Request Additional Money or Information Before You Can Fill an Order — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Use this letter to clarify an order's ambiguous or incomplete information or when you have not received enough money to cover the cost of the order.


1. Acknowledge receipt of the order and explain what prevents you from filling it.


  • Thanks for your order of July 21. Unfortunately, we need to receive a 25% deposit before we can ship.
  • We appreciate your order for brass door locks, but are having some trouble filling it because the numbers you gave us don't correspond with your written descriptions.
  • We have received your order for five hundred board feet of 1" x 12" ash stock, and will be happy to ship it as soon as we receive a $300 deposit.
  • Your order is being held because we require more information and need your signature on the credit application.
  • Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, as specified on the back cover of our catalog, we ship overseas orders only after receipt of full payment, including the 12% shipping charge.
  • We appreciate your thinking of Doe Corporation for your equipment needs. After four years without an order, however, your account has been classified as inactive. We need to receive either payment or the following information before we can ship your order:
  • We were pleased to receive your order, but have had some difficulty reconciling the numbers you gave with our catalog numbers.


  • appears to be some confusion
  • appreciate your thinking of
  • appreciate your order
  • are having some trouble
  • as our brochure explains
  • as specified in
  • as described in
  • as soon as we hear from you
  • as soon as we receive
  • before we can ship your
  • have had some difficulty
  • is being held in our
  • need a deposit of
  • need the following information
  • one more item of information
  • payment in full
  • please specify your choice
  • require payment of
  • ship your order only after
  • some additional information
  • terms and conditions
  • thank you for your order
  • unfortunately need to receive
  • until we receive
  • were pleased to receive
  • will be happy to ship it
  • your recent order

2. State directly what information or action you need from the reader.


  • Please check your order and the catalog numbers you gave us to see if they are correct. You can fax the information to us at 555-5555.
  • Would you mind checking the items highlighted on the enclosed copy of your order? You may either telephone or fax the information to us, and we will get the order on its way.
  • As soon as we receive the deposit, we will release the goods to the carrier.
  • Please fill out the highlighted areas, sign, and return the form to us as soon as possible.
  • We cannot repair the toy, but we can replace it for $25.00. If you would like us to send a new one, please remit a check or money order for the full amount.


  • as soon as we receive the
  • as soon as possible
  • can fax the information to us at
  • enclosed copy of the current catalog
  • enclosed copy of your order form
  • expect the shipping charges to be
  • get the information to us
  • if you would like us to
  • please check your order
  • please refer to the enclosed
  • please fill out the
  • please telephone or fax the
  • return the information to us
  • the highlighted items
  • to complete our records
  • trust that you will
  • will release the goods to
  • will understand the necessity of
  • will be able to
  • will get the order on its way
  • would you mind clarifying

3. Close with an expression of appreciation and assurance that you will send the order as soon as you receive the necessary information or payment.


  • Again, we appreciate your business, and will be happy to fill your order as soon as we hear from you.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, and will ship your order as soon as we receive the required deposit.
  • Thanks for doing business with us. The machinery you ordered will provide many years of reliable service.
  • Please let us know your decision within 25 days; otherwise, we will return the broken part to you.
  • We appreciate your interest in Doe toys and will send your remote controlled car as soon as your check arrives.
  • We look forward to hearing from you so that we can ship your order without further delay.
  • Please allow three weeks for delivery. If we do not hear from you within two weeks, we will return the broken toy.


  • anticipate hearing from you
  • apologize for the inconvenience
  • appreciate your business
  • appreciate your interest in
  • are ready to
  • as soon as we hear from you
  • as soon as we receive your
  • assist you in any way possible
  • if we do not hear from you within
  • look forward to
  • please let us know
  • please allow three weeks for
  • regret the slight delay
  • regret the inconvenience
  • regrettable misunderstanding
  • straighten out the problem
  • thank you for your business
  • unfortunate miscommunication
  • will be happy to
  • will ship your order
  • will be on its way
  • without any further delay

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