Extend an Invitation to Open an Account | Letter-Writing Guide


A simple, friendly letter inviting a cash customer with a good credit rating to open a charge account may result in an increase in sales and a profit on accrued interest. The letter should communicate how easy and beneficial it is to open such an account.


1. Inform the prospect of what your business has to offer, or offer the prospect a sincere compliment.

  • Every business seeks the patronage of good customers, and we at Doe consider you among the best.
  • You have been one of our preferred customers.
  • Your reputation for paying your bills promptly has earned you an excellent credit rating.
  • Doe's in Kansas welcomes you. Serving customers since 1932, Doe's is equipped to handle your needs efficiently and courteously.
  • Did you know that Doe's Department Store has recently expanded its line of household products to include lawn and garden tools, as well as outdoor furniture?
  • We would like to make it easier for you to keep your office well stocked with the supplies you need every day, from staples to sophisticated photo copiers.
  • appreciate your prompt payments
  • as a new member of our community
  • been designated a preferred customer
  • business depends on customers like you
  • company is equipped to
  • customers like you
  • enjoy working with you
  • every business seeks
  • excellent credit rating
  • have become a regular customer
  • have been a loyal customer
  • making our business what it is today
  • may be of assistance to you
  • our excellent working relationship
  • our companies growing together
  • paying your bills promptly
  • show our appreciation
  • thank you for your investment in
  • thank you for attending our
  • thank you for your patronage
  • thank you for visiting our
  • thank you for your contribution to
  • to make it easier for you
  • to let you know how much we appreciate
  • was good to see you at
  • welcome you as a customer
  • welcome you to
  • your company has
  • your patronage of
  • your reputation for

2. Extend the invitation to open an account.

  • We are therefore pleased to invite you to open an account with us at Doe Appliance.
  • We extend a sincere invitation to open a charge account with us.
  • We welcome you as a new member of our community and extend an invitation to open a charge account with us as you get settled.
  • Why not open a charge account with us today and save on all your Christmas shopping?
  • As a preferred customer, you have an approved credit line at Doe's. Simply charge your next purchase to activate your account.
  • are pleased to invite you
  • be in control of
  • buy at your convenience
  • can have greater control over
  • charge your next purchase
  • control your cash flow
  • don't have to wait for
  • easier to budget
  • enjoy the benefits of
  • extend an invitation to you
  • get the greatest benefit from
  • hardly afford not to
  • incentives like volume discounts
  • make better use of
  • number of advantages
  • open a charge account
  • pre-approved credit line
  • preferred customer rate
  • sales and discounts
  • save on all your
  • take charge of your
  • take advantage of our
  • to open an account with us

3. Provide details concerning the terms of the account.

  • For filling out an application form, we will honor a 10% price reduction on your first purchase.
  • With no down payment and up to 12 months to pay, you may use our "Preferred Customer Account" to purchase products from a wide selection of custom appliances.
  • To open your account with Doe, simply detach and mail in the completed application form below. You will also be happy to know we provide free, same-day delivery service for our local customers.
  • With no annual fee, and an 8.9% Annual Percentage Rate, you can hardly afford not to open an account with Doe's.
  • Our accounts for preferred customers have a 30-day billing cycle, with no minimum purchase, and no money down.
  • 30-day billing cycle
  • activate account by
  • an unbeatable opportunity to
  • at minimal cost to you
  • enclosed application form
  • fee is waived if
  • filling out an application
  • for preferred customers only
  • free shipping is just one of the advantages
  • low annual interest rate
  • low minimum payments
  • minimal annual maintenance fee
  • money back on purchases
  • no minimum purchase
  • no down payments
  • no fees involved
  • preferred customer rates
  • simple application process
  • special discounts on
  • volume related discounts
  • waive the annual charge

4. Express anticipation of the reader's acceptance and your desire for future association.

  • We look forward to serving you along with our many satisfied charge account customers.
  • Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Our credit department is eager to serve you.
  • We are enclosing an application for your convenience. Why not fill it out now?
  • We hope you will enjoy the convenience of having an account at Doe. We welcome you as a preferred customer.
  • an excellent opportunity
  • appreciate your business
  • are looking forward to
  • credit department is eager to assist you
  • don't hesitate to call
  • enduring and pleasant association
  • feel free to call
  • fill out the enclosed application
  • for your convenience
  • give you the best service possible
  • happy to answer your questions
  • happy to welcome you as
  • have enclosed an application
  • hope you will enjoy the added convenience
  • if you have any concerns or questions
  • just return the enclosed card
  • one of our many satisfied
  • please let us know if
  • receiving your application
  • see you again soon
  • serving you again

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