Decline an Invitation to Join an Organization | Letter-Writing Guide


The organization's members undoubtedly feel they are extending a valuable offer to you. Therefore, express appreciation for the opportunity that you cannot accept at this time and show respect for the organization.


1. Express appreciation for the invitation and your regard for the organization. Explain briefly why you cannot join.

  • I am honored that you would consider me for membership in your organization. Although I am aware of the good you accomplish in our community, I must decline because I have other church commitments that occupy my time on Thursday evenings.
  • At any other time I would quickly accept your invitation to join because of the respect I have for your organization. However, my current commitments are so time consuming that I must decline this time.
  • I am flattered that you would consider me qualified for membership in your organization. I wish I could accept the invitation, but we will soon be moving from the community.
  • My sincere thanks for your invitation to join your organization. Unfortunately, I must decline at this time. My current affiliation with the realty association could present a conflict of interest.
  • accept my sincere thanks for
  • am very much aware of
  • am afraid I must decline
  • am honored that
  • am flattered that
  • at any other time
  • current commitments are
  • felt honored by your
  • for membership in
  • in your plans for
  • inviting me to
  • must decline this time
  • must regretfully decline
  • must turn you down at this time
  • my current affiliation with
  • respect I have for your
  • thank you for
  • that you would ask me to
  • that you would consider me for
  • that you consider me qualified
  • the good that you accomplish
  • to receive your invitation
  • was surprised and honored
  • wish I could accept
  • would quickly accept
  • your request that I consider
  • your invitation to join
  • your kind invitation

2. Wish the organization success and express interest in possible affiliation with it in the future.

  • Please accept my best wishes for future success.
  • Thank you for thinking of me and best wishes in all your endeavors.
  • I know your organization will continue to make a great contribution to our community.
  • I will be following your activities. Perhaps I will be able to participate in the future.
  • Best wishes! I hope you will consider me for membership again when circumstances allow.
  • am sure that you
  • am certain that you
  • be an inspiration to
  • best wishes for your success
  • for thinking of me
  • for your future success
  • hope to be able to
  • in all your endeavors
  • keep up the good work
  • make a real difference to
  • make a great contribution to
  • participate in the future
  • please accept my best wishes
  • sincere wishes for
  • support your activities
  • thank you once more
  • when circumstances change
  • will continue to
  • wish you continuing success
  • wish you well

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