Make a Reservation — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Anticipate the details necessary to make the order accurate and complete.


1. State that you are placing an order or requesting a reservation.


  • Please send the office supplies itemized below:
  • I would like to reserve tickets for the Doe College home football games this fall.
  • Please accept this letter in lieu of an order form for our order of three cases of Doe honey.
  • Please send the following items as described in your catalog:
  • I would like to order the self-instruction tapes you advertised in the September 3, 2001 issue of our magazine.


  • are pleased to enclose a purchase order for
  • as listed in your current catalog
  • as described in your advertisement
  • as we discussed on the phone
  • confirm my order of
  • enclosed purchase order
  • establish a standing order for
  • exactly as listed
  • in lieu of an order form
  • itemized below
  • kindly send me
  • order form was missing
  • please send me
  • please send us the following
  • repeat my order for
  • ship the following items to
  • take advantage of your
  • to place an order for
  • would like to reserve
  • would like to purchase
  • your advertised special on

2. Provide necessary details to ensure that your reader will fill the order properly. Include catalog and reference numbers whenever possible. Indented lists make complex information quick and easy to read.


  • #123 4 calling birds @ 32.50 130.00<br />#234 3 French hens @ 12.54 37.62<br />#345 2 turtle doves @ 35.00 70.00<br />#456 1 partridge 43.67<br />#567 1 pear tree, potted, 4-6' 27.45<br /> --------------------<br /> Total $308.74
  • Please send the order exactly as stipulated in the original bid specifications and drawings.
  • I would prefer mezzanine seats for the evening performance on November 12, 2002.
  • The part I need is described in your catalog as "Stock #1234, electrical plug lockout device," listed for $19.56 each.
  • The business cards should be printed on the same color, weight, and texture of card stock, and with the same color of ink as the attached original.
  • The honey should be in your usual plastic one-pint containers.


  • complete listing follows
  • exactly as it appears in
  • exactly as stipulated
  • exactly as described
  • if you are unable to
  • if necessary, substitute
  • if at all possible
  • if they are not in stock
  • in lieu of
  • is absolutely essential
  • is described as
  • must have that precise
  • only two changes from my last
  • original bid specifications
  • preference is for
  • price is listed as
  • repeat order for
  • same brand you advertised
  • same as last month
  • using last month's catalog
  • without any changes
  • your most recent catalog

3. Make arrangements to pay for the order by check, COD, money order, credit card, credit account, or other means.


  • I have enclosed a check for the required 25% deposit and will pay the remainder of the bill on delivery.
  • Please ship this machinery COD.
  • Attached is my check for $100 covering the full cost of the order plus shipping charges.
  • Please bill to my Doe Supplies account (#1234).
  • Please charge the order to my Doe card account #555-0000-0000, expiration date 5/98.
  • A money order covering the full amount, including specified tax and shipping charges, is attached to this letter.


  • a check for the full amount of
  • as we agreed
  • as you specified
  • as our contract stipulates
  • attached money order
  • charge account number is
  • charged to my account
  • enclosed is a check for
  • have enclosed 50% of the payment
  • if the price has changed
  • kindly send the bill to
  • our billing address is
  • our tax-exempt number is
  • please refer to our purchase order number
  • please bill us
  • please send a detailed invoice to
  • please bill me or phone me collect if
  • please ship COD
  • please charge the order to
  • prefer to pay at the end of the month
  • sent the bill directly to
  • should cover the full cost of
  • understand that we qualify for a discount
  • when invoicing us, please use
  • will pay the balance upon delivery
  • will pay the balance when

4. Provide instructions about where and how to send the order.


  • Ship the machinery to the job site at the corner of Main and Johnson Streets in Springfield, Kansas, 12345.
  • I prefer delivery by Doe Postal Service or other reliable carrier.
  • Please have your driver deliver to the back door of our shop during regular business hours. The address is:<br /> 1600 Main Street<br /> Springfield, Kansas 12345
  • I will pick up the package at the freight dock of your normal motor carrier delivering to this city.
  • I will expect delivery by Doe Express service or the equivalent.
  • I assume you will send the package by parcel post.
  • As indicated in the original bid specifications, you must deliver the steel to the Springfield job site before March 1, or suffer a $500 per day penalty.


  • arrange back-door delivery because
  • assume that your
  • authorized to sign for deliveries
  • by the most economical means
  • by parcel post
  • delivery policy has not changed
  • estimated delivery date
  • have a firm deadline of
  • have allowed two weeks for shipping
  • if you can't make the deadline
  • kindly insure the goods
  • must receive the merchandise by
  • must receive these items by
  • only during business hours
  • package for individual shipment
  • please make every effort to ship
  • please ship the order to
  • please acknowledge this order
  • prefer delivery by
  • sent to the attention of
  • will pick up the package at
  • will be able to take delivery between
  • will pay express delivery charges

5. End with a brief expression of appreciation and/or make provision for addressing questions or problems in filling the order.


  • We are always impressed with the high quality of your merchandise and your excellent service.
  • If you have any questions about this order or problems in filling it promptly, please contact me by phone or fax at the numbers listed in the letterhead.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • It is always a pleasure to do business with you.
  • My customers always appreciate your quality merchandise.


  • appreciate your prompt, professional service
  • appreciate your efforts
  • are pleased to do business with you
  • don't hesitate to call
  • for your outstanding service
  • have experienced the finest service
  • have always been most satisfied with
  • have always enjoyed
  • have always been impressed with
  • if you cannot fill the order promptly
  • if you have any questions
  • if you need any further information
  • if there are any delays
  • is always a pleasure to
  • know that we can count on
  • look forward to receiving
  • please let me know
  • thank you for
  • the high quality of your
  • your quality merchandise
  • your reasonable prices

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