Request Application Materials For Admission to College | Letter-Writing Guide


Since this very brief letter only requests application materials, it is not necessary to present your credentials in depth. That task will follow when you submit the application. The letter should be brief, but still contain enough information for the reader to judge whether the school offers the type of program you want and what materials to send you. The letter would normally be sent to the office of admissions or to a specific academic department.


1. Briefly explain your interest in the school, indicating any special area of study you would like to pursue and any special circumstances that may affect your enrollment.

  • I would like to enter Doe State University next fall semester to pursue a BA degree in comparative literature.
  • I am currently completing an Associate's Degree at the local community college, and would like to transfer to Doe State University beginning winter semester to study computer science.
  • I have been teaching English abroad for three years, and would like to enter your graduate program in teaching English as a second language.
  • I am very interested in pursuing an MBA degree at Doe State University beginning in September.
  • I would like to enter Doe State University next fall to pursue a degree in nursing.
  • am very interested in
  • am currently completing
  • apply for admission to
  • beginning winter semester
  • graduate studies in
  • have an Associate Degree in
  • in the field of
  • interested in pursuing
  • next fall semester
  • recently completed
  • still undecided about
  • to pursue a degree in
  • to obtain a degree in
  • with the intention of majoring in
  • would like to apply
  • would like to study
  • would like to enter
  • would like to transfer to
  • your graduate program in

2. Request the application materials, including any special forms you might need.

  • Would you please send me the necessary application materials, including information on financial assistance? My home address is:
    Ms. Jane Doe
    1600 Main Street
    Springfield, Kansas 12345
  • I would appreciate receiving application materials and a schedule of classes for winter semester. I would also like to know what courses, if any, are offered through evening school classes.
  • Please send me the appropriate application materials and information on possible scholarships, assistantships, and other forms of financial assistance. If not noted on the application materials, please indicate the deadline for applications for fall semester.
  • Please send me the information I will need to apply for admission. I will be prompt in paying any costs incurred.
  • Could you please send the materials I will need to apply for the nursing program? It would be helpful to know the projected future of nursing at Doe University, considering the recent financial cutbacks.
  • application deadline for
  • application for on-campus housing
  • appropriate application materials
  • assistantships and other
  • availability of student housing
  • cost of living estimate
  • graduate research opportunities
  • indicate the deadline for application
  • information I will need to apply
  • information on scholarships
  • information on financial assistance
  • information about evening classes
  • international student application
  • necessary application materials
  • parking availability on campus
  • please send me
  • schedule of classes
  • would like information about
  • would like to know
  • would appreciate receiving

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