Resign from a Job Because of a Personality Clash or Conflict of Values — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Presumably, you have tried unsuccessfully to work out the problems, and management either could not or would not help. A related problem is a clash of values; that is, the company may be doing something that is contrary to your moral or ethical standards. Indeed, the conflict may come from management itself. Consequently, you will have to decide how much you want to highlight the source of the conflict.


1. Start with a direct statement of the fact that you are resigning. Include an effective date.


  • Although I enjoy my work here as executive secretary, I have increasingly felt that the climate here at Doe Corporation is not right for me. Therefore, after considerable soul searching, I now feel comfortable in submitting my resignation, effective on the last day of this month, if not sooner.
  • Please accept this notice of resignation from my position as design supervisor, effective at your convenience, but before May 15.
  • I am sorry to inform you that I must resign from my position as assistant sales manager and leave the company by the end of this month.
  • I appreciate the time you gave me this morning to discuss the continuing personality conflicts in my department. This letter will make official my resignation from my position as credit manager, effective immediately.
  • With great regret I submit my resignation to Doe Corporation, effective at your convenience within the next three weeks. Given the personality conflicts evident in the department, and my unwillingness to work in such an atmosphere, I see no other alternative.


  • after considerable thought and soul searching
  • after considerable thought, I have decided to
  • am sorry that I must inform you that
  • am offering notice of my resignation
  • am afraid that I must withdraw
  • am tendering my resignation as
  • an earlier departure would be more convenient
  • as early as conveniently possible
  • effective immediately, I am formally resigning as
  • as soon as you find a replacement
  • circumstances require that I resign my position as
  • decided to resign my position as
  • decided to tender my resignation
  • effective on the last day of this month
  • effective at your convenience, but no later than
  • feel that the change will be beneficial to all parties concerned
  • feel it is the right decision for everyone involved
  • final date of employment will be
  • have no choice but to resign
  • hereby submit my resignation as
  • hereby resign from my position with
  • is to notify you that
  • made this decision after much deliberation
  • must resign my position as
  • must leave no later than
  • my required two-week notice
  • offer my resignation as
  • personal issues compel me to
  • please accept my regrets
  • please accept this letter as official notification of my intent to resign
  • please accept my resignation as
  • please consider this my resignation
  • recent events demand that
  • recent circumstances, incompatible with my personal values, require that
  • resigning my position with
  • sorry to inform you that
  • suggest an effective date of
  • the work environment conflicts with my personal values
  • to announce my decision to terminate my employment at
  • to inform you that I plan to
  • will be leaving my position on
  • wish this resignation to take effect
  • wish to resign my position
  • with great regret I submit my resignation
  • with regret I submit my letter of resignation as

2. State reasons for leaving, with emphasis on opportunities elsewhere; however, you can be more direct if you think it is necessary or warranted.


  • My decision to leave hinges upon another offer that will give me greater responsibility and remuneration. Another important factor in leaving is the continual conflict I experience with John Doe.
  • I have discussed our personality differences with you several times, but the situation remains unchanged.
  • After much inner debate, I have decided that daily confrontation in Engineering creates an unhealthy work environment for all concerned.
  • This company's environmental policy is incompatible with my personal values, and I decline to participate any longer.
  • My disagreement with the company's goals, philosophies, and practices has hindered my performance and ability to do my work properly.
  • I understand how important Doe's knowledge and expertise is to the company, but I can no longer tolerate public abuse and ridicule.
  • My decision to leave comes with mixed emotions, since I have, for the most part, enjoyed my employment with the company. Nevertheless, no one seems willing or able to address my ongoing conflict with John Doe, so I have decided to seek opportunities elsewhere.
  • Generally I have enjoyed my work as Distribution Office Secretary during the last five years, but I can no longer tolerate the chronic harassment from the shipping personnel.


  • appreciate an opportunity to speak with you
  • came to the realization
  • can no longer stand being subjected to
  • cannot accept your reasoning
  • continual conflict I experience with
  • creates an unhealthy work environment
  • decided to seek opportunities elsewhere
  • disagreement with the goals and philosophy of the company has
  • discuss my role in the company
  • does not appeal to me
  • feel strongly about
  • had limited opportunities here to make contributions
  • has reached a point that
  • he/has been verbally abusive
  • have made a substantial contribution to the company
  • have met with nothing but frustration
  • has not been willing to provide this opportunity
  • hinder my performance and ability
  • if the circumstances were right
  • if there are any problems
  • incompatible with my personal values
  • is not intended to reflect adversely upon
  • limited opportunities for advancement
  • makes it impossible to continue
  • my primary interest has been in
  • my first priority at this time is
  • my employee evaluations and ratings have always been very high
  • need to make some tough decisions about the direction of my career
  • no other alternative but to
  • opportunity to clear the air
  • possibilities for future advancement
  • refuse to be involved any longer
  • serious personality differences
  • situation remains largely unchanged
  • the future potential of the position
  • unwilling to work in such an atmosphere
  • unwilling or unable to address the conflict
  • want you to know exactly how I feel
  • was deeply disappointed that
  • was under the impression that I would be promoted within
  • with mixed emotions
  • would be an understatement to say
  • you are no doubt aware

3. Express appreciation and gratitude for training, experience, and/or relationships.


  • I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during the past few years.
  • I appreciate all the time you spent training me to do my job properly.
  • Among the many enjoyable aspects of my job are the friendly relationships I have developed here.
  • I count you and many other people in the office among my closest friends.
  • The knowledge and experience I have gained in the last few years are invaluable.
  • You have helped make my years here successful and productive.


  • accept my thanks for the opportunity you gave me to work with
  • always remember your consideration
  • am grateful for the opportunity to work with
  • appreciate your interest in my career
  • best wishes for the future success of
  • experience working with you has been invaluable
  • express my sincere appreciation to
  • for being a supportive supervisor
  • for your confidence in me
  • for all your support and encouragement
  • guidance you have given
  • had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people
  • has indeed prepared me well for
  • have learned a great deal
  • have enjoyed working with
  • many fond memories associated with the company
  • most enjoyable part of my job has been
  • will never forget your kindness
  • significant career growth, which I shall always appreciate
  • sincerely wish everyone well in their future endeavors
  • you stood by me when
  • will always appreciate the personal growth it afforded
  • your willingness to
  • your confidence in my abilities
  • your concern for my professional growth
  • your efforts on my behalf

4. Discuss the time, if possible, for an orderly transition and transferal of your responsibilities.


  • I will be happy to stay for a reasonable amount of time to train my replacement and make sure that the transition goes smoothly, but I would like to leave as soon as possible.
  • I don't want to leave my projects incomplete or in a state of disarray. Consequently, I am willing to finish them before my end of the month departure or prepare detailed status reports. This should enable my successor to take over with a minimum of lost time and confusion.
  • My staff is quite capable of carrying on until a replacement is appointed. I would even suggest promoting my assistant, Jane Doe, to be the new department head.
  • My books and records are in proper order, and I have prepared progress reports detailing the status of my current projects. Of course, I will be happy to respond to any questions you or my replacement may have about my work. ? I will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable replacement.


  • before taking my leave
  • finish the projects before my departure
  • glad to help train my replacement
  • happy to assist you in finding a suitable replacement
  • happy to respond to any questions
  • make sure that the transition goes smoothly
  • my books and records are in proper order
  • orient the new person
  • prepare status reports with sufficient detail for my successor
  • will be happy to assist with training my replacement in
  • willing to stay for a reasonable amount of time to train my replacement
  • would suggest promoting my assistant to

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