Request a Discount or a Complimentary Product or Service | Letter-Writing Guide


You will increase the probability of having your request honored if you state your reason directly and clearly. Be aggressive but not overbearing.


1. Request the discount or complimentary product or service.

  • In view of the thousands of dollars worth of merchandise we purchase from your company each year, I believe it is time to revise our discount formula.
  • My husband and I would like to receive a complimentary copy of this month's Doe Monthly, as offered on television.
  • On behalf of the Doe Corporation, I am requesting a discount on future purchases.
  • Your office supplies have been highly recommended to us by the Doe Corporation, and we would appreciate your sending us some samples of your different grades of office paper.
  • We trust you will honor our request for a discount on the late shipment that we received yesterday.
  • I would like to meet with you to negotiate a more reasonable price for your services, considering our $3,000 minimum monthly purchase.
  • Please send me a sample bar of your new soap.
  • a volume discount on
  • am requesting a discount on
  • are considering purchasing your products
  • are thinking of changing to
  • are seeking a supplier for our
  • as advertised in
  • complimentary copy of
  • have been highly recommended
  • in view of the
  • more reasonable price for
  • more competitive price for
  • need to negotiate a
  • on behalf of
  • please send us some samples of
  • request a revision of our
  • the large volume of business
  • time to review our
  • trust that you will honor
  • what discounts you would offer
  • would like to receive a
  • would like to meet with you

2. Explain why you want or deserve a discount or complimentary service or product. If you have sustained monetary losses due to the reader's error, give the details of your loss.

  • Our firm is interested in contracting with a single company to provide all of our office supplies.
  • We have been surprised by the high costs of some of your basic services in comparison with your competitors.
  • We are in a position to obtain the same products we regularly purchase from you for significantly less. Before we move our business, however, we want to give you an opportunity to renegotiate with discount rates.
  • You published my article in your magazine last month, and I would like to have a few copies to share with my friends and family.
  • The delayed shipment cost my small business several hundred dollars because I cannot sell merchandise that I do not have on hand. I trust that you can appreciate my frustration and disappointment as well as I can understand your human error.
  • We have contracted with your firm for cleaning and maintenance for many years now, and I would be sorry to see this relationship end; however, we cannot continue to pay more than the market dictates.
  • are in a position to
  • at a significantly lower price
  • before we renew our
  • do a high volume of business with
  • has had a negative effect on
  • have contracted with
  • high costs of basic services
  • in doing some comparative shopping
  • is interested in contracting with
  • sure you can understand that
  • this has cost my business
  • to renegotiate our
  • to supply all of our
  • trust that you can appreciate
  • unwilling to pay more than
  • want to give you an opportunity to
  • would be sorry to
  • would be very pleased if
  • have a responsibility to
  • feel that it is time to

3. Tell the reader the exact amount you want discounted or what you expect.

  • I would appreciate receiving replacements of equal quality as soon as possible. I feel that it is only fair that you should cover the shipping costs as well as the cost of returning the defective merchandise. An additional 20% discount on the replacement goods would cover my advertising and other costs.
  • Please send me an estimate of the monthly cost of your service, taking into account that we expect a volume discount.
  • I would appreciate your sending me five complimentary copies of the magazine.
  • I believe that a 25% discount would be appropriate as that would be the approximate discount I should have to offer to clear the stock this late in the season.
  • Kindly review your fee schedule to see if you have any room for negotiation.
  • I understand from your advertisement that this soap is hypoallergenic. I would certainly like to try a complimentary sample.
  • a certain standard of service
  • a 20% discount would seem appropriate
  • acceptable discount of 15% would be
  • expect a volume discount
  • expect these charges to be waived
  • expect an adjustment of
  • is, of course, negotiable
  • it is only fair that
  • kindly ship replacements
  • kindly adjust our bill
  • must request a discount of
  • quality that we expect
  • revision of your fee schedule
  • seems reasonable to ask
  • should not be expected to pay for
  • trust that you will be willing to
  • trust that you will make this adjustment
  • willing to negotiate
  • would cover my additional costs
  • would be a reasonable discount
  • would appreciate your

4. Ask for a reply.

  • If you would like further information, please call me at 555-5555.
  • We will appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  • Thank you in advance.
  • I am looking forward to receiving my sample.
  • I would like to meet with you to discuss this matter further.
  • We look forward to signing a mutually beneficial contract.
  • I would appreciate receiving your reply as soon as possible.
  • am eagerly awaiting
  • am willing to
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • are welcome to call
  • discuss this further
  • draw up an addendum
  • if you are willing to
  • if you have any questions
  • look forward to
  • mutually beneficial relationship
  • my e-mail address is
  • please let me know if
  • regret the necessity of
  • satisfactory to both of us
  • thank you for your help
  • thank you for your assistance
  • will be happy to
  • will call you on
  • work out a new agreement
  • would very much appreciate
  • would like to meet with you
  • would greatly appreciate
  • your prompt reply

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