Request Assistance or Cooperation from Someone In Another Firm — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter is more formal than one asking a close colleague for a favor. You cannot always assume that the reader knows who you are or whether he or she remembers you from a previous meeting. If you have any doubt, introduce yourself before discussing the letter's purpose.


1. If necessary, introduce yourself and/or your company.


  • My name is John Doe. You may recall that we met briefly at a meeting last Wednesday at the Springfield Civic Center.
  • I have been asked to represent the Doe Corporation in negotiating a new contract with your company.
  • I was recently appointed the Executive Vice President for the Doe Corporation and am intrigued by the possibility of our firms working together on the Springfield project.
  • My name is John Doe, and I wish to ask for your cooperation in an important matter.
  • I am John Doe and I represent the Doe Corporation.
  • For years the Doe Corporation has enjoyed a warm business relationship with your company.
  • I was very impressed with your presentation at the recent meeting of the Springfield Merchants' Association.


  • a colleague suggested that
  • draw upon your expertise in
  • enjoyed the remarks you made at
  • has enjoyed a warm relationship with
  • have been asked to represent
  • have never met, but
  • have spoken on the telephone
  • have been appointed as the
  • heard you speak at
  • hope that you will be able to
  • it is some time since
  • may remember meeting
  • might be able to help
  • my name is
  • need to ask for
  • on behalf of
  • remember that we met at
  • were introduced by
  • wish to ask for
  • would like to request
  • your assistance in setting up
  • your cooperation in arranging

2. Indicate why you need the reader's cooperation or assistance.


  • As you know, the lack of parking downtown is becoming a serious problem for business. Would you be interested in pooling our resources to create a new parking facility in the strip of land between our buildings?
  • Our department has encountered some problems with your new software release and has failed to resolve them over the telephone.
  • The Springfield Civic Center project seems to overlap both our areas of expertise.
  • While I was working on my presentation for the Office Manager's Conference in Springfield next month, a colleague informed me that your firm has some pictures in your lobby depicting antique business machinery.
  • You are the market leaders in swimming pool construction and we are rapidly making a name for ourselves in pool maintenance. It seems that we should get together.
  • I am investigating the pros and cons of purchasing a Doe franchise.


  • a major project
  • a common interest in
  • am investigating the
  • an important challenge for
  • as you know
  • as you may already know
  • could perhaps join forces in
  • embarking on an ambitious project to
  • has become a serious problem for
  • have encountered some problems
  • informs me that
  • meeting the challenges of
  • overlaps our areas of
  • pooling our resources
  • preparing for the annual
  • should get together
  • suggested that you might
  • the possibilities inherent in
  • thoroughly enjoyed your
  • would you be interested in

3. Ask the reader to help you. Be specific about your needs.


  • We could share construction costs and use of the area, while each maintains ownership of his portion of the land.
  • We would appreciate your setting up an on-site training course to give our people hands-on experience in the applications they will be using.
  • Would you be interested in preparing a joint bid with us?
  • I was wondering if I might borrow a few of these, or arrange to have them photographed. They would be a wonderful addition to my presentation.
  • You could be of great help to us either by mentioning our service to your customers, or by offering them our brochures. We would, of course, make this worth your while. Certainly our businesses complement each other well.
  • I would greatly appreciate your meeting with me and sharing some of your experiences with your Doe franchise. Of course, we will not be in competition with each other since Springfield is more than fifty miles from Centerville.


  • a valuable contribution to
  • advising me on
  • am hoping to borrow
  • an outstanding resource for
  • be willing to lend
  • be of great help to
  • benefit from your experience with
  • could perhaps share the
  • if you would consider
  • in working cooperatively on this
  • in preparing a joint
  • make an appropriate financial arrangement
  • mutually beneficial arrangement
  • provide complementary services
  • to assist our staff in
  • use of the area
  • would you be interested
  • would be grateful if
  • would be a wonderful addition
  • would appreciate your

4. Ask for a reply or for cooperation.


  • If you are interested, I would like to meet with you to iron out the details. You are welcome to call me at 555-5555, or I will call you early next week.
  • We would like to set this up as soon as possible. Would you please call me at 555-5555?
  • My e-mail address is
  • Please let me know as soon as possible whether you would be interested in getting involved.
  • I would be very grateful for this assistance. I will call to speak with you personally at the end of the week.
  • We would be happy to acknowledge your assistance in our advertising.
  • I hope you will be able to help.


  • are welcome to call
  • for your assistance
  • get going as soon as possible
  • if you are willing to
  • if you have any questions
  • if you are interested
  • in getting involved
  • in this venture
  • mutually beneficial project
  • my e-mail address is
  • please let me know
  • whether you would be interested
  • will be able to help
  • would have a significant impact on
  • would like to meet with you
  • would be happy to
  • would be very grateful
  • would greatly appreciate
  • would be very glad to
  • would like to set this up

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