Request a Raise or Promotion — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Be careful to make your letter a respectful request, and not a demand. Make sure you state your qualifications for the raise or promotion first, and then follow through with a reasonable request. Finally, base your request on your performance and progress alone.


1. Immediately state the reasons why you believe you are qualified to receive a promotion or a raise. Statements of your accomplishments will add credibility to your request.


  • This month marks the completion of my first year of work at the Doe Corporation. During that time I have never missed a day, I have met every deadline, and have maintained excellent employee evaluation ratings.
  • Over the past year, I streamlined and implemented the production process, which increased production by 14% and reduced annual operating expenses by more than $200,000.
  • On March 2, I will receive my computer science degree with emphasis in mathematics from Doe University.
  • Upon accepting my current position, I understood that you, as my immediate supervisor, would periodically evaluate my work for the purpose of granting a pay raise.
  • Since John left, I have been fulfilling his responsibilities as well as my own and I feel I have handled the situation well.
  • I have enjoyed working at the Doe Corporation and have been honored to have held the prestigious title of "Employee of the Year" for two consecutive years.
  • Over the past year I have made several contributions which have led to a ten percent increase in profits.


  • am already functioning in
  • am already carrying the
  • experience I have gained in
  • gained significant experience in
  • have just received
  • have completed the
  • have participated fully in
  • have contributed to
  • have now been working for
  • have been recognized for
  • in the position of
  • made significant contributions toward
  • marks the completion of
  • my employee evaluations have been
  • periodic evaluations of
  • ready for further responsibilities
  • responsibilities have increased
  • the responsibilities of
  • through difficult times
  • was responsible for
  • will shortly complete

2. In a respectful manner, request a promotion, a raise, or a salary and responsibility review.


  • I believe that my education and the experience I have gained over the past two years warrant a pay increase.
  • Since I am already training half of my department, I hope that you will consider advancing my official position to that of trainer and allow my salary to reflect the increased responsibility.
  • I feel that I am capable of taking on the extra responsibility and respectfully request a promotion and salary raise.
  • I request a review for the purpose of obtaining a pay increase.
  • Since I have completed my introductory period, may we schedule an interview to discuss my performance and the possibility of a raise in my base salary?
  • Based on the expertise I have gained over the past ten years, I wish to request the position of Department Supervisor, which John Doe will vacate at the end of this month.


  • advance me to
  • am capable of
  • an increase in
  • ask that you will
  • could we schedule a
  • hereby request a
  • hope that you will consider
  • in order to review my
  • promote me to
  • raise my salary
  • request the position of
  • request a review of
  • request that you will
  • respectfully request a
  • seek advancement to
  • to further the company's growth
  • to a level commensurate with my
  • warrants an increase in
  • would serve the company well as
  • would help the company to

3. Thank your reader for considering your request.


  • Thank you for considering my request.
  • Thank you for considering my petition.
  • I will appreciate your evaluation.
  • I look forward to receiving your response.
  • Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
  • I will appreciate your attention to this matter.
  • Thank you.
  • I welcome your comments and am grateful for your consideration.
  • Thank you for acknowledging my request.


  • for your efforts on my behalf
  • for considering my
  • for your consideration of
  • for taking the time to
  • look forward to
  • thank you
  • thank you for
  • to meeting with you
  • to receiving your response
  • to discussing this further
  • will appreciate your
  • will very much appreciate
  • your consideration of this matter
  • your attention to this matter
  • your careful evaluation of

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