Recommend a Teenager For a Job (Strong Recommendation Letter) | Letter-Writing Guide


A young neighbor, relative, or friend of the family may approach you for a recommendation when he or she looks for a first job. Most have little to recommend them other than their enthusiasm and character. The key strategy in these letters is to give an abundance of concrete and specific details concerning what you actually know about their work habits.


1. Identify the person you are recommending, and indicate that he or she requested the recommendation.

  • We are very happy to write this letter of recommendation for our young friend, Eric Johnson.
  • My niece, Jane Doe, has asked me to write a letter of recommendation as she seeks her first job.
  • John Doe, my neighbor's 17-year-old son, has asked me to write a letter of recommendation.
  • I am preparing this letter of recommendation at the request of John Doe, a young man with whom I am well acquainted.
  • Jane Doe, the daughter of a professional colleague, has asked me to write a letter of recommendation.
  • I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Jane Doe, a young lady of great promise.
  • a young relative
  • a recommendation for
  • I am pleased to provide
  • I am very happy to
  • I am honored to be asked
  • I am delighted to be called upon
  • I am pleased to comment on
  • at the request of
  • I can offer only the highest recommendation for
  • for a young friend
  • for my young neighbor
  • happy to respond to this request
  • has asked me to
  • I have no hesitation in recommending
  • is a pleasure to recommend
  • letter of recommendation
  • prepare this recommendation for
  • the daughter of my
  • with whom I am well acquainted
  • write this letter for

2. Discuss your relationship with the individual.

  • Two years ago when she was 14, my niece, Jane, approached me to see if there was something she could do in my law office during summer vacation. She was tired of baby-sitting, she said, and wanted to find other ways to earn money. I instructed my secretary to find things for her to do, and she quickly made herself useful.
  • We have known John for about two years, and he has worked for us during that time in two capacities: as our paper carrier and as our baby-sitter.
  • I know John through our church groups, and I have often hired him to mow lawns and do odd jobs.
  • Jane lives in our neighborhood and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best house cleaners around. We frequently hire her during the holidays to help get the house ready for dinner parties and to help in the kitchen.
  • We are well acquainted with Jane because she is the daughter of a business associate and close family friend, John Doe.
  • became our regular baby-sitter
  • did an internship with
  • during summer vacations
  • employed him to
  • entrusted him with the care of our children
  • first became acquainted
  • first came to my attention when
  • I got to know her when
  • has done odd jobs for
  • has worked for me
  • has baby-sat for
  • has been our paper carrier for
  • I have known him for
  • I have seen her grow up
  • hire him from time to time to
  • in the capacity of
  • know her through
  • lives in my neighborhood
  • recommended her to us
  • worked in my office for

3. Give reasons why you believe the person would perform well in the job. Provide an abundance of concrete and specific details.

  • As a paper carrier, John was always punctual and conscientious. I could always count on my paper being delivered at or near a certain time, and when it wasn't there, I knew the fault was not with John.
  • Jane is one of our favorite baby-sitters and is always the kids' first choice. We know that our daughter, age 9, and our son, age 6, are not just being supervised, they are also being taught and entertained.
  • She has our complete confidence, and we know that when we return home, the kids will be asleep if the hour is late, and that they will be clean, safe, and fed.
  • Jane is a good worker. She listens carefully to instructions, follows them closely, asks questions when she does not understand something, and stays on task until the job is done.
  • John is a hard worker. He sticks with a task until it is done, and he does not whine or complain about the work. I really enjoy having him available to do our yard work, and I will be sorry to see him leave.
  • a conscientious worker
  • can always count on
  • can always rely on
  • does not complain about hard work
  • follows instructions well
  • gets along well with
  • has always been reliable
  • has good interpersonal skills
  • has never let us down
  • has a well-deserved reputation for
  • has our confidence and trust
  • her performance as a
  • is always our first choice for
  • is a good worker
  • is a hard worker
  • is hardworking and reliable
  • is both conscientious and punctual
  • is neat and orderly in her habits
  • is punctual and dependable
  • stays on task until
  • we will be sorry to lose
  • willing to accept responsibility
  • works cheerfully and well

4. Discuss the youth's personal qualities and aspects of character.

  • John is a serious-minded and intelligent young man, but he is also a very pleasant person.
  • He has a winning personality and a ready smile.
  • We have never seen her in a bad humor.
  • She can maintain a conversation with adults.
  • He has a winning personality.
  • I know that Jane is honest and truthful.
  • always cheerful and dependable
  • I can attest to his integrity
  • careful attention to detail
  • gets along well with others
  • handles responsibility well
  • has always been conscientious
  • honest and trustworthy
  • intelligent and quick to learn
  • is a dependable and steady worker
  • is a self-starter
  • is mature beyond her years
  • keeps a calm attitude under pressure
  • listens carefully to instructions
  • possesses personal integrity
  • punctual and hard-working
  • punctual and reliable
  • relates well to adults and children
  • very pleasant nature
  • willing to go beyond what is required
  • works well with little supervision

5. Close with a final endorsement and offer to provide more information or answer specific questions.

  • We give Jane our highest recommendation, without reservation. If you have further questions, please call us at 555-5555.
  • John is a fine young man, and I think he will do well in whatever task he undertakes.
  • Jane has always worked well for me, and I am sure she will work hard for others.
  • I trust Jane completely, and I know that work ethics have been taught and valued in her home. She has our full confidence.
  • I have no doubt that Jane will perform above and beyond your expectations.
  • an asset to your organization
  • an outstanding worker
  • I can wholeheartedly recommend
  • has always proved satisfactory
  • has my full confidence
  • I have no doubt that
  • I hope this information proves helpful
  • if you would like more information
  • if you have further questions
  • if I can be of further assistance
  • is a fine young
  • is eager to learn
  • my highest recommendation
  • please call me at
  • recommend her very highly
  • should you have any questions
  • sure that you will find
  • will do a fine job for
  • will do well in whatever
  • without any reservations

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