Request Samples or Information About Products or Services | Letter-Writing Guide


Since such requests are impositions on a person's time and resources, be especially courteous and tactful. Comments showing confidence in the reader or satisfaction with products may be helpful. Don't ask for more than common sense would dictate.


1. Make your request, explaining, if appropriate, how you plan to us the product or information.

  • Mr. Doe has asked that we prepare a presentation for a client on the durability of the new shingles. Please send me the Springfield research reports.
  • Your November program on evaluating fishing tackle was very informative. Please send me the October catalog mentioned in the program.
  • I am enclosing a letter from Mr. Doe authorizing the release of the moonscape documents. Please send them to our downtown office as soon as possible.
  • After meeting with your representative, I am especially interested in the opportunity to work out of my home. Please send me further information on how I can set up my own business.
  • Please send me a sample of the skin cream that you were demonstrating at the Doe's residence last night.
  • I would appreciate receiving your latest data on the life expectancy of smokers over 50 years of age.
  • Our investment club is compiling information to help us in future stock purchases. Please send us the most recent copy of your investor's handbook.
  • We are considering buying your multimedia equipment to replace our old slide presentation. Could you send us a brochure to help us make a decision?
  • Being new to the state, I am not acquainted with the outdoor opportunities that this area offers. Could you give me the name and telephone number of someone who could supply such information?
  • I am planning to purchase several pieces of garden equipment this year. Please send me the special equipment pamphlet shown on page 56 of your spring catalog.
  • Please send me the latest bus schedule for northern Springfield.
  • Our group will be visiting the city in March. Could you please send me a theater guide for that time?
  • Please send me the most recent list of employment opportunities with your firm.
  • I am doing some comparison shopping before buying a new mixer. Would you please answer the questions on the enclosed, self-addressed card and return it?
  • Could you help me find the answers to the following questions about my automobile insurance policy, No. 1234?
  • Could you please send us a catalog of your latest models? We would like to review it before a sales representative calls.
  • advance information on
  • am doing research on
  • am working on a project for
  • am preparing an article on
  • am planning to purchase
  • am interested in
  • anticipate ordering several
  • are very interested in
  • are considering buying
  • are interested in changing over to
  • are compiling information on
  • are seeking a new supplier for
  • could you let me have
  • could you help me find
  • could you please provide
  • doing some comparison shopping
  • enjoyed your program on
  • further information on
  • has suggested that you might
  • have some questions about
  • if you could forward it to us
  • intend to update our
  • most recent schedule
  • need to replace our
  • need to find another supplier
  • need the information in order to
  • plan to share the information with
  • recent research reports on
  • response will help us to
  • some information about
  • the most recent copy of
  • the new developments in
  • the latest data
  • to decide on our next purchase
  • want to buy a
  • will be visiting the
  • would like to review information on
  • would appreciate receiving
  • your latest catalog

2. Describe where or how to send the goods.

  • Please send the samples to my attention, 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Kansas 12345. I will need the merchandise by June 1.
  • My address for all correspondence follows:
    John Doe
    1600 Main Street
    Springfield, Kansas 12345
  • Please let me know by May 15 whether you will be able to supply me with the samples. My telephone number is 555-5555, or you may send a FAX at 555-5555.
  • We would appreciate receiving the information within two weeks.
  • I have enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your convenience.
  • Please return the data in the self-addressed envelope.
  • For your convenience I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope.
  • as soon as possible
  • if there is any problem
  • immediate attention to
  • for your convenience
  • need the information by
  • need to make a decision by
  • our deadline is
  • please let me know by
  • please call me at
  • please notify me if
  • please send the
  • receiving the information within
  • the matter is rather urgent
  • self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • to the following address
  • to me at the above address
  • whether you will be able to
  • will be making a decision on
  • would appreciate receiving
  • would appreciate your sending it

3. Express appreciation and, if appropriate, offer to pay costs involved.

  • I look forward to receiving the catalog soon.
  • I really appreciate any information you can give me
  • We are grateful for your generosity.
  • Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this request.
  • Our group will be delighted to receive this information
  • We are pleased to consider the options that you suggest.
  • This information will be a great asset in our planning.
  • If a payment is required, I will respond promptly with a check.
  • I will be happy to reimburse any costs incurred if you will include an invoice.
  • I am enclosing a check for $4.00 to cover the cost of the photocopies.
  • I will be happy to return the kindness whenever I can.
  • We are anxious to reciprocate your kindness. In the meantime, please accept our sincere thanks.
  • any information you can give me
  • appreciate your assistance
  • appreciate your trouble
  • appreciate the service you provide
  • are grateful for
  • are eagerly awaiting
  • are certain that
  • exploring our options
  • finding out more about
  • learning more about
  • look forward to
  • receiving the information
  • thank you for
  • trying out your product
  • will be a great asset to
  • will be of great value to
  • will be delighted to receive
  • will be pleased to
  • your prompt attention to
  • your help in this regard
  • a stamped, self-addressed envelope
  • am enclosing a check for
  • am willing to return
  • an international postal coupon
  • any costs incurred
  • are anxious to reciprocate
  • charge it to the accounting department
  • cover any costs involved
  • enclose an invoice
  • have enclosed a
  • if you charge for
  • if payment is required
  • if there is a charge for
  • please send it COD
  • please let me know what
  • please bill me for
  • to cover the cost of
  • trust that this will cover your costs
  • will be happy to reimburse
  • will be happy to pay for
  • will pay promptly

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