Request a Retraction or Correction from the Media | Letter-Writing Guide


Make sure that your reader knows which article, interview, or report you are referring to as you firmly make your request. Be sure to repeat the incorrect information and be specific about what the correct information is.


1. Inform the reader that he or she made an error in his or her report.

  • I appreciated your article on the recent Doe Corporation expansion, but the information you gave was not entirely correct.
  • Last Tuesday your reporter, John Doe, interviewed me about my strategies for next term's election. In his report, he misquoted me.
  • Your article on the new housing developments in Springfield was quite accurate and comprehensive. However, the photo accompanying the article was incorrectly labeled.
  • Your report on our financial institution's profits for this quarter was inaccurate.
  • I found a serious error in your report on current world politics.
  • Your account of our interview on June 30 was erroneous.
  • Your article printed on February 2 on my father's contributions to the community was inaccurate and libelous.
  • an unfortunate error
  • appreciated your article
  • erroneously stated that
  • has come to my attention
  • have received several calls about
  • information you gave
  • just read your article
  • not entirely correct
  • point out two mistakes
  • quoted me inaccurately
  • read your article
  • reflects on the integrity of
  • report was inaccurate
  • several errors in
  • three glaring errors
  • three serious errors
  • to say the least
  • was misquoted by
  • was seriously misleading
  • was interviewed by
  • was incorrectly labeled
  • your article on

2. State what was presented to the public and then give the correction.

  • Our newest location is in Centerville and not Springfield.
  • When Mr. Doe asked me about my position on increased public school funding, I told him that I was not ready to respond. Apparently he felt obligated to answer the question for me.
  • The photo is of the site of our development and not the site of the new school that will be constructed next year.
  • We were up, not down, 3.2 million dollars in deposits from last year.
  • The world conference will not begin for another three to four weeks.
  • Your reporter hinted that my father had been involved in illegal activities, including embezzlement and fraud. These insinuations are completely untrue.
  • a matter of public record
  • according to your article
  • declined to answer
  • exact words were
  • exactly the opposite is true
  • far from having been
  • got these mixed up
  • have enclosed the correct
  • is completely untrue
  • not what I said at all
  • photograph is of
  • places us in an awkward
  • the truth of the matter
  • the illustration suggests
  • the photo shows
  • this indicates that
  • this implies that
  • what I actually said was
  • while this was extremely flattering
  • your article implies
  • your article states

3. Request a retraction or correction.

  • Will you make the correction in your next issue?
  • If you will retract the derogatory article and issue an apology, I will not pursue legal action.
  • I request that you make the correction immediately.
  • Kindly make a retraction of this erroneous statement in your next edition.
  • We demand an immediate correction.
  • I trust you understand how important it is that you make the correction immediately.
  • I will appreciate your swift correction.
  • We hope you will act immediately and issue a full retraction.
  • act immediately to
  • along with an apology
  • an immediate correction
  • as soon as possible
  • be so kind as to
  • expect you to
  • if you act swiftly
  • in your next issue
  • in your next edition
  • is a serious matter, and
  • issue a correction
  • issue a full retraction
  • kindly publish a
  • make a retraction
  • make the correction
  • must insist that
  • request that you
  • retract this immediately
  • trust that you will
  • would appreciate your
  • your swift correction

4. If appropriate, thank the reader for his or her cooperation.

  • Thank you for your cooperation.
  • I appreciate your compliance with this request.
  • Thank you for your prompt response.
  • Thank you for rectifying the situation.
  • Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • We trust you will take responsibility for this error and we will appreciate your positive response.
  • Your full cooperation in this matter will help eliminate misunderstandings.
  • a simple misunderstanding
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • everything you can do to
  • do your best to
  • for your prompt response
  • for correcting this error
  • look forward to
  • seeing this cleared up
  • take responsibility for
  • thank you for
  • trust that you will
  • very much appreciate
  • will be much appreciated
  • your positive response
  • your attention to this matter
  • your compliance with
  • your cooperation in this matter
  • your assistance in this

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