Resign to Take Another Job — Letter-Writing Tutorial


It is always wise to have a new job in hand before quitting the old one. Although it may be tempting to vent pent-up anger and frustration as you write your resignation, it is best not to do so. You don't know what the future will hold or who your new associates will be, so be careful your words could not come back and haunt you. It is much more sensible to control the tone of your letter and leave on a positive note. Never "burn your bridges."


1. Make a clear and direct statement that you are resigning. Identify by title the position you are leaving, and give an effective date.


  • After pondering the matter for a long time, I have decided to accept an offer from another company. Therefore, please accept this letter of resignation from my position as supervisor, effective at your convenience, but no later than May 15th.
  • I am sorry to inform you that I must resign my position as assistant sales manager and leave the company by the end of this month.
  • Please accept this letter as my official two-week notice that I will be leaving the company and my position as salesperson.
  • I appreciate the time you gave me this morning to discuss my role in the company and my possibilities for future advancement. This letter will make official my resignation from my position as Credit Manager as I am accepting a more promising position elsewhere.
  • With great regret I submit my resignation to Doe Corporation, effective May 15th or earlier.


  • after considerable thought, I have decided to
  • am offering notice so that
  • an earlier departure would be more convenient
  • effective immediately, I am formally resigning from my position as
  • as soon as would be conveniently possible
  • circumstances require that I resign my position as
  • eager to accept the new challenge and will be leaving
  • effective on the last day of this month
  • effective at your convenience, but no later than
  • feel that the change will be beneficial to
  • feel that it is the right decision for me
  • final date of employment will be
  • have decided to resign my position as
  • hereby submit my resignation as
  • hereby resign from my position as
  • is to notify you that
  • leave the company by the end of this month
  • made this decision after months of deliberation
  • must leave no later than
  • my required two-week notice
  • offer my resignation as
  • please accept this letter as official notification of
  • please accept my resignation as
  • please consider this my resignation
  • sorry to inform you that I will be leaving
  • suggest an effective date of
  • to inform you that I plan to
  • will be leaving my position as
  • wish this resignation to take effect
  • wish to tender my resignation
  • would like to leave as soon as possible

2. Give your reasons for leaving, emphasizing new opportunities.


  • While I have always enjoyed working here, the Doe Corporation has offered me a position in financial planning, for which I am specifically trained.
  • I have enjoyed my work as an area supervisor during the last five years, but my family situation makes it imperative that I earn a higher income. ? I am at the point where I need to make difficult decisions about the direction of my career, and the Doe Corporation is offering me the kind of challenges and rewards that I need.
  • I have been passed over for promotion twice now, despite the fact that I hold the superior sales record. Therefore, when another company approached me several weeks ago and offered me the kind of position and money I think I deserve, I accepted.
  • I feel it is time to move on and try something different.
  • I am now at the point that I would like to start my own business and see if I, too, can realize the American dream.
  • I appreciate the fact that you are paying me all that you can. With a growing family and increasing financial responsibilities, however, I need to bring home a larger paycheck. Doe Corporation is offering me exactly the kind of opportunity I have been looking for--a management position in their Springfield branch.


  • accept a position that demands less time spent away from home
  • an opportunity we cannot overlook
  • better compensation and
  • cannot ignore the offer to
  • considering the financial benefits to be
  • decided to accept a job that
  • function more independently
  • has offered me an excellent position with
  • have an opportunity to further develop my career in
  • have been very fair in terms of compensation
  • have given serious thought to making a change
  • have been offered an attractive position with
  • have received an offer to
  • have not been willing to provide this opportunity
  • have decided that this position best suits my professional goals
  • have accepted a position as
  • is not intended to reflect adversely upon
  • is too good to deny
  • more opportunities for advancement
  • my first priority at this time is
  • my primary interest is in
  • need to make some tough decisions about the direction of my career
  • needs of a growing family require that
  • opportunities for additional
  • opportunity to grow professionally
  • plan to pursue my interest in
  • possibilities for future advancement
  • the future potential of the position is
  • to accomplish my long-range goals
  • will significantly contribute to my career development
  • it is with mixed emotions that I

3. Express appreciation for skills learned and experience acquired.


  • I am, of course, in debt to you for the skills I have gained and the experience I have acquired. You have been a very important part of my career.
  • I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during the past few years. I felt very unsure of myself when I started here five years ago but, under your guidance and supervision, I have developed confidence and skill.
  • I appreciate the time you spent training me so that I could do my job properly. Of course you were also compassionate when I made mistakes, and you stood by me even when the home office wanted to let me go.
  • Among the many enjoyable aspects of my job are the friendly relationships I have developed here. I count you and the other people in the office among my closest friends.
  • The knowledge and experience I have gained in the last few years have been invaluable.
  • You have helped make my years here successful and productive.
  • Your management style has enabled me to do my best work and has made me feel appreciated.


  • a genuine pleasure to have worked with you
  • accept my thanks for the opportunity you gave me to
  • all the help you have given me
  • am grateful for the opportunity to work with
  • appreciated your interest in my career
  • best wishes to all of you for
  • best wishes for the future success of
  • difficult to express how much I've enjoyed working for
  • experience working with you has been invaluable
  • express my sincere appreciation to
  • for all your support and encouragement over the years
  • for being a supportive supervisor
  • for the pleasant, yet challenging atmosphere
  • for the chance to work and learn at
  • for your help over the years
  • for your confidence in me
  • had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people
  • have enjoyed my tenure with
  • have developed valuable ties with
  • have enjoyed very much working under
  • have learned much about
  • have greatly enjoyed working with you
  • have my respect and admiration
  • have enjoyed working with you
  • have thoroughly enjoyed my time
  • have learned a great deal
  • it has been a pleasure working with you
  • my work here has always been a great source of satisfaction
  • significant career growth, which I shall always appreciate
  • sincerely wish everyone well in their future endeavors
  • the substantial support I have received from management
  • the support and encouragement you have given me
  • the opportunity to earn my degree at night school through
  • the many kindnesses you extended to me and my family
  • the guidance you gave
  • will always remember the personal growth it afforded
  • will always remember your kindness
  • will miss you all at
  • will keep fond memories
  • your concern for my professional growth
  • your confidence in my abilities

4. Discuss the time and mechanism, if possible, for the orderly transfer of responsibilities and/or training of your replacement.


  • I will be happy to help orient and train my replacement, but my secretary, Carol, could adequately perform that task as well.
  • I will be happy to stay for a reasonable amount of time to train my replacement and make sure that the transition goes smoothly, but I would like to leave as soon as possible.
  • I don't want to leave uncompleted projects. Therefore, I would be happy to either finish my current projects before my end-of-the-month departure, or prepare status reports in sufficient detail for my successor. This should create a smooth transition with a minimum of lost time and confusion.
  • My staff is quite capable of carrying on until a replacement is appointed. I would even suggest promoting my assistant, Jane Doe, to be the new department head.
  • I will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable replacement.
  • My books and records are in proper order, and I have prepared progress reports detailing the status of my current projects. Of course, I will be happy to respond to any questions you or my replacement may have about my work.


  • be happy to assist with training my replacement in
  • before taking my leave
  • finish the projects before my departure
  • glad to help train my replacement
  • happy to assist you in finding a suitable replacement
  • happy to respond to any questions
  • make sure that the transition goes smoothly
  • my books and records are in proper order
  • orient the new person
  • prepare status reports in sufficient detail for my successor
  • willing to stay for a reasonable amount of time to train my replacement
  • would suggest promoting my assistant to

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