Thank Someone For Writing a Reference or Recommendation For You — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Always thank a person who permitted you to use his or her name or who wrote a letter of reference. Your letter not only shows your appreciation, but also opens the door for you to ask for assistance again in the future, should you need it.


1. Share the results of your job search, particularly if the recommendation paid off.


  • I have been offered and have accepted the job I applied for with Doe Corporation.
  • I have made it to the second round of interviews, from which Doe's will make their final selection.
  • I got the job, and you made all the difference! Mr. Doe mentioned that they were most impressed with your recommendation. I am off to Springfield next week to start my new job.
  • I am still job-hunting. Unfortunately, when we reached the interview stage, I realized that this wasn't the right position for me.
  • It's been a long haul, but I have finally been offered the position I applied for at Doe's.
  • I got the job!
  • I am pleased to notify you that Doe Corporation has hired me as their new control engineer.
  • I have begun work at Doe's, doing exactly what I have always wanted.
  • This position could have been tailor-made for me, and it was your kind letter of recommendation that secured me the position.


  • although I haven't yet
  • I am sure you will be pleased to hear
  • I am still job-hunting
  • I am eager to get started
  • can't imagine how thrilled I was
  • can't imagine what you told them about me
  • got the job I wanted
  • have been offered the
  • have accepted the
  • heard of their final selection
  • hope to drop in to see you before I leave
  • hope this trail leads somewhere
  • is the job I've been waiting for
  • let me bring you up to date
  • made all the difference
  • opinion was very valuable
  • verifying my qualifications
  • was a very important addition to
  • I was impressed that you would
  • we were most impressed with
  • I will be starting my new job on
  • won't know until next week
  • your kind recommendation
  • your comments were exactly
  • your excellent reference
  • your letter of recommendation

2. Express appreciation for his or her assistance. If you are not certain whether or not the recipient actually wrote a letter of recommendation, do not refer directly to a letter.


  • Thank you for taking the trouble to write a letter on my behalf.
  • I truly appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me secure employment.
  • I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your assistance.
  • It was so kind of you to allow me to use your name. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you for your help. I appreciate your letting me use you as a reference.
  • You have helped me in so many ways over the past few years, and now you have helped me to land such a wonderful job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Thank you so much. I will never forget the kindness you have shown me.
  • Thank you for responding to their request for a letter so promptly. Your recommendation helped me very much.


  • acting as a reference
  • allowing me to use your name
  • appreciate your help
  • being so helpful to us
  • deeply appreciate your
  • didn't want to let another day go by
  • don't know how to thank you enough
  • for your trouble
  • for your help
  • for responding to the request
  • for your assistance
  • greatly appreciate your kind words
  • have been a motivating force in my life
  • helped me very much
  • I hope you know how grateful I am
  • how much I appreciate your
  • letter of recommendation
  • letting me use you as a reference
  • owe you a debt of gratitude
  • responding so promptly
  • taking the time to
  • taking the time from your busy schedule to
  • thank you so much
  • thanks for everything
  • want to thank you for so many things
  • want to thank you for your help
  • will not forget your
  • without thanking you for
  • for your willingness to write a letter of reference
  • your part in helping me land this job

3. If you would like to, offer some kindness in return, but take care not to embarrass the recipient.


  • If you are ever traveling near Springfield, we would love to have you stay with us.
  • I hope that someday I can return the favor.
  • I would like to show my appreciation in some small way. May I take you out to lunch before I leave?
  • Is there anything I can do for you?
  • If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know.
  • I know you are a fan of Doe University basketball. Would you accept these tickets to next Friday's game as a small token of my appreciation?
  • I cannot thank you enough, but I will be thinking of you when I get that first system up and running.
  • I hope you know that the credit for my success in this position is largely yours.


  • call on me for a favor
  • can ever do anything for you
  • can return the favor
  • can't imagine your ever needing a reference, but
  • give any assistance to
  • hope that someday
  • hope I can reciprocate in some way
  • if you ever travel near Springfield
  • if you are ever out our way
  • if I can help you in any way
  • in some small way
  • next time you are in Springfield
  • please let me know
  • please be my guest at
  • small token of my appreciation
  • want to show my appreciation
  • will think of you each time
  • would love to hear from you
  • would like to show my appreciation

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