Request a Change In a Contract or Agreement — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be specific about the changes you want to make in the contract so there will be no misunderstandings. The tone of this letter should be confident and persuasive, yet courteous.


1. If applicable, remind the reader that you have carefully adhered to the current contract or agreement up to this point.


  • I believe you will agree that until the present time I have flawlessly adhered to the terms of our contract.
  • As you know, I have never before asked for an exception to our agreed-upon terms.
  • Until this week, our contract has benefited us both tremendously, and each of us has kept our end of the agreement.
  • I have enjoyed our business relationship very much and have felt comfortable with our contract.
  • For the most part our contract has been satisfying and rewarding.


  • am sure you will agree that
  • as you know
  • each of us has
  • enjoy our business relationship
  • for the most part
  • has been a pleasure to
  • has been mutually beneficial
  • have both adhered to
  • have not encountered any problems with
  • have not requested any exceptions
  • have both profited from
  • have appreciated our
  • have both benefited from
  • have both been scrupulous about
  • hope to continue to
  • intention has been to
  • kept our end of the agreement
  • our agreed-upon terms
  • satisfying and rewarding
  • up until the present time

2. Explain the problem that prompts you to request a change in the contract or agreement.


  • Over the last year my wife and I have been struggling financially, and therefore, I have accepted a higher paying job in Springfield, Kansas.
  • It has come to my attention that you have no financial responsibility if it takes your crew longer to complete the building than the prescribed 300 days.
  • My sister is going abroad for three months and she needs to find a temporary, trustworthy home for her dog.
  • The car that we leased from you three months ago is not large enough to accommodate our growing family.
  • Because of the unusually heavy rain storms this season, we have been unable to complete as much of the fireplace as we had planned.


  • an unusual situation
  • change in our circumstances
  • did not anticipate this
  • does not cover the
  • has severe financial consequences
  • has necessitated a
  • have been unable to
  • have recently learned that
  • have been struggling financially
  • in the expectation of
  • is prejudicial to
  • make a temporary change in
  • need to extend our
  • need to take advantage of
  • no longer suits our needs
  • the following circumstances
  • this unexpected opportunity
  • thought we would be able to
  • was totally unexpected
  • will be unable to

3. Review what the current contract or agreement says in relation to your problem, and then request a change in the contract.


  • In other words, if you do not meet the deadline, I have to pay the large extension fees. As you can understand, I am not comfortable with that arrangement so I would like to change our contract to remove my liability. Otherwise, I will have to cancel the contract.
  • I am aware that our current contract does not expire until December 10, but we must move to Springfield before that time. In view of our long-standing good record as tenants, I hope you will consider allowing us to end the contract on October 10.
  • I know our contract specifically states "no pets," but this dog is like one of my sister's children. Perhaps you can make this one exception under the following terms:
  • We hope you will consider our request for an extended deadline.


  • am not comfortable with
  • am sure you understand that
  • am aware that
  • contract will expire on
  • could stipulate that
  • give due consideration to
  • hope you will give the matter your attention
  • hope you will consider
  • make an exception in this case
  • make a more equitable arrangement
  • rectify the situation
  • request that we renegotiate
  • seems to be no alternative
  • this leaves me liable for
  • this seems unfair
  • under the following terms
  • will you accommodate us by
  • will agree that this is prejudicial to
  • with the following conditions
  • would like to revise the contract

4. Express your desire for a mutually beneficial arrangement and thank him or her for considering your request.


  • I am willing to provide a signed statement to the effect that I will pay for any damages which may result from the animal's presence in my apartment.
  • We don't want to put the burden of finding another suitable tenant solely on you, and will of course pay advertising costs. Please tell us how we can help.
  • Would it be possible to meet this Wednesday to draw up an addendum to our agreement that will satisfy us both?
  • I will be happy to meet with you to make arrangements either to discontinue our services or to extend our deadline.


  • am willing to
  • delete the relevant clause from
  • discuss this further
  • draw up an addendum
  • mutually beneficial
  • please let us know
  • regret the necessity of
  • satisfactory to both of us
  • thank you for
  • which may result from
  • will call you on
  • will pay for any
  • will be happy to
  • work out a new agreement
  • would it be possible to
  • would like to meet with you
  • would very much appreciate
  • your kind cooperation
  • your consideration
  • your assistance in this

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