materials
  • the purpose of the event is to
  • the program will consist of
  • will be available to
  • will be happy to
  • will last for
  • will run for a full

3. Explain what you can offer in terms of an honorarium, payment of travel and lodging expenses, or opportunities to meet other professionals.


  • Since we are a volunteer organization, we are unable to offer you an honorarium; however, we can cover your cost of transportation and lodging.
  • We are pleased to be able to pay your travel and lodging costs and to offer you a modest honorarium of one hundred dollars.
  • We are unable to offer you payment for your performance, but we hope that this opportunity to meet with other professionals will be rewarding.
  • Although we are unable to offer you an honorarium for your address, we would be pleased to record it for later publication.
  • We understand that federal employees may not receive honoraria, so we would like to contribute the equivalent of the usual honorarium to the charity of your choice.
  • We will provide complimentary tickets and lunch for your group.


  • a volunteer organization
  • an honorarium of
  • an excellent cause
  • as you do not accept honoraria
  • at your normal rates
  • can offer you only a small
  • chance to meet with other professionals
  • charitable contribution
  • complimentary tickets to
  • cover the costs of your
  • for your address
  • for your performance
  • have a very small budget
  • hope that you will accept
  • opportunity to donate your time to
  • pleased to able to
  • satisfactory financial arrangements
  • the remaining events of the
  • transportation and lodging
  • unable to offer you
  • unable to offer payment
  • understand that you
  • will, of course, provide
  • would be happy to
  • would be pleased to
  • your customary fee

4. Request a reply within a reasonable but specific time.


  • We hope you will be able to give us an answer by June 15.
  • We hope you will accept our invitation, but if you cannot, it would be helpful for us to know by June 15.
  • Since we will be mailing announcements soon, we would appreciate your response by June 15.
  • Please let us know by June 15 whether you will be able to accept our invitation.


  • by mail or by telephone
  • finalize our program
  • for further clarification
  • for more details
  • give us an answer by
  • hope you will be able to
  • if you have any questions
  • if you are available, please phone me by
  • let us know by
  • may we request that you
  • may I hear from you by
  • or earlier, if possible
  • please notify us of your availability
  • please call me at
  • programs will be printed on
  • put your name on the announcements
  • whether you will be able to participate
  • will call you early next week
  • would appreciate having your reply by
  • would appreciate your responding by

5. Express your sincere hope that the reader will accept the invitation.


  • We will look forward to your address.
  • We sincerely hope you will be able to perform.
  • We hope you can work us into your busy schedule.
  • Everyone is excited about the possibility of seeing you perform.
  • We have heard so much about you that we are eagerly awaiting this event.
  • Your reputation as a speaker has preceded you, and we are eager to hear you.
  • We look forward to your reply.


  • are eagerly anticipating
  • are eagerly awaiting
  • are excited about
  • awaiting your reply
  • feasible for you
  • have an excellent reputation
  • have heard so much about you
  • learning from you
  • look forward to meeting you
  • look forward to hearing
  • satisfactory to you
  • seeing you perform
  • sincerely hope that
  • the prospect of
  • these arrangements will be
  • this engagement will be
  • to seeing your performance
  • will be so pleased if
  • you can work us into
  • you will be able to

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